• G13 Haze Feminised
Genetics Sativa
THC 20-22%
Plant height 100 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 500 gr m2

G13 Haze Feminised

In the world of cannabis cultivation, one strain has unfailingly generated buzz amongst growers and users; the G13 Haze. For many, the fascination with the G13 Haze lies in its rich history, powerful genetics, superb taste, and the unique experience it offers users. However, for growers and cannabis cultivators, the G13 Haze feminised cannabis seeds represent an impressive cultivation opportunity.

The comprehensive guide to G13 Haze feminised cannabis seeds aims to delve deep into the world of G13 Haze, shedding light on its properties, genetic makeup, and why it enjoys immense popularity among cannabis cultivators around the globe.

G13 Haze: A Brief Background

Unravelling the mystery of G13 Haze begins with understanding its origins and the features that make this particular cannabis strain stand out. The G13 strand traces its origins back to an alleged secret government research project in the US during the 1960s and 70s. Conspiracy theories abound that it was in one such project that the original genetics came into being through a series of selective breeding programmes aimed at creating the most robust strain.

As the story goes, certain hybrid cannabis seeds were eventually smuggled out by an unknown technician, thus bringing the potent G13 strain to the public. While these claims may be practically impossible to verify, the G13 strain does exist, and it has made a significant impact on the world of cannabis.

The G13 strain underwent further modifications when it reached the public. It was crossed with a Haze strain, known for its high-quality resin production and quick flowering cycle. The result was G13 Haze, a robust and versatile strain that quickly made a name for itself in cannabis cultivation circles.

Today, G13 Haze is highly sought after for its high THC content, impressive yield and relatively straightforward cultivation process, courtesy of the feminised cannabis seeds.

What are Feminised Cannabis Seeds?

In marijuana cultivation, gender plays a crucial role in the result of the harvest. Only female cannabis plants produce the coveted buds laden with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the active substance known for its psychoactive effects. Male plants, on the other hand, primarily serve for fertilization and do not develop these buds.

The feminised cannabis seeds represent a significant development in cannabis cultivation. Feminised technology guarantees that every seed planted will grow into a bud-producing female plant. So, the process of identifying and discarding male plants, which can inadvertently pollinate and ruin a cannabis crop, is effectively eliminated thanks to feminisation.

Feminised seeds are not genetically modified; they are produced through a process of selective breeding, preserving the strain's genetic integrity. Thus, G13 Haze feminised cannabis seeds offer a high yield of potent, rich buds without the risk of accidental fertilization.

Why G13 Haze Feminised Cannabis Seeds?

Among the countless cannabis strains available, the G13 Haze holds a special spot for various reasons. The key to understanding its appeal lies in its genetics, flavours, and cultivation properties.


The G13 Haze couples the outstanding genetic lineages of G13 and Haze strains, fusing them into a formidable genetic profile. The horticulture techniques used to create this hybrid have successfully amplified the desirable features of both parent strains.


Growing cannabis from G13 Haze feminised cannabis seeds presents an enjoyable and rewarding cultivation journey. This plant flourishes both indoors and outdoors, making it a good option for cultivators with different growing preferences. It is known for its rugged resilience, which makes it a forgiving strain for beginners, yet challenging enough to engage experienced growers.

G13 Haze plants have a slightly longer flowering period, typically between 10-12 weeks, which is a small price to pay for the end product’s potency and quality. The feminised seeds guarantee a bountiful harvest, with yield ranges typically between 450-500 grams per square metre.


The allure of G13 Haze extends beyond its growth pattern to the user experience. This strain possesses high THC content, with levels ranging from 18-22%. As such, G13 Haze provides a potent, invigorating experience that settles into a relaxed, euphoric state. Its powerful effects, combined with a rich, spicy, and exotic taste, make it an irresistible choice for many cannabis connoisseurs.

In Conclusion

Cannabis cultivation is a pursuit driven by passion, precision, and the pursuit of premium quality products. The G13 Haze feminised cannabis seeds offer a cultivation journey that embodies these values. They represent a strain steeped in history with a formidable genetic profile, a promising yield potential, and an experience that leaves a lasting impression on the user. Any cultivator who chooses to grow G13 Haze can look forward to an engaging, rewarding and ultimately fulfilling cultivation experience, from seedling to harvest and beyond. It is an investment in a strain that continues to captivate the world of cannabis with its unique blend of properties, making it a worthy addition to any grower's garden or greenhouse.

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