• Brazil Amazonia
Genetics Sativa\Indica
THC 18%
Plant height up to 90 cm
Bloom 70-84 days
Harvest 300-400 gr

Brazil Amazonia seeds

The burgeoning world of cannabis is constantly evolving, with new strains and products being developed that suit diverse tastes and applications. In this tapestry of diversity, Brazil Amazonia cannabis seeds stand out as a powerful strain providing several applications, sourced from the heart of the Amazon rainforest. This rich strain of cannabis seeds offers a unique harmony of strong genetics, powerful effects, and enticing flavor profiles.

Understanding the Genetics

Before dissecting the characteristics of Brazil Amazonia cannabis seeds, it's important to understand the genetics. The seeds are primarily of a photoperiodic regular strain, predominantly of an Indica type, derived straight from the indigenous tribes located in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil.

Often referred to as 'landrace strains,' these are pure cannabis strains indigenous to specific geographic regions, untouched by hybridization processes. Landraces represent the foundation of modern hybrid cannabis varieties. The genetics of Brazil Amazonia strain, like other landrace strains, form the cornerstone for breeding new cannabis strains across the globe.

Brazil Amazonia seeds harbor a genetic component reflective of their rich history and geographical context, yielding roughly 75% Indica and 25% Sativa genomes. This Indica-dominant strain offers a balanced and thoughtful end product that epitomizes the sheer diversity of the cannabis world.

Characteristics of Brazil Amazonia Seeds

1. Growth Pattern

The Brazil Amazonia cannabis strain, fittingly evolved to the harsh Amazonian climate, is renowned for its hardy resilience, capable of thriving both indoors and outdoors. The plant is medium-sized, featuring robust branches and thick leaves.

Outdoor growers must note that the strain prefers a balmy, tropical climate akin to its place of origin. However, that doesn't impinge on its versatile nature, as the plant can be coaxed to grow in cooler climates as well. Indoor cultivators can leverage its adaptability and mirror the vegetation and flowering stages to reap generous yields.

Despite its less compact size, growers can expect to harvest plentiful buds that exude a distinctly fresh and fruity scent. The Brazil Amazonia cannabis plant has an approximately 75 to 90 days of flowering period, a characteristic indicative of its predominantly Sativa genetics.

2. Effects

A quintessential component determining the promise of any cannabis strain is its effects. The Brazil Amazonia cannabis strain is no exception, noted for its distinctive potency and balanced effects.

Considering its Indica dominance, the ensuing effects lean more towards a calming, soothing high rather than an overpowering cerebral high. This makes it a highly sought-after strain for late-night use, as it can significantly assist in relaxation and sleep. However, being a hybrid strain, it also preserves the cerebral drive of Sativa genetics, making it potent enough to inspire creativity and maintain focus without compromising relaxation.

3. Flavor and Aroma

Another significant facet of Brazil Amazonia cannabis seeds is the flavor and aroma that provoke a sensory Stimulation. The buds produce an enticingly earthy aroma, with a hint of exotic woodiness that is reminiscent of its original habitat. When consumed, these buds offer a pleasantly sweet taste, with hints of fruit that perfectly balance the earthy undertones.

4. Medical Applications

Cannabis has been recognized for its therapeutic benefits for centuries, and Brazil Amazonia inherits this legacy. The strain's powerful genetics give rise to a profile rich in Cannabinoids, paving the way for several medicinal applications.

The unique mix of Sativa and Indica genetics enables this strain to address both physical and neurological ailments. Its Indica component can help alleviate physical discomfort, including chronic pain, muscle stiffness, and insomnia. Meanwhile, the Sativa element, marked by a cerebral high, may potentially help combat stress and anxiety.

Considerations for Cultivating Brazil Amazonia Cannabis Seeds

1. Photoperiodic Regular Strain: Brazil Amazonia cannabis seeds are photoperiodic regular seeds, meaning they require specific light and dark schedules to trigger the flowering stage. They are also regular seeds that produce both male and female plants that need segregation during the cultivation process to prevent fertilization and seed production.

2. Climate Considerations: While being significantly versatile, the strain preeminently flourishes in a warm climate, similar to its Amazonian origin. Growers must try to mirror these conditions to ensure optimal growth.

3. Nutrient Requirements: Like other cannabis plants, Brazil Amazonia strain requires a balanced diet of essential macro and micronutrients. Growers must ensure a robust supply of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and more to support its growth and flowering.


The Brazil Amazonia cannabis seeds carry within them the power of genetics, robustness of strain, and subtly nuanced flavors and aromas that make their cultivation and consumption a unique experience. Their photoperiodic regular nature guarantees a harvest that reflects the true essence of cannabis in its purest form, offering a window into the heart of the Amazon. With careful consideration of their distinct traits and requirements, both novice and experienced growers can cultivate this strain to its full potential. Brazil Amazonia cannabis seeds, thus, hold the promise of a potent exploration into the heart of unadulterated, powerful cannabis, replete with its therapeutic, aromatic and potent appeals.

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