• White Widow Feminised
Genetics Indica
THC 21%
Plant height up to 120 cm
Bloom 80-90 days
Harvest 200-300 gr

White Widow Feminised seeds

Exceptional genetics, distinctive taste, and enduring popularity aptly characterize White Widow – a fundamental strain in the global cannabis culture. Produced predominantly from cannabis seeds, this hybrid strain is renowned for its harmonious balance between Sativa and Indica. An analysis of White Widow's traits would be incomplete without an exploration of its profound influence among cannabis growers and users, an impact profoundly articulated by the popularity of White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds. This paper provides an in-depth scrutiny of these unique seeds, accentuating their cultivation, genetics, and flowering characteristics.

As the name indicates, 'feminised' is explicitly used in the context of White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds. Feminisation is a vital aspect of cannabis cultivation, affecting both the quality and quantity of outcome produce. Naturally, cannabis plants develop as either male or female. However, only female plants are responsible for producing the resin-rich buds desired by growers and consumers. Male cannabis plants, alternatively, are mostly discarded since they do not yield buds and may also cause fertilisation, leading to seedy crops.

By implementing feminisation, breeders can make sure that the seeds from their cannabis plants are nearly all female, improving overall productivity. The process entails stressing a healthy female plant to produce pollen, which is used for the fertilisation of other female plants. Resultantly, the resultant seeds carry purely female genetics and are thus referred to as feminised cannabis seeds. That said, the feminisation process is complex and necessitates a certain level of expertise to ensure genetically healthy plants.

The process leads us to one of the most significant facets of White Widow Feminised Cannabis Seeds - their genetics. This strain is a perfect blend of Sativa and Indica, inherited from its Brazilian Sativa landrace parent and a South Indian Indica parent. Perhaps the best aspect of the White Widow strain is its rich and robust genetic lineage, which lays its roots in the cross-breeding of these two potent strains. The strain comprises 60% Indica genetics, which contribute to its strong physical high, and 40% Sativa genetics, responsible for cerebral stimulation.

The unique genetics of the White Widow strain render it an excellent option for cross-breeding. Additionally, the genetics are also associated with the strain's resilience, ease of growth, and powerful effects. Users will often feel an immediate cerebral buzz, closely followed by a soothing physical relaxation. Thanks to its consistent genetics, these effects remain static throughout different growing conditions or harvests - a testament to the stability of the strain.

As one delves deeper into the characteristics of White Widow Feminised cannabis seeds, the strain's growing aspects draw much interest. Growers, both amateur and experienced, are usually pleasantly surprised by the easiness associated with growing the White Widow strain. The feminised seeds lead to a higher yield, and the strain's robust genetics make it resistant to pests, moulds, and harsh weather conditions. Consequently, the plant can be grown indoors or outdoors, making it a versatile choice for cultivators.

When growing indoors, White Widow plants adopt a compact structure, usually not growing beyond one metre. However, under the right outdoor conditions, the strain can reach up to two metres. Nevertheless, the moderate height offers an advantage. It allows growers to manage the plant easily and makes it a favourable choice for cultivation methods like Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG), designed for space optimisation.

As for flowering, White Widow feminised cannabis seeds follow an ideal cycle which significantly eases the cultivation procedure. Depending on the growing conditions, this cycle usually lasts for eight to nine weeks. When grown outside in the northern hemisphere, harvest time typically falls around late October.

Additionally, the flowering stage is when the White Widow truly shines in all its frosty glory. The name 'White Widow' was not arbitrarily chosen. As the strain flowers, frosted white crystals heavily cover the buds, creating the semblance of a snow-capped plant, hence the name ‘White Widow’. The frosty sheen not only adds tremendous aesthetic appeal but also signals the presence of high amounts of THC, the compound mainly responsible for the strain's potent effects.

To conclude, White Widow Feminised cannabis seeds are an embodiment of perfect balance, combining great robust genetics, ease of growth, and bountiful yields. The seeds ensure nearly all-female populations, relieving the growers of the constant dread of male plants disrupting their cultivation. Given the right cultivation practices and closely monitored growing conditions, these seeds can yield potent and high-quality cannabis, keeping the globally revered White Widow legacy alive.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that these feminised seeds mark a significant stride in cannabis cultivation, proving that with scientific understanding and technological advancement, the cannabis plant can be optimally harnessed. It is only a matter of time before strains like the White Widow are deeply ingrained in the broader fabric of society, crowning the cannabis plant as a valuable asset to humankind.

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