• Cream 47 Feminised
Genetics Indica\Sativa
THC 21%
Plant height up to 170 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 500-600 gr

Cream 47 Feminised seeds

Cannabis, long associated with recreational use, is also known for its medicinal uses and is increasingly becoming legal across many jurisdictions. Furthermore, breeding and cultivation technologies have improved dramatically, resulting in enhanced strains of the plant. One such strain is Cream 47, renowned for its feminised cannabis seeds, and resulting from the careful amalgamation of two popular Cannabis strains. This strain contains the best of both parental strains, providing not only a delightful sensory experience but also an easy-to-grow product. This article delves into the world of Cream 47 feminised cannabis seeds, examining their genetics, growth patterns, potential benefits, and more.

Genetics of Cream 47 Feminised Cannabis Seeds

The cannabis universe is diverse, boasting an impressive myriad of strains. Among them, Cream 47 stands out. Its feminised cannabis seeds are rooted in potent and fascinating genetics originating from the merger of AK-47 and Cream Caramel. These parental cannabis seeds are both legends in their respective rights, offering impressive benefits individually. So, imagine a strain that marries the benefits of these two phenomenal strains into one excellent product - that's Cream 47.

AK-47, the sativa dominant strain, is celebrated for its long-lasting cerebral buzz and comforting physical melt. Contrastingly, Cream Caramel, an Indica-dominant strain, is highly valued for its succulent sugary flavours and powerful physical effects. The hybridisation of these two unique cannabis seeds results in an ultimate blend, Cream 47. The feminised Cream 47 seeds carry the genetic superiority of its parent seeds, making it a hybrid strain with an exceptional demonstration of vigour, resilience, and productivity.

Cream 47 Strain Specifications

The feminised cannabis seeds of Cream 47 develop into a hybrid strain that boasts a balanced mix of sativa and indica genetics. It contains approximately 50% sativa genetics and 50% indica genetics, reflecting the perfect equilibrium between the two types of cannabis species. The strain is feminised, meaning that growers would essentially grow female plants, avoiding the undesirable male plants.

Consequently, growers are relieved from the task of identifying and eliminating male plants during the crop's cultivation. This point is significant because male cannabis plants can negatively influence the yield by pollinating female plants, leading to seeded buds instead of the desired seedless, or 'sensimilla' buds.

Growth Characteristics of Cream 47

Feminised Cream 47 cannabis seeds exhibit vigorous growth characteristics, able to thrive indoors and outdoors. These seeds have a relatively short germination period, quickly developing into tenacious seedlings that mature into sturdy adult plants. When growing indoors, the use of soil or hydroponic setups works well for these seeds. Outdoor growth is fantastic for Cream 47, especially in temperate and continental climates.

This strain is resilient and adaptable, able to handle various growth conditions with remarkable ease. Not only does Cream 47 exhibit excellent growing characteristics and adaptability, but it also has a high resistance to common cannabis diseases, molds, and pests - a significant plus for growers.

The vegetative phase of Cream 47 is quite impressive due to its quick and robust growth. The strain develops a relatively compact, tree-like structure with healthy branches that robustly support dense and hefty buds during flowering.

Flowering Period of Cream 47

Once the plants transition from the vegetative phase into the flowering stage, feminised Cream 47 cannabis seeds take about 60 to 67 days to fully blossom. Throughout this phase, Cream 47 plants are a spectacle to behold. Buds become increasingly larger, denser, and more resinous, releasing an invigorating aroma that seductively fills the air. For outdoor-grown cannabis, the flowering period of Cream 47 terminates around mid-October.

Yields from feminised cannabis seeds of Cream 47 are impressive. Indoors, under optimal conditions, growers can expect approximately 500-650g/m². However, outdoor plants can produce even more due to the unlimited access to natural resources such as sunlight. Regular pruning and topping practices can contribute to increased yields.

Cream 47: Sensory Experience & Potential Benefits

Like its genetic parents, Cream 47 exhibits a sophisticated palette of flavors and scents. The strain imparts a robust sweet smell coupled with a nuanced woody undertone. When consumed, the flavor profile unveils an exuberant sweetness tinged with earthy notes - a homage to its Cream Caramel genealogy.

The strain offers an incredibly balanced high, perfectly reflective of its balanced genetic composition. Users report a simultaneous cerebral high (thanks to its sativa genes) and physical relaxation (brought by indica genetics), making the strain potentially beneficial for various therapeutic applications. The balanced nature of Cream 47 can cater to both daytime and nighttime cannabis consumers.

However, as always with cannabis use, moderation is essential, as the strain has a relatively high THC level—about 21%. Thus, novice users should start with small doses and work their way up gradually.


The world of cannabis is indeed vast and complex, brimming with various strains that showcase unique characteristics and benefits. In this immensity, Cream 47 feminised cannabis seeds stand out, offering a balanced mix of sativa and indica genetics. With unique growth characteristics, significant yields, and a stunning blend of sensory experiences and potential benefits, it is easy to see why Cream 47 is a beloved strain among cultivators and consumers alike.

From its genetic superiority to its robust growth and impressive flowering, feminised Cream 47 cannabis seeds make a valuable addition to any grower's garden. The ease of growth associated with these seeds, thanks to their feminised nature, and the incredible yields they provide, make them an attractive option for both experienced growers and beginners.

Whether you're interested in cannabis cultivation for personal or commercial purposes, Cream 47 definitely deserves your consideration. This strain has carved a niche for itself in the cannabis world, capitalizing on the robust genes of AK-47 and Cream Caramel. The result? A strain that encapsulates the best of both worlds—signifying the ingenuity of cannabis genetics. Explore the marvel of Cream 47 feminised cannabis seeds and relish the balanced profoundness it brings to the realms of cultivation and consumption.

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