• Colombian Gold Feminised
Genetics Sativa
THC 20%
Plant height up to 110 cm
Bloom 90 days
Harvest 200-300 gr

Colombian Gold Feminised seeds

Colombian Gold Feminised cannabis seeds are an attraction to many cannabis cultivators and users worldwide. They're renowned for their excellent genetics, vigorous growth rates, potent psychoactive effects, and unique flavours. This article aims to delve deeper into the world of Colombian Gold Feminised cannabis seeds, exploring the strain's characteristics, growing processes, flowering time, and potential benefits.

Origin and Genetics

Colombian Gold, the parent strain of the feminised seeds, is one of the legendary cannabis strains from the 1960s and 1970s that originated in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia. These mountains present a very diverse climatic condition, enabling the cannabis seeds to develop a sturdy, resilient genetic structure to stand harsh conditions.

Colombian Gold has some Indica strain elements mixed with a more significant proportion of Sativa strains, giving it its unique output of effects and overall growth characteristics. These genetics make Colombian Gold feminised cannabis seeds a favourite among cultivators, especially those who appreciate vintage strains with modern improvements.

Colombian Gold Feminisation Process

Feminisation is a breeding process that yields almost 100% female seeds. With cannabis, females are highly preferred because they produce flowers rich in cannabinoids, unlike males which are primarily used for breeding. The process involves forcing a female cannabis plant to generate pollen sacs, which are used to pollinate other female plants. The seeds generated from this process carry exclusively female genes and so grow into female plants.

Colombian Gold feminised seeds, therefore, are a product of this rigorous feminisation process, ensuring cultivators enjoy a near-100% chance of growing female plants. This provides growers with direct access to a bountiful harvest of cannabinoid-rich buds, eliminating the need for identifying and removing male plants.

Growing Colombian Gold Feminised Seeds

Growing Colombian Gold Feminised seeds is an experience in itself, given its interesting growth patterns and adaptability. An essential aspect to note is that these seeds appreciate a warm and sunny environment, making them perfect for outdoor cultivation. They can, however, also thrive indoors under controlled conditions, thanks to their resilient genetics.

When growing Colombian Gold Feminised seeds outdoors, cultivators should make sure the plants are exposed to plenty of sunlight. The strain is tall and bushy, mirroring the free-spirited growth of Sativa strains, and so should ideally be given plenty of space to spread. With proper care, the plants can reach a staggering height of 3-4 meters outdoors.

On the other hand, growing these seeds indoors requires more care and attention due to the strain's dynamic growth. Growers often need to ensure they use training techniques like Low-Stress Training (LST) and the Screen of Green (ScROG) to manage this vigorous growth. Moreover, maintaining the proper temperature, humidity levels, and light cycles is crucial when cultivating Colombian Gold Feminised seeds indoors.

Flowering Time and Yield

Colombian Gold Feminised cannabis plants have an average flowering time of 9-11 weeks, which is relatively longer than most strains. Despite the long wait, growers are rewarded with a generous yield of potent buds. Indoor-grown plants can yield around 400-600g/m², while those grown outdoors in optimal conditions can produce a staggering yield of up to 1200g per plant.

One of the exciting aspects of Colombian Gold Feminised cannabis plants during flowering is the sight they present. When nearing the harvest period, the buds begin to display a mix of gold and green hues, often sprinkled with a good number of resinous trichomes—giving the strain its iconic 'gold' description.

Potency, Flavour, and Effect

Colombian Gold Feminised seeds grow into plants that produce buds high in THC content, usually between 15-20%. This makes these feminised seeds a preferred choice for both recreational and medicinal cannabis users looking for a potent psychoactive experience.

The strain is renowned for its remarkable flavour profile, featuring a mix of sweet, fruity tones and awakening spicy and sour notes—a treat for every cannabis connoisseur's palate. When smoked or vaped, Colombian Gold instantly delivers a cerebral rush, stimulating the mind with creative, focused, and euphoric effects. This Sativa-dominant nature ensures users experience a long-lasting, uplifting high rather than a sedative knock-out blow.

In terms of medicinal benefits, Colombian Gold Feminised cannabis has been reported to help with mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety, thanks to its uplifting effects. Additionally, its high THC content also makes it useful for managing chronic pain.


Colombian Gold Feminised cannabis seeds are indeed a gem and a testament to the cannabis world's classic strains' resilience and influence. The strain carries the historical significance of its Colombian Gold parent strain, improved by the feminisation process to effectively cater to modern growers' preferences. Its unique growth patterns, high yields, and robust potency reflect its robust genetics. Flavor and the dancing cascade of psychoactive effects make Colombian Gold Feminised a strain that stands out in numerous cannabis libraries. For cultivators and users who appreciate well-rounded, old-school strains with plenty to offer, growing Colombian Gold Feminised seeds is an avenue worth exploring.

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