• Krystalica
Genetics Sativa
THC 20%
Plant height up to 120 cm
Bloom 70-80 days
Harvest 300-450 gr

Krystalica seeds

The world of cannabis is remarkably diverse and abundant, boasting an extensive variety of strains that cater to virtually every taste, preference, and requirement. And while cannabis cultivation may seem like a tangled web of complexity to beginners, an understanding of some fundamental concepts can clear the confusion considerably. A key cornerstone of cannabis cultivation is cannabis seeds. Among their vast range, Krystalica cannabis seeds are particularly popular for their exclusive genetic composition and beneficial properties.

In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the essentials about cannabis seeds and delve deeper into the world of Krystalica cannabis seeds. We will also elucidate its growth process and flowering.

Understanding Cannabis Seeds

If you are a novice to cannabis cultivation, you might wonder what cannabis seeds are. Cannabis seeds are the fundamental units used to grow cannabis plants. Every strain of cannabis, including Krystalica, originates from these seeds which carry the genetic blueprint of the plant.

Cannabis is a photoperiodic plant. Photoperiodic plants are species that regulate their life cycles based on the number of light received in a 24-hour cycle. They respond to the period of darkness during each day, known as the photoperiod, to determine when to start flowering. Conversely, there are also auto-flowering cannabis strains that do not depend on the photoperiod and flower by age.

Understanding the genetic composition of a cannabis strain is crucial. Genetics determine numerous features of the cannabis plant, such as its potency, aroma, and resistance to diseases. Every strain carries its genetic composition in its seeds. Thus, the quality, type, and source of cannabis seeds significantly affect the final product.

Krystalica Cannabis Seeds

Krystalica belongs to the strain of sativas, known for their uplifting and energetic properties, which is contrasting to the relaxing effect associated with the indica strain. Krystalica cannabis seeds produce plants that offer an exceptional mix of enthralling aroma, potent effect, and significant yield.

Krystalica cannabis seeds originated from a hybrid of two landrace strains- Malawi and Nepal. The Malawi strain, derived from the Sativa plant, is one of the most potent strains globally and is famed for its high psychoactive effect. Meanwhile, the Nepal strain contributes to Krystalica's unique genetic composition. The blend of these two strains results in the superiority of Krystalica, making it a favorite among cannabis cultivators and consumers.

Krystalica cannabis seeds are photoperiodic regular seeds. The term ‘photoperiodic regular’ encompasses two important characteristics of these seeds. The ‘photoperiodic’ part signifies that Krystalica plants depend on the number of light and dark hours they receive to trigger the flowering stage. The 'regular' term implies that these seeds can grow into either male or female plants, and the plant's sex is not predetermined genetically.

Growing Krystalica

Cultivating Krystalica from cannabis seeds is a rewarding endeavor due to its unparalleled resilience, exceptional yield, and simple maintenance. For outdoor cultivation, a sunny, Mediterranean-like climate is ideal. Krystalica plants are robust and resistant to common pests and diseases, making it convenient for beginners and seasoned cultivators alike.

Krystalica plants are relatively tall and can grow up to 2 meters or above outdoors. In an indoor setup, they can be controlled and kept between 1 – 1.5 meters tall. An interesting feature of Krystalica plants is their somewhat irregular growth pattern which is characterized by elongated branches and significant internode distance.

When grown successfully, Krystalica plants reward cultivators with bountiful harvests. The plants bear long, slender, candle-shaped buds that are not densely packed but carry an exceptional amount of resin. A single Krystalica plant can yield up to a whopping 1200 grams under ideal conditions.

Krystalica Flowering

Krystalica strain demonstrates prolonged flowering duration, a common trait amongst pure Sativa strains. The flowering period ranges from 12-15 weeks, depending on the grow setup and conditions. Flowering is the stage when plants form buds that are harvested for consumption.

During the flowering stage, the plant requires a specific light-to-darkness ratio to produce buds. It is during this period that the photoperiodic nature of Krystalica strain plays a significant role. Krystalica plants require approximately twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness daily to initiate and sustain flowering.

The long-flowering period of Krystalica results in an exceptional yield of premium quality. High resin production ensures robust and potent buds that are a delight to consumers. The aroma of Krystalica buds during flowering is utterly captivating, filling the vicinity with a sweet yet spicy scent.

Overall, Krystalica cannabis seeds are in high demand due to their unusual genetic combination, impressive yield, and the astounding quality of buds they produce. Their photoperiodic and regular nature, coupled with their superior growth resilience, make them ideal for both amateur and experienced cannabis cultivators. The cultivation journey culminates with a rewarding harvest period, followed by the pleasure of enjoying a product of superior quality and potency. Therefore, both in terms of cultivation and consumption, Krystalica cannabis seeds provide a fulfilling experience that sets them apart in the diverse realm of cannabis.

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