• Tangerine Dream Feminised
Genetics Indica/Sativa
THC 23%
Plant height 90-100 cm
Bloom 60-65 days
Harvest 600 gr m2

Tangerine Dream Feminised

The cultivation of cannabis seeds, particularly feminised seeds of unique strains like the Tangerine Dream, has become an increasingly popular practice in recent years. While many factors contribute to this trend, the appeal often boils down to the distinctive characteristics of the strain, including its unique genetics, taste, aroma and the effects it induces on consumption. This article aims to discuss the Tangerine Dream Feminised cannabis seeds in detail, shedding light on its genetics, growth patterns, flowering stage, and what sets it apart from other cannabis strains in the market.

Tangerine Dream: An Overview

The Tangerine Dream is a strain of cannabis seeds bred meticulously over several years by the renowned team at Barney's Farm. Named after its intense tangerine aroma and delightful fruity flavour, this strain has quickly earned recognition and respect among cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators alike. It is an enchanting blend of G13, Afghani, and Neville's A5 Haze, with robust Sativa dominance that graces it with favourable growth characteristics and flavorful fruity profiles.

Tangerine Dream Feminised: The Benefits of Feminised Seeds

Feminised cannabis seeds eliminate the gamble of growing male plants from regular seeds, which can dramatically affect the quality and quantity of your harvest. With feminised seeds, virtually every plant will produce bountiful buds laden with cannabinoids, ensuring a successful grow and a satisfying yield.

The Tangerine Dream feminised seeds follow this rule, producing a potent, Sativa-dominant strain with high yields and refreshing citrusy aroma. These seeds offer a simplified growing process and a virtually guaranteed, promising end product, making it ideal for both novice and experienced cultivators.

Genetics: What Sets the Strain Apart?

Deep diving into the genetics of the Tangerine Dream feminised seeds, it's clear that this strain benefits from an extraordinary lineage. The genetic makeup comprises G13, a potent Indica recognised globally, Afghani, another Indica strain known for its high resin production, and Neville's A5 Haze, a Sativa dominant variant revered for its strong cerebral effects and high yields.

This genetic trifecta has resulted in a hybrid strain that carries the strength, hardiness, and productivity of its parent strains. Additionally, the dominance of Sativa genes coupled with a subtle Indica influence manifests in an excellent balance of heady cerebral stimulation and sumptuous body relaxation.

Growth: Cultivating Tangerine Dream Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Cultivating Tangerine Dream feminised cannabis seeds is an experience that is as fulfilling as it is rewarding. Regardless of its slightly complex genetic makeup, this strain is remarkably easy to grow, making it a suitable choice for cultivators of all skill levels.

Tangerine Dream tends to grow into medium-sized plants when cultivated indoors, staying within manageable heights even without top-pruning. However, when given ample space to expand outdoors, the strain can grow into colossal plants reaching heights over 2 meters.

The plant has a characteristic bushy structure, with an impressive lateral branching that develops numerous budding sites. It also boasts a compact internodal spacing, resulting in dense, sizeable colas that become generously covered with sticky resin as the plant matures.

Flowering: The Beautiful Flowering Stage And Yields

The flowering stage of the Tangerine Dream feminised cannabis seeds is notably shorter than most other Sativa-dominant strains, taking approximately 60-65 days. This is an attractive feature for cultivators eager to hasten their harvest without compromising on product quality.

Throughout the flowering stage, the Tangerine Dream quickly fills up with stunning, compact buds drenched in a luscious layer of shimmering trichomes. The buds are a beautiful sight, displaying a vivid mix of green and orange hues reminiscent of ripe, juicy tangerines.

Despite the compact stature of the plants when grown indoors, Tangerine Dream delivers generous yields offering up to 600 g/m² under optimal conditions. When cultivated outdoors in warm, sunny climates, the strain can produce a whopping 1 Kilo of high-grade bud per plant.

Additionally, this strain has a high resistance against common pests and diseases that affect cannabis plants, ensuring healthier crops and lowering the effort required to maintain the plants.

Overall, the Tangerine Dream feminised cannabis seeds present an enticing mix of high-grade genetics, simple cultivation process, rapid flowering stage, and outstanding yields.

The strain's trademark tangerine aroma and flavor only enhance its appeal, promising a unique, citrus-infused smoking experience matchless to any other cannabis strain. The effects induced by Tangerine Dream are well balanced, offering cerebral stimulation and body relaxation, making it a choice strain for users seeking therapeutic relief or those in pursuit of an exhilarating sensory experience.

In conclusion, Tangerine Dream feminised cannabis seeds are indeed a dream for experienced cultivators and beginners alike. This strain, which beautifully combines a pleasant growing experience with bountiful harvests and an unforgettable smoking experience, will undeniably remain a favorite among the cannabis community for years to come. The unique genetic makeup, simple growth process, and mesmerizing flavors ensure the enduring popularity of the Tangerine Dream, making it a worthy addition to any cultivator's garden.

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