• Krystalica Feminised
Genetics Sativa
THC 20%
Plant height up to 120 cm
Bloom 70-80 days
Harvest 300-450 gr

Krystalica Feminised seeds

The world of cannabis cultivation has seen tremendous growth over the recent past, with an abundance of cannabis seeds flooding the market, each with its unique characteristics, origins, and benefits. This diversification has been brought about by the surge in demand for cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Furthermore, technological advancements, innovative breeding techniques and stringent quality control measures have significantly enhanced the production of superior quality cannabis seeds. One of the majestic kinds in this array is the Krystalica feminised cannabis seeds, bringing a new wave of excitement in the cannabis community. With a rich genetic profile, alluring aroma, and unparalleled effects, the Krystalica strain is the epitome of premium quality cannabis seeds built for exceptional cultivation experiences and outstanding results.

The Krystalica Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Krystalica represents one of the most potent and popular cannabis genetics precisely bred to ensure they carry only female genetics, hence the term feminised. These seeds are beautifully bred, thus eliminating the possibility of growing male plants that are often undesirable in the entire growth and flowering process of cannabis. This revolution in the breeding of female-only cannabis seeds has greatly reinvented cannabis cultivation, making it more efficient, hassle-free and economically viable.

The feminised trait in the Krystalica seeds means that your cannabis plant will be females-only. As most growers will attest, female cannabis plants are highly sought after as they produce the potent, flavourful, and aromatic buds that are dried, cured, and smoked, vaped, or processed into other cannabis derivatives. Male plants, on the other hand, produce pollen necessary only for the reproduction phase, and their pollen can jeopardize the cannabis grow project by triggering the female plants to produce seeds instead of buds.

The Krystalica feminised cannabis seeds are, therefore, a tremendous plus for growers, whether seasoned or beginners. By eliminating the uncertainty of sexes in your cannabis plantation, these seeds allow you to optimize your crop production without worrying about pollination issues. You can plan your cultivation efficiently, relying on each of your cannabis plants to produce the valuable and highly cherished cannabis flowers.

The Unique Genetics of Krystalica Feminised Cannabis Seeds

The astonishment with the Krystalica cannabis seeds lies in the richness of their genetics. Bred meticulously by Mandala Seeds, a renowned global cannabis seed bank, these seeds exemplify the creative and innovative spirit of master cannabis breeders. The Krystalica strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid, with Sativa constituting 85% of its genetic profile and Indica forming the remaining 15%. The strain boasts a rich lineage, as it descends from a blend of exceptional cannabis strains; African Sativa varieties and an undisclosed top-performing Sativa. This alliance of top-echelons guarantees growers of a productive, resilient, and top-quality cannabis plant that can thrive in various growing conditions.

Growing Krystalica Feminised Seeds

Krystalica is a high-yielding strain that brings forth sturdy and bushy plants with robust branching. It’s a tall strain due to its Sativa dominance, often reaching heights of over 2 meters when cultivated outdoors. However, the plant responds quite well to various training techniques, including Low-Stress Training (LST), Topping, and Super Cropping, making it suitable for indoor cultivation as well. Growers can employ such methods to manage the plant's height and enhance its productivity by maximizing light distribution and airflow around the plant.

The strain has a relatively shorter flowering period, another genetic trait that sets it apart in the cannabis cultivation sphere. While most Sativa dominant strains take longer to flower, usually 10-14 weeks, Krystalica remarkably defies this by taking only 9-10 weeks to reach full maturity when grown indoors. This shorter flowering time, coupled with the strain's high yields and potency, makes it an excellent choice for commercially-oriented growers or those looking for a quick turnaround in their cannabis cultivation projects.

Moreover, Krystalica feminised seeds are blessed with impressive resistance to common pests, molds and diseases that often plague cannabis cultivation, thanks to their strong genetic heritage. Such resistance is a critical factor for growers, especially those in regions with high humidity and rainfall, as it significantly reduces the risks of crop loss, subsequently enhancing the economic viability of their cultivation project.

Yields, Potency and Aroma

For yields, the Krystalica strain impressively stands out, producing abundant harvests of potent buds, especially when subjected to optimal growth conditions and proper feeding. Indoors, growers can expect yields of up to 450g/m2. In contrast, outdoor cultivation in a sunny and Mediterranean-like climate can yield a staggering 1000g per plant. The buds are typically dense, large and coated in a thick layer of shiny and sticky trichomes, reflective of their high cannabinoid content.

Krystalica is ultra-potent, with THC levels peaking at up to 18%. This high THC level, blended with a rich profile of other cannabinoids and terpenes, guarantees consumers a powerful, long-lasting, cerebral, and uplifting high, punctuated with bouts of creativity and euphoria. It’s an excellent choice for daytime use or when one needs to spark their creativity, focus and productivity.

The aroma and flavour of the Krystalica strain are very alluring and pleasant. It has a fruity aroma with clear notes of mango and passion fruit, while the taste carries a fruity sweetness perfectly balanced with a touch of spiciness. It's simply a strain that tantalises the senses, making it a favourite among many cannabis users.

In conclusion, Krystalica feminised cannabis seeds offer a perfect blend of quality, potency, pleasant aroma, impressive yields and easy-to-maintain growth traits that place them at the top in the realm of cannabis cultivation. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower, cultivating these seeds ensures you a rewarding experience and top-quality end product. If you haven’t yet tried planting them, these premium cannabis seeds present an opportunity to upscale your cannabis cultivation, providing you with an unforgettable growing experience and superior results in terms of yields and product quality.

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