• Mazar Feminised
Genetics Indica
THC 19%
Plant height up to 110 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 200 gr

Mazar Feminised seeds

The vibrant marketplace for cannabis seeds has seen numerous potent strains breaching the boundaries of popularity and demand, one of which constitutes the Mazar Feminised cannabis seeds. Immaculately oriented from illustrious genetic lineage, these seeds have garnered immense recognition for delivering a plant with profound potency and significant yield. This article provides an exhaustive analysis of Mazar Feminised cannabis seeds, delving into their genetics, distinctive characteristics, cultivation process, and flowering cycle.

It goes without saying that the contemporary cannabis industry is founded on the indispensable pillars of subtlety, quality alleles, and feminised seeds that promise a lucrative yield. The advent of feminisation revolutionised the market, directing a significant surge in the demand for feminised cannabis seeds. As the name suggests, feminised seeds generate exclusively female plants, thus obviating the need to identify and separate male plants during the cultivation. In the case of Mazar Feminised cannabis seeds, the exclusive production of female plants accentuates the quality and quantity of the yield, making them a noteworthy choice for growers worldwide.

The Genesis of Mazar Feminised Cannabis Seeds: A Study in Genetics

Mazar is an iconic strain that has graced the cannabis landscape for several decades. The strain has its roots entrenched in the venerable Afghan Skunk, a potent species renowned for its robust growth patterns and abundant resin production. Mazar carries forward the lineage of this robust strain, exhibiting formidable resilience towards pests, diseases, and harsh environmental conditions.

The genetics of Mazar are primarily Indica, with a slight Sativa influence that refreshingly rounds out its profile. The emphasis on Indica genetics equips Mazar with a strong physical resilience, thus enabling it to withstand the onslaught of adverse growing conditions. The result is a healthy, potent, and generous plant that has been the hallmark of Mazar since its inception.

Understanding the Mazar Feminised Strain

The Mazar strain is revered for its robustness and quality yield. The blend of Afghan and Skunk seeds conveys an unprecedented resilience, rendering the strain potent against mould, pests, and diseases. This makes Mazar Feminised an idyllic strain for both novice and seasoned growers.

The strain possesses an impressive THC content, that levels up to about 20%. This is twinned with a CBD content of 1%, making the strain well-balanced and conducive for medicinal use. The psychoactive effects of Mazar are profoundly potent, inciting a euphoric high that gradually melts into a deep physical relaxation. The strain also boasts a full-bodied flavour profile that’s a delightful blend of earthiness, sweetness, and hint of pine.

Growing Mazar Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Mazar Feminised cannabis seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors. However, given their robust genetics, these seeds thrive remarkably in outdoor settings. Given its sturdy composition and resilience, the Mazar plant is resistant to common pests and diseases, making it a superb strain choice for novice growers.

If you grow your Mazar Feminised seeds indoors, you’ll need to adequately manage space due to its broad, bushy growth style, mainly attributed to its Indica genetics. Indoor growers can expect an average yield of 450-550 grams per square meter, given that the plants are tended to optimally. When grown inside, the plant generally takes around 8-9 weeks to flower.

Alternatively, when Mazar Feminised seeds are grown outdoors, they relish the expansive growth area, reaching their full potential. Outdoor growing results in a noticeably larger yield with growers often netting between 600-750 grams per plant. For outdoor cultivation, it's worth noting that the plants are usually ready for harvest around late October to early November, which means you’ll need to plan your cultivation cycle accordingly.


The flowering cycle of Mazar Feminised cannabis seeds is another appealing facet of this brilliant strain. The plants have a relatively short flowering time, generally ranging between 8-9 weeks. The quick flowering process, combined with the plants’ substantial resin production, makes the Mazar Feminised strain a highly rewarding option for growers.

During the flowering stage, Mazar plants display a fascinating transformation. The plants burgeon with several dense, resin-packed buds which fill the air with a pleasing aromatic blend. The abundant yield of the Mazar strain signifies that growers can relish a generous harvest without having to wait for an extended period.

In Conclusion

Mazar Feminised cannabis seeds embody an ideal blend of outstanding genetics, resilience, substantial yield, and phenomenal potency. The ease associated with their growing process combined with a quick flowering cycle make this strain a highly preferred choice among both novice and experienced cannabis growers.

The genetics, robustness, and yield potential of Mazar lend itself perfectly to various growing conditions, adding to its already significant appeal. So, whether you’re a seasoned grower or a novice getting your hands dirty for the first time, Mazar Feminised cannabis seeds will provide you with a rewarding growing experience, a potent yield, and an unrivalled relaxation upon consumption.

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