• Purple Lemonade Feminised
Genetics Sativa/Indica
THC 25%
Plant height 2 m
Bloom 7-8 weeks
Harvest 550 gr m2

Purple Lemonade Feminised

The cannabis industry has experienced a significant revolution based on technological advancements and the stunning diversity of cannabis seeds in the market. Among these, Purple Lemonade Feminised cannabis seeds have taken centre stage owing to their unique qualities that offer both an amazing growing experience and highly satisfying consumable products. To appreciate this remarkable strain, we delve into the nature of these cannabis seeds and shed light on their genetics, cultivation procedures, and usage variations.

The Genesis of Purple Lemonade Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Purple Lemonade is a fascinating cannabis strain birthed from the highest quality cannabis seed genetics. The strain owes its existence to the expert breeders who utilised their global cannabis research and years of genetic preservation, leading to the emergence of Purple Lemonade cannabis seeds.

These seeds are invariably feminised, meaning they bear only female plants entirely devoid of male chromosomes. This highlights a significant leap in cannabis seed genetics as feminised seeds unequivocally eradicate the risk of pollination—a scenario that could potentially ruin a whole flower harvest.

Feminised seeds also make cultivation easier for cannabis growers, both commercial and amateur. Traditionally, growers had to sprout almost double the number of regular (non-feminised) seeds they intended to grow since roughly half the sprouted seeds would turn out to be males which had to be discarded. Purple Lemonade feminised seeds, on the other hand, guarantee a near 100% female sprout rate, making it possible for growers to plan the growth space accurately and maximize yield.

A Close Look at Purple Lemonade Feminised Cannabis Seeds Genetics

The Purple Lemonade strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, having a genetic breakdown of approximately 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. This genetic makeup grants the strain its iconic colourful, easy to grow attributes, and a fantastic lemony aroma. Judging by the strain's origins and the choice of parent plants, it's clear that breeders had the dual-goal of creating a strain with striking aesthetics and powerful psychoactive properties.

The eye-catching purple hues found in the mature plants of this strain are a nod back to their rich ancestral lineage. The parent strains, known for their naturally occurring purple buds and high resin production, combined to give Purple Lemonade both a captivating visual appeal and a rich terpene profile.

Considering the Stages of Their Growth Cycle

Purple Lemonade feminised cannabis seeds have a predominantly Indica growth pattern. This pattern typically results in plants with a short to medium stature, making them easy to manage, particularly in indoor growing environments. Their Indica-dominance also accounts for the proliferation of bushy growth, with an abundance of lateral branches, adding to their appeal.

These feminised seeds usually have a germination period of approximately three to seven days. After sprouting, the seedlings move into the vegetative state. Here, they focus purely on green growth, building up a robust structure of roots, stems, and foliage to support the flowering stage that follows. For the Purple Lemonade strain, the vegetative phase lasts from four to six weeks on average.

After the vegetative state, flowering commences and this is when the magic truly happens. Cannabis plants switch from their green growth focus, now instead diverting energy to creating blossoms—the cannabis 'buds' that we are all familiar with. For the Purple Lemonade strain, flowering occurs roughly eight to ten weeks post-vegetation stage. It is during this stage that the stunning purple hues begin to materialise and the fruity, lemon-like aroma becomes pronounced.

The feminised Purple Lemonade strain, under optimal conditions, is capable of yielding up to 550g per square metre indoors and an impressive 600 to 700 grams per plant outdoors. However, such productivity heavily depends on the grower's expertise, the cultivation conditions, and the overall plant care strategies.

Understanding the Traits of the Purple Lemonade Strain

Purple Lemonade adheres to the cosmic rule of ‘form follows function.’ Beyond the stunning purple aesthetics and delicious scent, there’s a concoction of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes contributing to the strain's beneficial properties.

One unique trait of this strain is its THC level, which averages around 22%. This high THC content makes it a potent option for both recreational and medicinal cannabis consumers. It provides a stimulating, euphoric high that gradually transitions into a calm, relaxing effect—a perfect blend for anyone seeking to unwind or manage stress-related and anxiety-related conditions. It is also suitable for pain relief, providing comfort to patients dealing with chronic pain, migraines, and arthritis.

On the flavour profile, Purple Lemonade has a distinct, pleasant taste. The intense citrus aroma suits its name, coupled with sweet fruity flavours that are enjoyable to the palate. These tantalising tastes and scents serve to enhance the overall consumer experience, making the strain an absolute delight.


Purple Lemonade feminised cannabis seeds present a combination of unmatched aesthetic appeal and unique psychoactive properties that offer both an intriguing cultivation experience and an outstanding end product. The strain has firmly cemented its name in the cannabis echelons due to its strong Indica-dominant genetics, colourfulness, high THC levels, and distinctive citrusy aroma.

Upon all the exceptional attributes, what makes Purple Lemonade feminised cannabis seeds genuinely special is their feminisation. The ingenuity of using feminised cannabis seeds ensures every seed's potential, making cultivation more efficient, and helps growers derive the most value from their efforts.

Thus, the Purple Lemonade feminised strain comes as a stellar testament to the potential of expertly bred cannabis seeds. Its diverse characteristics make it a joy to cultivate, consume, or simply admire, and it clearly showcases how far scientific strides in cannabis genetics have spearheaded a new wave of impressive cannabis achievements.

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