• 60 Day Wonder Auto
Genetics Indica\Sativa
THC 16%
Plant height up to 80 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 250-400 gr

60 Day Wonder Auto seeds

Originating as the avant-garde of leisure, medical treatment, genetics, and horticulture, cannabis has emerged as a sought-after plant in many corners of the world. The rise of cannabis breeds has led to a dizzying array of strains, each with unique characteristics. Among these, the 60 Day Wonder Auto is a celebrated strain specifically designed for rapid growing and flowering.

60 Day Wonder Auto cannabis seeds are a product of DNA genetics, a company that has gained high repute for its innovative breeding of cannabis seeds. DNA Genetics has played a pivotal role in evolving the image of cannabis from a social-taboo to a mainstream industry equipped with numerous medical benefits and exclusive leisure experiences.

Background of Cannabis Seeds

To understand the significance of the 60 Day Wonder Auto cannabis seeds, it is essential to delve into the historical importance and classification of cannabis seeds. For centuries, cannabis has been cultivated for various purposes, from clothing to medicinal uses. Its use for inducing altered states of consciousness led to its controversial status in many parts of the world. However, increased scientific understanding of cannabis and its potential therapeutic benefits have redefined its image in the 21st century.

Cannabis is a dioecious plant, producing male and female plants in separate entities upon growing. The dense and resinous female flower buds, colloquially known as 'buds,' are the primary source of psychoactive and therapeutic substances. Cannabis seeds are a result of the pollination process involving these buds.

These seeds contain the genetic information representing a particular strain's unique blend of physical traits and active compounds. Understanding and manipulating the genetics of cannabis seeds are the foundations of the art and science of cannabis breeding that have led to the development of unique cannabis strains like the 60 Day Wonder Auto.

Introduction to 60 Day Wonder Auto Cannabis Seeds

Setting its charm apart are the 60 Day Wonder Auto cannabis seeds—an auto-flowering strain developed for speed. The 'auto' in its name refers to the ability of this strain to shift from vegetative to flowering phase automatically, without depending on light schedule changes, which is generally the norm in regular cannabis strains.

The 60 Day Wonder Auto strain finds its lineage in the stalwart of auto-flowering cannabis variety, the 'Ruderalis Indica,' crossed with the 'William’s Wonder' strain. This blend of genetics combines the quick and easy growing trait of the ruderalis with the rich yield and potent effects of the William's Wonder, creating a seamless blend for those seeking convenience, speed, and quality.

Growing the 60 Day Wonder Auto Strain

The 60 Day Wonder Auto stands true to its name, offering an impressively quick growth cycle that takes about 60 days from seedling to harvest. It takes the fast-flowering nature of ruderalis genetics and enhances it with a superior yield and potency inherited from the William's Wonder strain.

One of the enticing pulls of this variety is its ease of cultivation. The 60 Day Wonder Auto is a hardy plant that can stand up well to fluctuating temperatures and pH levels, making it a good choice for novice and skilled cultivators alike. Its auto-flowering nature eliminates the need for complex light schedule manipulations to induce flowering, making this strain a significantly low-maintenance plant.

Given the right basic care, light, and nutrients, the 60 Day Wonder Auto can yield up to 300 grams per square meter indoors and a similar harvest outdoors. Though this yield is not the highest among cannabis strains, the quick turnaround potentially allows multiple harvests in the same timeframe that another strain could offer one, making it an excellent choice for ongoing production.

Flowering of the 60 Day Wonder Auto Strain

The flowering time for a cannabis plant determines when the buds are ready to be harvested, cured, and used. The 60 Day Wonder Auto has been bred for rapid flowering, taking a swift 60 days from the time of germination to harvesting maturity. It flowers automatically, without the need for changing light schedules, thanks to its auto-flowering genetics.

During this flowering period, the plant develops thick, resin-drenched buds that give off a sweet and savory aroma—an indicator of the potent experiences packed within them. This rapid progression from seed to harvest is what gives the 60 Day Wonder Auto its name and reputation within the cannabis cultivation scene.


The 60 Day Wonder Auto cannabis seeds offer a blend of desirable characteristics that include rapid growth, ease of cultivation, automatic flowering, and decent yield. These traits make it a top choice for individuals seeking to grow cannabis, either for business or personal use. Apart from its physical characteristics, the strain offers potent effects and a unique sensory profile that has won it acclaim among users.

Combining ruderalis' resilience and rapid growth with the high yield and potency of the William's Wonder strain, the 60 Day Wonder Auto is an exemplary case of genetic manipulation done right. It reflects the potential that dedicated strain breeding holds for the world of cannabis—breaking boundaries, smashing stereotypes, and building pathways for everyone from the backyard grower to large scale cultivators, while continually evolving the cannabis landscape towards a progressive and inclusive future.

The magic of cannabis seeds is writ large in the 60 Day Wonder Auto, a fine balance of speed, yield, and quality. Like all strains, it reflects the unique story and journey of its ancestry—tracing its roots back to ancient customs and rituals to its place in the modern therapeutic and recreational landscape. It embodies the dynamic spirit of cannabis, constantly adapting, evolving, and surprising. Showing the world, in its unique way, that cannabis is not just a plant—it's a tradition, a medicine, a hobby, a business, an art, and a science. And it all starts with a seed.

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