• Speed Queen Feminised
Genetics Indica\Sativa
THC 18%
Plant height up to 80 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 300-450 gr

Speed Queen Feminised seeds

Cannabis connoisseurs and cultivators alike appreciate the importance of high-quality cannabis seeds in the cultivation and consumption experience. A particularly intriguing and renowned product for enthusiasts worldwide are the Speed Queen Feminised cannabis seeds. A superior strain boasting an excellent pedigree of potent genetics, Speed Queen caters to both recreational and medical users alike.

Cannabis seeds play an integral role in determining the quality of the final product. Thus, focusing on premium seeds like Speed Queen Feminised is vital in producing top-tier cannabis. As the popularity of cannabis continues to increase worldwide, so does the demand for top-quality strains. Speed Queen Feminised is considered by many to be among the elite, demonstrating exceptional genetics and cultivation traits, which set it apart.

Understanding Speed Queen Feminised Cannabis Seeds

When referring to feminised cannabis seeds, we're talking about seeds produced by inducing hermaphroditism in healthy female plants, leading them to produce seeds lacking male chromosomes. As a result, the harvested seeds will only grow into female plants, which are the ones that produce the high-THC buds that we all love. Speed Queen Feminised seeds came into existence following this process, ensuring a high yield of potent female plants, thereby simplifying the cultivator's task.

The strain derives its name and renowned potency from a perfect blend of genetics. Speed Queen's parent strains include the renowned North Indian and Nepalese. Both are landrace strains, which means they naturally evolved in their specific geographic locations over hundreds, if not thousands of years, and were then selectively bred to maintain their unique, inherent qualities. North Indian is known for its potent, high-THC content, while Nepalese is famous for its sweet aroma and balanced body effects. Both strains contributed towards Speed Queen's potency and attractiveness to cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators.

The Value of Genetics in Cannabis Seeds

In cultivating cannabis, the seeds' genetics play a vital role in determining the resulting product's overall quality. Genetics determine essential characteristics, from growth traits like the plants' height, yield potential, and flowering time, to the end product's aroma, flavor, and psychoactive effects. Speed Queen Feminised exhibits a strong genetic profile boosted by its parent strains' qualities, making it an excellent choice for both novice and seasoned growers.

Aesthetically, the Speed Queen strain displays deep green leaves nestled among dense, resinous buds. The thick coating of trichomes alongside a rich blend of colors makes the plant visually striking. From a sensory perspective, this strain offers an enticingly sweet and spicy aroma, an attribute it gained from the Nepalese lineage. Upon consumption, one can enjoy a taste that resonates with hints of citrus and earthy undertones.

High-quality genetics also determined the plant's growth characteristics. Speed Queen Feminised is a compact plant, making it a great option for indoor growth or areas with limited space. Despite its shorter stature, it is remarkably productive, yielding impressively large and dense buds.

The Growing Process

The importance of the growing process when it comes to cannabis seeds cannot be overstressed. A strain as exquisite as Speed Queen Feminised requires particular attention and care throughout the cultivation cycle to ensure that the seeds reach their full potential.

Novice growers or those looking for a less maintenance-heavy cultivation experience would find this feminised cannabis strain a delight. Speed Queen is a vigorous grower with high resistance to harsh weather, pests, and diseases, making it easy to cultivate.

Given the plant's compact size, it's easier to manage and less likely to require frequent pruning. Furthermore, it's highly versatile, thriving both indoors and outdoors. In the case of indoor growing, it is important to consider the plant’s lighting, temperature, and humidity conditions for the best possible results.

If growing outdoors, the plant requires a sunny, Mediterranean-like climate for optimal growth. However, it's resilient and robust genetics make it capable of withstanding less than perfect conditions.

The Flowering Stage

One particularly appealing characteristic of the Speed Queen strain is its fast flowering period. Whereas other cannabis strains might necessitate as long as ten weeks to reach full maturity, Speed Queen feminised seeds can undergo the entire flowering stage within a mere six to eight weeks.

This feature is advantageous for several reasons, most notably that it enables growers to complete more cycles per year if required. Not only does this increase the overall yield, but it also allows growers to respond better to demand if they are supplying on a larger scale. Furthermore, in regions where growing seasons are limited, this strain’s fast flowering feature could make all the difference.

In the flowering stage, growers of the Speed Queen feminised cannabis seeds can expect to witness the plant's captivating metamorphosis. The buds will mature, growing denser, and more resinous. Trichomes become visible, testifying to the plant's potency, while the sweet, spicy aroma intensifies.


Cannabis cultivation is an intricate process that requires care, knowledge, and quality seeds. The Speed Queen Feminised cannabis seeds, with their excellent genetics and robust strain, make the cultivation process a lot more seamless without compromising on the quality of the yield. For cannabis growers and enthusiasts looking for a fast, resilient, high-yielding, and potent option, the Speed Queen Feminised seeds undoubtedly fit the bill. This strain continues to gain popularity across the globe, further cementing its position as a credible player in the cannabis cultivation landscape.

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