• Kalichakra New Edition Feminised
Genetics Sativa
THC 19%
Plant height up to 120 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 400-550 gr

Kalichakra New Edition Feminised seeds

The world of cannabis has significantly evolved over the years, burgeoning into a remarkable array of delectable strains that appeal to various tastes and preferences. Among them, one strain has captured the interest and affection of professionals and enthusiasts alike: the Kalichakra New Edition Feminised cannabis seeds. This strain is famed for its tantalizing aroma, awesome potency, medical benefits, and of course, the sheer joy aspiring growers derive from its cultivation.

Bred and Introduced by Mandala Seeds, the feminised version of the Kalichakra New Edition — derived from combining the genetics of two South East Asian Sativa strains — is a refreshing and tantalizing blend that showcases top-tier characteristics of Sativa and Indica varieties. This unique strain stands out thanks to its robustness, manageable size, stability, and resistance: qualities that make it a suitable candidate for diverse cultivation techniques.

If you cultivate cannabis seeds, whether in an indoor or outdoor setup, identifying the right seeds is crucial to the success of your operation. One of the most vital aspects of a seed type is the genetics as it determines the plant's strength, productivity, resilience to diseases and pests, and ultimately, the quality of the final product. Therefore, let’s dive deeper into understanding what makes the Kalichakra New Edition Feminised Cannabis Seeds such a compelling prospect for growers and users alike.

Strain Genetics & Origin:

The genetic constitution of a cannabis seed dramatically influences the resulting plant's characteristics and cultivation. As a cannabis enthusiast or grower, knowing the strain’s genetic background provides beneficial insights about its growth patterns, potential yields, flowering times, and even effects when consumed. The genetics of the Kalichakra New Edition Feminised seeds are a string of illustrious lineage, which steadily holds its own in the cannabis realm.

The Kalichakra strain traces its birth back to an elaborate selective breeding program that combines South East Sativa, featuring a notable dominance of Sativa lineage with a hint of Indica. The result is a mostly Sativa hybrid that tantalizes consumers with a unique blend of a potent cerebral high and a soothing body buzz.

The strain derives its name from the 'Kalichakra,' a Sanskrit term combining 'Kali,' which refers to 'time,' and 'Chakra,' translating to 'wheel.' The name fittingly reflects the strain's ability to transport users into an extended period of cerebral enlightenment, mimicking the 'wheel of time.'

Characteristics of the Feminised Seeds:

Feminised cannabis seeds come with a high genetic likelihood of growing into female plants, making these seeds highly sought after by growers aiming for bountiful yields of cannabinoid-rich flowers. And it’s no different with the feminised Kalichakra New Edition cannabis seeds.

Rather than gambling with regular seeds that offer a 50/50 chance of becoming male or female plants, choosing feminised seeds provides growers with a near 100% guarantee of cultivating female cannabis plants that flower. Female plants are a favorite for growers since they produce the coveted, resinous buds that are harvested for recreational and medicinal uses.

Feminised Kalichakra New Edition seeds imbibe all the original traits, only with an improved flowering rate and an overarching potential of developing into female plants.

Growth, Flowering, and Yield:

The growth pattern of the Kalichakra New Edition strain is specially tailored for cannabis-growing enthusiasts. This strain is highly robust and resilient, demonstrating a strong resistance towards mildew, mold, and common pests. Its short and compact structure owes to the slight Indica influence, which also laces the strain with thicker foliage and denser branching.

More impressively, this strain thrives in both outdoor and indoor settings. While benefitting from an ample share of sunlight in summer months when grown outdoors, Kalichakra also does well in hydroponic systems.

Regarding the flowering period, Kalichakra New Edition Feminised seeds bloom within a span of about 68 to 72 days. Its relatively fast flowering time rewards growers with an abundant yield presented as large, elongated clusters of resinous buds. Indoor commercial grows typically yield up to 450 grams per square meter, while outdoor grows in optimum conditions may yield well over 1 kg of dried buds per plant.

Effects and Medicinal Value:

The resulting buds from Feminised Kalichakra New Edition seeds offer users a truly unique array of effects. The high Sativa content gifts users with a pleasant cerebral high that fosters creativity and uplifting moods, making the strain ideal for social environments. At the same time, the Indica touch introduces a smooth body buzz that levels the cerebral high, preventing any overwhelming or uncomfortable side effects.

In terms of medicinal value, the Kalichakra strain has earned acclaim among medical marijuana users for alleviating a range of health issues. It’s particularly known for its potent stress-relieving properties that help combat anxiety and depression. It’s also been reported to offer relief from physical discomforts including migraines, arthritis, and muscle tension.


In sum, the Kalichakra New Edition Feminised cannabis seeds are a testament to the profound heights cannabis genetics have reached. With a unique balance of Sativa and Indica traits, easy growth, fast flowering, high yields, and remarkable effects, these seeds are an absolute delight for growers and users alike.

Whether you’re an experienced cannabis cultivator seeking an exciting new strain to grow, or a consumer hunting for a unique blend of cerebral and physical effects, Kalichakra New Edition Feminised cannabis seeds present an opportunity worth taking.

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