• White Russian Feminised
Genetics Indica
THC 21%
Plant height up to 110 cm
Bloom 77 days
Harvest 200-300 gr

White Russian Feminised seeds

The cannabis industry has been evolving rapidly over the last decade, as scientific research continues to unfurl the therapeutic benefits of various cannabis strains. The recreational cannabis market has also witnessed a proliferation of cannabis strains, each characterized by unique qualities that deliver distinct experiences. Amidst the vast expanse of cannabis varieties, the feminised seeds of two particular strains stand out: Speed Queen Feminised cannabis seeds and White Russian Feminised cannabis seeds. This article endeavors to delve into the characteristics, growth patterns, medicinal benefits, and other essential details related to these high-profile cannabis seeds. While the focal point of the discussion will be Speed Queen Feminised seeds, White Russian Feminised seeds will be addressed comparatively.

The Speed Queen Feminised cannabis strain is heralded for its remarkable therapeutic properties and substantial yields. These seeds are distinguished by their versatility, strength, and swift growth.

The intrinsic characteristics of Speed Queen Feminised seeds can be traced back to their lineage. They are the progeny of a cross between killer queen and blue forest berry. The killer queen, essentially a hybrid between G13 and Cinderella 99, is known for its rich cannabinoid profile and mellow, euphoric effects. Blue forest berry, on the other hand, is an Indica dominant strain, renowned for its high resin production and dense growth pattern. The cross-breeding of these two potent strains has engendered Speed Queen Feminised seeds, wedded with remarkable traits and numerous benefits.

One of the main reasons growers gravitate towards Speed Queen Feminised seeds is due to their versatility and resilience. These seeds are conducive for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Indoor growth ensures a more controlled environment, leading to a better quality yield, whereas outdoor cultivation supports greater production. The expected flowering time is comparatively lesser, usually falling around eight weeks. Due to their robust gene pool, they exhibit very high resistance to pests, molds, and diseases.

Speed Queen Feminised seeds are characterized by their dense growth pattern. Plants from these seeds are medium in size but highly branched, leading to substantial yield. This Indica dominant strain exhibits traditional Indica traits with sturdy stems, broad leaves, and compact buds. Growers can expect generous yields, with an average of 500-550g/m² under optimal conditions indoors and approximately 500g/plant outdoors.

Notably, the strain derived from Speed Queen Feminised seeds is recognized for its high THC content that stands between 18%-20% on average, indicating its potency. The high THC content amplifies the strain’s medicinal benefits, which have application in the management of conditions such as chronic pain, stress, and insomnia. Its potent psychoactive properties allow users to experience a comforting body high, usually accompanied by an uplifting cerebral buzz.

Now, let's draw the comparison to White Russian Feminised cannabis seeds, another set of seeds cherished by the cannabis cultivation community. White Russian Feminised seeds are the offspring of two noteworthy strains - White Widow and AK-47. This lineage gives White Russian Feminised seeds a slew of sought-after characteristics not dissimilar from those of Speed Queen Feminised seeds.

White Russian Feminised seeds also show adaptability to indoor and outdoor cultivation, making them a viable choice for growers with diverse preferences. This strain's flowering period is slightly longer than that of Speed Queen Feminised cannabis strain but falls within the acceptable range for most growers. In terms of growth, these seeds also produce dense, medium-sized plants. However, the yields from White Russian Feminised seeds can be heftier, with indoor yields reaching up to 600g/m² while outdoors yielding about 900g/plant under optimal conditions.

The White Russian Feminised cannabis strain also inhabits a high THC content, typically ranging from 20% to 22%. The high THC levels contribute to a powerful, long-lasting cerebral high and a pleasant sense of euphoria, making it ideal for both recreational and medicinal uses. Like Speed Queen Feminised cannabis strain, it also possesses therapeutic potency beneficial for conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and appetite loss.

In summary, while both Speed Queen Feminised and White Russian Feminised cannabis seeds have unique qualities, they share a remarkable set of characteristics, including adaptability, resistance to pests, and high THC content. The final choice between these seeds often comes down to the specific preferences and requirements of the growers and users.

While the versatility and resilience of Speed Queen Feminised seeds make them an excellent choice for novice growers, their swift flowering time is particularly enticing for commercial growers. Notably, the relaxing body high experienced with this strain can be beneficial for users seeking physical relief and tranquility.

On the other hand, the more substantial yield potential of White Russian Feminised seeds may be more attractive for growers seeking high productivity, and the more balanced cerebral and physical effects can cater to users who prefer well-rounded experiences involving both mental stimulation and physical relaxation.

The vast world of cannabis cultivation is filled with myriad options, exhibiting an interesting blend of traits inherited from their diverse parentage. Both Speed Queen Feminised and White Russian Feminised cannabis seeds are prime examples of this. These feminised seeds not only offer the promise of bountiful harvests due to their high yielding potential but also deliver a range of therapeutic and recreational experiences attributed to their high cannabinoid content. The continuous exploration of these strains promises to enrich the cannabis growing and consuming landscape further.

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