• Ketama
Genetics Indica
THC 17%
Plant height up to 90 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 350-400 gr

Ketama seeds

The beauty of nature lies in its diversity; her gifts are countless, ranging from raw resources to precious gems and even valuable herbs. Among these, cannabis stands as one of the most disputed yet fascinating wonders. This article aims to delve into the facts, origin, characteristics, growth and flowering details, legal implications, and other essential aspects of one of the invaluable cannabis seeds, the Ketama.

Understanding cannabis seeds

Like any other plant, cannabis also begins its growth cycle from a tiny seed, in this case, a cannabis seed. These seeds are products of sexual reproduction in cannabis plants - one male and one female, leading to fertilization and consequent formation of seeds in the female plant. Each cannabis seed carries the genetic information from both its parents, which will influence the characteristics of the plant that it gives birth to. It includes aspects like the plant's size, resistance to environmental stresses, physical attributes, and the quantity and quality of the cannabinoids it produces.

Exploring Ketama Cannabis Seeds

Hailing from the Northern region of Morocco, Ketama is a name that resonates with the potent hash production history of the region. Ketama cannabis seeds carry the heritage of their origin, promising a high yield of top-quality resin ideal for producing hash of excellent quality. These seeds have been popular for ages in the cannabis market and are a potent offering in the cannabis community with a vast array of benefits.

Ketama is a photoperiodic regular strain, meaning its flowering is primarily induced by changes in the light cycle. In cannabis cultivation, two types of strains predominate: photoperiodic and auto-flowering. Photoperiodic strains are considered more traditional and closer to cannabis found naturally in the wild. They respond to changes in the daylight cycle to progress from their vegetative growth phase to their flowering phase. On the contrary, auto-flowering strains don't rely on light schedule changes; instead, they automatically transition to flowering after a certain period of growth.

Ketama's Genetics

The exact genetics of Ketama strain are a closely guarded secret. However, it is known that these cannabis seeds carry predominantly Indica genetics. The plant displays classic Indica traits - from its robust, compact growth structure to the potent, physical effects of its buds and its exceptional resin production.

Growing Ketama cannabis seeds

Regarding the growth process of cannabis seeds, one has to consider the different stages and key requirements. Growing Ketama cannabis seeds is an endeavor that requires particular attention to these details, owing to their unique aspects. Understanding these requirements and meeting them guarantees healthy plants that yield abundantly.

The growth journey of Ketama cannabis seeds begins with germination. This process requires moisture, warmth, and darkness, which softens the seed coating and allows the radical (young root) to emerge. Within 3-7 days of initiating germination, Ketama seeds usually sprout, ready for the next stage.

The sprouted seeds are then transferred to a growth medium. Here, the seedlings spend their early days bulking up and establishing a robust root system. During this seedling stage, they require ample light, high humidity, and temperatures around 20-25˚C (68-77˚F) for optimal growth.

Following this stage, the plant enters the vegetative growth phase where it continues to grow in size and starts to develop branches. Cultivating Ketama cannabis seed requires providing it with more intense light during the vegetative growth stage to boost its photosynthesis rate. A well-fertilized soil and ideal pH of 6-7 is also encouraged.

Ketama's Flowering

As a regular photoperiodic cannabis strain, Ketama initiates its flowering stage in response to changes in the light cycle, specifically the reduction of daylight hours. Once flowering has been triggered, the plant stops growing in size and redirects all its energy into producing buds.

Flowering is the stage during the growth of Ketama cannabis that requires special attention. It's during this phase where Ketama develops its resinous buds, imbued with cannabinoids and terpenes, over a period of 7-8 weeks. Under ideal conditions, the plant produces an impressive quantity of resin - a testament to the strain's fame for hash production.

Flowering is also the stage where sexing the plants becomes important. It’s during this time, the presence or absence of pollen sacs identifies male and female plants.


In conclusion, Ketama is a cannabis strain of Indica genetics that carries the robust mark of its Moroccan heritage and promises impressive growth and bloom. The tale of this exquisite strain that begins as tiny cannabis seeds and yields into a prolific plant flourishing with trichome-covered flowers is undeniably impressive. The art of cultivating Ketama cannabis seeds lies in understanding and appreciating its exquisite nature and duly respecting its demands, assuring a high yield of potent and flavorful buds. Remember that the purchase, sale, and growth of cannabis seeds are subject to legal restrictions and vary based upon geographical locations. It's recommended to stay compliant with local laws regarding the cultivation and use of cannabis.

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