• Lsd Feminised
Genetics Indica
THC 22%
Plant height up to 150 cm
Bloom 90 days
Harvest 300-400 gr

Lsd Feminised seeds

In the diverse and fascinating world of cannabis cultivation, varieties encompass a wide spectrum of strains and traits. Notably, LSD Feminised cannabis seeds have earned a respected place among aficionados and cultivators for their distinctive characteristics and potent impact. It is a potent variant in the cannabis seeds community, especially due to its predominant genetics, robust growing conditions, and high-quality flowering.

Origins and Genetics of LSD Feminised Cannabis Seeds

The genetically modified strain of LSD cannabis seeds gets its name from the famous psychedelic drug, LSD. The term feminized pertains to the exclusively female nature of these seeds. The origin of the tag "LSD" comes from the intensely psychedelic effect that the plant's smoke projects, which somewhat mirrors the psychedelic experience of the drug LSD.

The genetics of LSD feminised cannabis seeds suggest that it is primarily an Indica dominant plant (around 70%), with Sativa characteristics forming the other 30%. This strain is a result of combining the genetics of two heavyweight champions in the cannabis world. On the one hand, it boasts the Mazar-I-Sharif strain, a renowned hardy and resinous Indica from Afghanistan. In contrast, the Skunk #1 strain, a legendary hybrid with energetic Sativa effects, brings balance. Together, they create an excellent blend of potency, yield, resilience, and an intensely cerebral and visually stimulating effect that gave birth to the LSD strain.

This strain's wild adaptability and vigueur make it a popular choice among cultivators, both novices, and experts. Its feminised nature implies that all seeds will grow into female plants. This characteristic is especially crucial for growers because only female cannabis plants produce the precious flower buds that contain the cannabinoids we all desire.

Cultivating LSD Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Growing LSD feminised cannabis seeds can be quite a rewarding endeavour. For anybody looking to produce cannabis plants with heavy yields and potent buds, this strain is a top contender. LSD feminised seeds are widely considered a medium-difficulty crop to grow, meaning they're not the easiest, but also not the most challenging. They require certain conditions to flourish completely but are considerably lenient towards minor errors or fluctuations.

The plant can flourish indoors and outdoors, given that the weather condition is similar to a Mediterranean climate. This adaptable nature makes LSD feminised seeds a favourite choice among growers operating in different environments.

Key aspects to monitor during the LSD's growth phase are water, nutrients, light, and temperature. Overwatering and underwatering can be detrimental to the plant's health, necessitating careful monitoring of the plant's water intake. The same careful consideration should be given to the nutrient intake of the plant since both deficiencies and excess can harm the plant.

The plant typically requires a good amount of light, with 18 hours of light daily being optimal during its vegetative stage. During the flowering stage, this can be reduced to 12 hours of light and darkness. Temperature and humidity, too, play an essential part in the successful growth of the plant. Optimal temperatures for the LSD strain are between 20-26°C (70-80°F), with humidity levels needing adjustment as the plant matures.

An indoor grow setup would ideally employ hydroponics for this strain. Hydroponics, coupled with a high-intensity discharge lighting system, has shown to yield up to 700 grams per square meter. When considering outdoor growth, a dry and warm yet shaded outdoor space could yield up to 650 grams per plant.

Flowering of LSD Feminised Cannabis Seeds

The flowering stage is a crucial part of the growth cycle and can significantly affect the yield and quality of the final product. The LSD Feminised cannabis seeds exhibit a typical Indica flowering time, which usually takes around nine weeks. However, it can stretch up to ten weeks in certain conditions. The nugs produced by LSD during flowering are dense and large, featuring a green colour that is dashed with yellow and orange hues.

The buds of the LSD strain are usually heavily coated with trichomes, a clear indication of their potent nature. The high cannabinoid content can be attributed to the care taken during the flowering stage to nurture the plant correctly.

Respecting the plant’s needs during its flowering period ensures that the buds will grow to their full potential and develop the desired heavy trichome coverage, representing an exceptional level of THC.

Understanding the Impact and Benefits of LSD

As a result of the blend of Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1 genetics, LSD Feminised cannabis seeds produce plants with a unique and potent effect, exhibiting a well-balanced mix of physical relaxation and mental stimulation. The experience leans towards the psychedelic, as the name suggests, providing users with vivid perceptual enhancements and a slightly trippy mindset. THC levels can reach up to 24%, making it an enormously powerful strain not recommended for the inexperienced user or the faint-hearted.

Yet, aside from recreational use, LSD Feminised cannabis strain has also gained recognition for its potential medicinal properties. Many users have reported that LSD strain can be beneficial in relieving pain and discomfort, given its powerful Indica base. It's also been credited with alleviating symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety, owing to the uplifting and euphoric sensations it induces.


Ultimately, the LSD Feminised cannabis seeds live up to their intriguing name, presenting an enticing journey for cultivators and users alike. From their unique genetic makeup to the immense satisfaction that comes with nurturing them towards flowering, the LSD feminized strain deserves its place in the cannabis hall of fame. The vibrant appeal of this strain lies in its alluring blend of challenging growth, substantial yield, and a sensational balance of effects. From the standpoint of a grower or a general cannabis enthusiast, the journey of unraveling the story of LSD Feminised cannabis seeds is nothing short of mesmerizing.

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