• Kalichakra New Edition
Genetics Sativa
THC 19%
Plant height up to 120 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 400-550 gr

Kalichakra New Edition seeds

If you have ever been interested in cultivating cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, you will have undoubtedly spent a significant amount of time researching cannabis seeds. There's a multitude of cannabis strains out there, each with its unique properties, genetics, and cultivation processes. It can be slightly overwhelming for even experienced growers. One strain that is gaining popularity among cannabis growers and enthusiasts alike is the Kalichakra New Edition.

The Kalichakra New Edition strain represents a unique evolution of cannabis genetics. It’s derivative of a photoperiodic regular strain that is carefully bred by Mandala Seeds, a prestigious brand revered by growers and users worldwide for their high-quality cannabis seeds. This article will delve into the world of the Kalichakra New Edition cannabis seeds, unravelling its genetics, ideal growing practices, flowering, and the benefits of partaking in the fruits of this remarkable strain.

The Kalichakra New Edition Cannabis Seeds' Genetics

Cannabis seeds are the embodiment of their genetic heritage, and the Kalichakra New Edition is no exception. In a bid to improve the mother strain's characteristics and make them better adaptable to indoor cultivation, the geneticists at Mandala Seeds decided to crossbreed Kalichakra with another photoperiodic regular strain, leading to the birth of the Kalichakra New Edition.

The Kalichakra strain has Southeast Asian origins and is derived from the potent South Indian Kerala and the Nepalese Highland Sativa. This strain has predominantly sativa genetics, boasting a 75% Sativa and 25% Indica ratio. By cross-breeding this sativa-dominant strain with another, breeders have given the Kalichakra New Edition a novel vitality and sturdiness while maintaining its unique genetic blueprint. The result is robust cannabis seeds with predominant sativa genetics that produce vigorous, high-yielding plants with dense and aromatic buds.

Cultivating Kalichakra New Edition Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to growing the Kalichakra New Edition strain from cannabis seeds, understanding the photoperiodic regular nature of this strain is crucial. A photoperiodic regular strain means that the strain's flowering cycle is influenced by the changing light periods, just like numerous plants in nature. They will generally follow a vegetative stage during the longer-light summer months and move into a flowering stage amidst shorter-light fall days.

One significant advantage of cultivating photoperiodic regular cannabis seeds, like the Kalichakra New Edition, is the opportunity to manipulate the light period to control vegetative or flowering stages. By adjusting the light times, especially with indoor cultivation, growers can determine when the plants start to flower.

As the strain has a more significant Sativa influence, the Kalichakra New Edition seedlings tend to grow tall and robust, so indoor growers might opt for super-cropping or low-stress training techniques to constrain their height while enhancing bushiness and yielding potential. The plant’s resilience makes it a great option for those new to growing cannabis, as it requires minimal fuss and is reasonably resistant to pests and diseases.

Flowering of Kalichakra New Edition Plants

The flowering stage is one of the most crucial periods when growing Kalichakra New Edition from cannabis seeds. After all, it's during this phase that plants produce their coveted resin-sealed buds. Just like you'd anticipate from any sativa-dominant strain, the Kalichakra New Edition has a comparatively long flowering stage. The indoor flowering period typically stretches 70 to 75 days, but outdoor-grown plants need to be given until the middle of October.

Throughout the flowering period, pay close attention to relative humidity and temperature. Ideal conditions will promote the production of THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the plant's 'high'. It also has an impact on the plant’s essential oils or terpenes, which heavily influence the flavour and aroma of the final product.

During their flowering stage, Kalichakra New Edition plants exhibit an enchanting spectacle of thick, resinous buds blanketed in snowy trichomes. The plants produce a yield of dense sativa buds with a delightfully fruity aroma that retains the trademark pungent scent associated with cannabis.

The Effects and Benefits of The Kalichakra New Edition Strain

Given its unique genetics and careful breeding, it's no surprise that the Kalichakra New Edition strain has a unique set of effects and benefits that sets it apart from other cannabis strains. It produces a clear-headed, uplifting effect that you would expect from a Sativa strain but without the usual jitteriness that some users experience. Users report a sense of focused euphoria, a mood boost, and heightened creativity, an ideal companion for people involved in arts, brainstorming sessions, or those simply looking to enjoy a sociable and engaged day.

Medicinally speaking, Kalichakra New Edition strain has also found a place. The mellow yet enduring high can be a godsend for people seeking relief from stress and depression, while the mental clarity and heightened focus can benefit those dealing with attention deficit disorders. Additionally, it's been used to alleviate minor pains and boost appetite, providing an all-round therapeutic package.


The Kalichakra New Edition cannabis seeds present a unique blend of genetics, inherited from the original Kalichakra strain. With its photoperiodic regular nature, this strain offers flexibility and control, making it a prized strain for both beginner and experienced cannabis cultivators. The strain provides ample yields of high-quality cannabis characterized by a sweet, fruity aroma and a unique set of effects and benefits, cementing its well-earned place in the annals of cannabis strain history.

Whether you consume cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes or grow it because of your love for the plant, the Kalichakra New Edition strain is a remarkable specimen that ticks all the boxes. Armed with a clearer understanding of this incredible strain's genetics, cultivation process, flowering, and effects, you can now better appreciate what goes into nurturing these seeds to fruition and the rewards that it offers.

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