• Speed Queen
Genetics Indica\Sativa
THC 18%
Plant height up to 80 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 300-450 gr

Speed Queen seeds

Cannabis cultivation is an engaging endeavor characterized by a blend of art, science, and commerce. Regardless of the reasons behind cannabis cultivation - be it for individual use or commercial purposes - it takes in-depth knowledge and profound understanding of genetics and cultivation techniques to deliver a high-quality breed. One such breed that has been a dynamic game-changer in the cannabis cultivation arena is the Speed Queen, a popular cannabis seed variety.

Understanding the Speed Queen

The Speed Queen breed is an exquisite strain of cannabis seeds. Named for its swift growth and early harvesting propensity, the Speed Queen breed stands true to its moniker, boasting high-speed growth. It is a photoperiodic regular cannabis seed, meaning it is naturally light-sensitive and starts flowering based on the light cycle rather than by age. This directly contributes to the overall quality and potency of the strain.

Its roots lie within the prolific tradition of cannabis genetics, being a hybrid combining qualities of different varieties. Speed Queen, typically grown outdoors, is the outcome of strategically merging potent Indica strains. The combination has resulted in a tiny, robust, quick flowering plant highly prized among cultivators and users.

It demonstrates a relatively higher tolerance to adverse weather conditions, making it a sought-after strain among growers in temperate climates. Speed Queen is a favorite among experienced cultivators and novices alike, considering the ease with which it grows.


If you delve into the genetics, the Speed Queen strain is widely celebrated for its potent genetics. It largely descends from top-notch Indica strains presenting a unique blend of high-grade Indica-rich plants like Himalayan strains and South Indian variants. The fusion results in Speed Queen having an approximately 90% Indica genetic make-up, representing the best of Indica traits, offering users a classic Indica sensation.

As a result, Speed Queen seeds are easy to grow with a high germination success rate. This genetic trait makes them resistant to various ailments, pests, and molds, significantly reducing loss during cultivation. The plants that sprout from these seeds have a compact and bushy structure typical of Indica, covered with an abundant layer of resin.

Speed Queen Strain Characteristics

While genetics largely influence the strain's characteristics, environment and care are equally vital. Grown under ideal conditions, the Speed Queen strain quickly attains robust stature. Its growth is typically characterized by rich, dense foliage, and owing to its Indica genetics - compact growth structure. Its branches are thick and far-reaching, covered in heavy resin-coated buds during flowering.

Speed Queen cannabis seeds typically yield plants measuring anywhere between 100-150 cm in height. When grown in suitable environmental conditions, they can reach full maturity within a short span – typically in 6-8 weeks, making it viable for cultivators operating under strict timelines. Moreover, this strain produces a generous harvest, with outdoor yields averaging 500-550 grams per square meter.

The plant's Indica dominant property is reflected in its high resin output, making it an efficient source for hash production. It delivers chunky buds characterized by their bright green color, covered by vibrant orange hairs, further cemented by an icy layer of trichomes. However, it's the uniquely powerful aroma and flavor that sets the Speed Queen cannabis strain apart, offering a rich palette of earthy, musky, and spicy undertones.

Growing Speed Queen Cannabis Seeds

One of the most appealing aspects of the Speed Queen strain is how easy it is to grow. This cannabis strain has a high resistance to common diseases that plague cannabis crops, ensuring a fruitful yield at harvest time. Experienced cultivators appreciate the ease with which the seeds can be propagated and the prompt flowering they exhibit, while novices find comfort in the plant's incredible resilience and low-maintenance nature.

This outdoor strain can flourish in various climatic conditions but prefers a sunny, Mediterranean-like climate for optimal growth. The seeds can be planted directly into the soil or started indoors before being moved outside. By maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels and providing ample nutrients, growers can ensure an abundant harvest.


Speed Queen is a photoperiodic regular strain, implying that it responds to light exposure. Therefore, the flowering period for Speed Queen depends heavily on the light cycle. Under favorable conditions, growers can anticipate the onset of the flowering period in as little as six weeks after germination.

Speed Queen flowers are packed with potency, embodying an impressive concentration of cannabinoids, particularly THC. This is primarily due to the dense resin covering, perfect for those seeking a strong Indica high. Harvesting should be executed with care to prevent damaging the resin glands on the flowers.


In the realm of cannabis cultivation, growers continually adapt to diverse strains to achieve high yields, exceptional quality, and profound potency. The Speed Queen cannabis seeds have proven to stand firm in these parameters with their remarkable genetics and unique traits.

Rooted in an abundance of exceptional genetic attributes, the Speed Queen strain is renowned for its extraordinary resilience, stupendous potency, and straightforward cultivation. The ease of growth, coupled with an early flowering period and abundant harvest, has propelled the Speed Queen strain to be a favorite among cannabis cultivators.

Speed Queen's genetic resilience to pests and diseases, potent Indica dominance, and uncomplicated growing requirements, make it a compelling choice for novice and experienced cannabis growers alike. All these attributes wrapped in an exotic punch of spicy, earthy, and musky flavors indeed make Speed Queen cannabis seeds an engaging choice for individuals and cultivators around the globe. Thus, the Speed Queen is undoubtedly an indispensable asset in the diverse world of cannabis genetics and cultivation.

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