• Beyond The Brain
Genetics Sativa
THC 25%
Plant height up to 95 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 200-300 gr

Beyond The Brain seeds

The consummate blend of diverse and complex genetics possessed by cannabis seeds has intrigued cultivators and researchers alike for years. This fundamental unit of life, termed colloquially as 'seeds,' engenders some of the genealogically rich varieties of cannabis strains in the world. Each cannabis seed harbors a unique make-up, set forth by generations of crossbreeding and selection. Among the myriad of interesting and unique strains to have emerged from the ever-evolving realm of cannabis cultivation, one strain in particular warrants broad consideration: 'Beyond The Brain.'

‘Beyond The Brain’ is a sterling example of photoperiodic regular cannabis seeds' potential for notable genetic richness. The strain is a concoction of contemporary species and Landrace roots, curated to present an exceptional genotype and phenotype combination.

This article aims to provide an in-depth exploration of ‘Beyond The Brain’ cannabis seeds, delving into their extraordinary genetics, beneficial traits, growing requirements, and flowering patterns.

Genetics of ‘Beyond The Brain’

The true power of cannabis resides in the genetic blueprint encoded within its seeds. Unveiling the genetic composition of a strain like ‘Beyond The Brain’ is comparable to reading the autobiography of its lineage, taking us back to its primitive ancestor, and subsequently illuminating the journey it has undertaken to become the strain we are familiar with today.

Genetics determine the potency, aroma, flavor, growth characteristics, and medicinal properties of a cannabis plant. They encode everything from the plant's resistance to pests and diseases to its overall yield.

‘Beyond The Brain,’ is a sativa-dominant strain known for its cerebral effect and bountiful yield. This strain, possessing among the most diverse and sophisticated cannabis genetics, is a striking demonstration of careful breeding and selection. It originates from a meticulous blend of Double Super Sativa (Sativa D-Cut) and Garberville Green D (GGD) x Thai D.

This merging of genetic material led to the creation of its first-generation seed, the ‘Beyond The Brain.’ One could argue that the genetic richness and versatility of this strain are noticeably superior to many of its contemporaries, making it worthy of its name.

How to Grow 'Beyond The Brain'

Growing ‘Beyond The Brain’ cannabis seeds is an experience that encourages the cultivator to delve into the ornate realm of cannabis cultivation. Despite the strain's complexity, it isn't notoriously challenging to grow, implying that both amateur and expert cultivators alike can produce potent plants from these cannabis seeds.

Before initiating the cultivation process, growers should be aware that ‘Beyond The Brain’ is a photoperiodic regular strain. Photoperiodic plants need specific light and dark periods to develop and flower, while the term "regular" denotes that the seeds can sprout either male or female plants. Hence, understanding the plant's sex early on is crucial to prevent accidental pollination.

One of the trademarks of this sativa dominant strain is its robust and vigorous growth. It tends to stretch extensively during its elongated flowering period, ultimately reaching a considerable height. The strain's impressive vertical growth makes it an excellent candidate for outdoor cultivation where it can naturally stretch out under the sun. However, ‘Beyond The Brain’ also thrives in indoor settings. Here, cultivators must employ techniques like topping and training to manage its height and encourage lateral growth.

The strain's sativa-dominant genetic background equips it with excellent resistance to pests and mold, ensuring its survival amidst diverse environmental conditions. These resilient traits simplify the strain's cultivation process.

Flowering of ‘Beyond The Brain’

The flowering phase is a significant period in ‘Beyond The Brain's life cycle, marking the transition from the vegetative growth phase to maturation. The strain's photoperiodic nature stipulates its flowering in response to seasonal changes in daylight.

‘Beyond The Brain’ has an extended flowering period characteristic of its Sativa genetics. The strain takes roughly 70-85 days to flower and maturation, reflecting its elaborate and intricate breeding pedigree. It offers cultivators an autumnal bloom, showering the plant with evolved, dense flower clusters and intricate resin-laden trichomes.

Despite this extended flowering period, the 'Beyond The Brain' strain compensates with its sizable yield. Indoor cultivation can produce up to 450 grams per square meter (under optimal conditions), while outdoor cultivation can result in more substantial yields due to the plants' ability to extend unrestrictedly.

In Conclusion

The vast universe of cannabis seeds is filled with genetic peculiarities and promising strains. Some like ‘Beyond The Brain’ are unique masterpieces, flagships of genetic diversity, and botanical progress. The strain exemplifies the fruits of thoughtful cross-breeding and careful cultivation, offering growers a remarkable yield and consumers a cerebral and invigorating experience.

‘Beyond The Brain’ cannabis seeds encapsulate their parent strains' impressive genetic legacy, showcasing ideal traits from a cultivation viewpoint and a consumption perspective. Their unique genetics, robust growth characteristics, resistant traits, and bountiful harvest make them a delight for growers. On the consumer end, the strain's cerebral high and potential therapeutic benefits make it a favored choice.

In an industry as dynamic and extensive as cannabis, the ‘Beyond The Brain’ strain stands out, a testament to the rich lineage, noteworthy growth traits, extensive flowering, and cultivated refinement that good quality cannabis seeds can exhibit. With the ever-growing interest and extensive research being dedicated to cannabis' extraordinary potential, strains like ‘Beyond The Brain’ undoubtedly hold intriguing prospects for future cultivation and consumption patterns.

As we dig further into the botanical world of cannabis, each seed variety unveils a new story, a different lineage, and a unique set of traits. ‘Beyond The Brain’ seeds are an ideal case study for those endeavoring to decipher the world of cannabis, guiding us one step closer to grasping the true wealth and potential that these extraordinary cannabis seeds harbor.

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