• 60 Day Wonder Auto Feminised
Genetics Indica\Sativa
THC 16%
Plant height up to 80 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 280-400 gr

60 Day Wonder Auto Feminised seeds

60 Day Wonder is a type of cannabis seed that has gained significant recreational and medicinal popularity for its distinctive features and benefits. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional cultivator, being knowledgeable about 60 Day Wonder Auto Feminised cannabis seeds can aid in your cultivation experience, enhance your yield, and elevate your understanding of the unique characteristics this cannabis strain offers.

60 Day Wonder Auto Feminised Seeds: An Overview

Behind every high-quality cannabis plant is a superior seed. Cannabis seeds are the direct link with the genetic lineage that dictates a plant’s growth pattern, potency, yield capacity, and physical characteristics. 60 Day Wonder is a strain of cannabis that stands out for its robustness, growth parameters, potency, and convenience.

A standout aspect of the 60 Day Wonder seeds is their “auto feminised” nature. This aspect refers to seeds that are genetically modified through specific breeding techniques to ensure that they yield female plants almost 100% of the time. It’s crucial to the process because female cannabis plants produce the sought-after buds rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, while the male plants don't. This characteristic of yielding virtually all-female plants, coupled with its rapid growth cycle, makes the 60 Day Wonder a favourite among cultivators.

The genetics of 60 Day Wonder seeds originates from a complex lineage of three dominant strains; the ruderalis, indica, and sativa. Ruderalis offers the auto-flowering feature while the indica lends the plant its compact structure. Sativa, on the other hand, influences the plant’s cannabinoid profile. The unique blend of these three genetics results in the creation of a potent strain that is easy to grow and quick to harvest, thus known as the 60 Day Wonder.

60 Day Wonder: From Seed to Harvest

The highlight of the 60 Day Wonder cannabis seeds is the incredibly short period it takes to mature from seed to harvest. As suggested by its name, these seeds take roughly around 60 days to complete their life cycle. This feature is attributed to the ruderalis genetics in the strain, which imparts the auto-flowering characteristic. The 60-day timeframe refers to the flowering period starting from the seedling stage. However, a week or two adjustments can be accommodated for factors like growing conditions or personal preference (determining the perfect harvest time depending on the desired THC/CBD balance).

The quick growth cycle of these cannabis seeds gives them a significant advantage, especially in regions with shorter summers and early winters. Cultivators can even plan for multiple harvests within a single growing season. It also helps mitigate risks associated with pest attacks, diseases, and changing weather patterns since the shorter time frame allows less interval for any potential problem to develop severely.

Another advantage of the 60 Day Wonder strain is the simplicity in its growing requirements. Being an auto feminised seed, it follows a determined growth pattern that doesn’t rely on the light cycle, unlike many other strains. The strain's natural ability to shift from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase without any changes in the photoperiod reduces the need for human intervention. This makes the 60 Day Wonder an excellent choice for beginners and those who prefer low-maintenance cultivars.

Optimising Flowering and Yield

Although the 60 Day Wonder cannabis seeds are relatively easy to grow, optimising their growth for maximum yield requires a deeper understanding of the strain's needs. A careful balance of light, temperature, humidity, nutrition, and water is essential in managing the plant’s growth to promote the development of abundant, high-quality buds.

The flowering phase is the most critical period in a cannabis plant's life cycle. It's when the plant focuses all its energy on bud development. Given that like other cannabis strains, the 60 Day Wonder too derives energy for photosynthesis from light, opting for a full-spectrum light in the indoor growing spaces may enhance bud growth. Consistency in light exposure, with around 18-24 hours of light per day, is also recommended.

In terms of nutrition, the plant’s needs change as they enter the flowering stage. Nitrogen, which is primarily required during the vegetative stage, decreases significantly during the flowering phase–where increased levels of phosphorous and potassium become more necessary. This shift in nutritional requirement supports bud growth and increases potencies like THC and CBD.

When it comes to watering, the 60 Day Wonder Auto feminised cannabis seeds prefer a well-drained environment where their roots can breathe freely. Overwatering can lead to issues like root rot, which may hinder growth or even kill the plant. A balanced approach, yielding to the plant's visible signs of wanting water, is the best way to ensure adequate watering.

Given that the 60 Day Wonder is predominantly indica, it may need to be pruned regularly. This keeps the plant healthy and allows for better light penetration, increases airflow, and facilitates growth of bigger, denser buds.

Final Thoughts

60 Day Wonder Auto Feminised cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for both professional cultivators looking for an efficient yield and hobbyists interested in a low-maintenance strain. The strain’s robust genetics, rapid growth cycle, and easy cultivation requirements make it a stand-out strain in the cannabis community.

However, the real wonder of the 60 Day Wonder strain comes to light during the flowering period as it forms robust, luscious buds rich in highly therapeutic and recreational compounds, like THC and CBD, making all the efforts put into its cultivation well worth it.

The cultivation of cannabis seeds, particularly strains like the 60 Day Wonder, is a testimony to the incredible potential this plant has. It not only offers immense therapeutic value but also speaks volumes about the art of cultivation itself–balancing different factors in the pursuit of growing a plant that embodies potency, quality, and convenience. Thus, the real magic of the 60 Day Wonder Auto Feminised cannabis seeds goes beyond the 60-day lifecycle—it's in the cultivation, harvest, and ultimate enjoyment of this unique, potent, and swift strain.

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