• Bubble Gum Feminised
Genetics Sativa\Indica
THC 20%
Plant height up to 200 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 400-500 gr

Bubble Gum Feminised seeds

All green thumbs who enjoy embracing the wonders of nature will appreciate the excitement and fulfillment which cultivating cannabis seeds can bring. Whether it’s for medicinal or recreational purposes, growing your own quality cannabis not only satiates your personal needs but also gives a rewarding feeling of accomplishment. Of all the cannabis seeds available in the market, one strain that cultivators and lovers of the green plant sing high praises for is the Bubble Gum Feminised cannabis seeds.

Bubble Gum Feminised, as a strain of cannabis seeds, is a prodigious crossbreed flowering, characterized by its notable and distinct flavour reminiscent of pink bubblegum. Its roots trace back to Indiana, USA from where it was further cultivated and engineered, before moving to the Netherlands where it was duly expounded on. This strain furnishes an optimized blend of Sativa and Indica genetics, setting it apart for any cultivator or hedonist of cannabis seeking to experience the culmination of enjoyable and gratifying Indica and Sativa effects.

Understanding the Genetics of Bubble Gum Feminised

The story of the Bubble Gum Feminised strain is one of diverse and judiciously crafted genetics. Its lineage traces back to Indiana, USA, where breeders first sowed the seeds of this strain. Bubble Gum began its journey from the heart of America to England in the 1970s, before making its final voyage to the Netherlands. From here, efforts by various cultivators honed the genetics, refining Bubble Gum to its present state of exceptional genetic stability and uniform growth.

Combining genetic attributes from the Sativa and Indica strain, this hybrid boasts solid genetics with a teetering balance between Indica and Sativa effects. Its genetic makeup comprises approximately 50% Indica and 50% Sativa traits, delivering a full-body calming effect, coupled with an uplifting cerebral high, making it an incredible strain, both therapeutically and recreationally. Bubble Gum is particularly noted for its distinctive sweet aroma and euphoric effect, which has led the strain to win several awards for its quality and potency.

Feminised Bubble Gum Strain

Cannabis seeds come in regular, feminised, and auto-flowering versions. Among these, feminised seeds are becoming increasingly popular due to their high yield potential and efficiency. Feminised seeds are designed to produce only female plants, reducing the hassle of male plant identification and removal from the crop.

Bubble Gum Feminised seeds are no different in this regard. While retaining the sweet taste and relaxing effects, the feminised variant ensures that each resulting plant is a bud-producing female, thus increasing the efficiency of the grow and ultimately, the yield size.

Bubble Gum Feminised seeds are known for their superior quality and high germination rates, making them an excellent choice for both amateurs and professional cultivators.

Growing Bubble Gum Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Cultivating Bubble Gum Feminised seeds isn’t overly complicated. Still, it does require some foundational knowledge to successfully grow and cultivate a healthy crop.

Growers can cultivate these cannabis seeds both indoors and outdoors. However, this strain thrives best in well-controlled, indoor spaces due to its susceptibility to mold and mildew. Having a controlled environment allows cultivators to carefully regulate temperature, humidity levels, and lighting, thereby enhancing the overall growth and yield. Additionally, indoor growth permits multiple growing cycles annually, contributing to high returns in yields.

Bubble Gum Feminised grows to a medium height, providing a balanced structure and allowing the strain to fit effortlessly into compact indoor spaces. Its robust genetic elements allow it to endure pathogens and pests while ensuring a higher survival rate.

The strain features a somewhat quick flowering time of 8-9 weeks on average, under optimal conditions. Its branches spread wide during its growth, with dense, resin-coated buds that exude a beautiful flavor during the flowering stage.

These seeds showcase profuse yields, promising an abundant harvest of up to 600g/m² indoors and up to 550-600g/plant in outdoor environments, with full maturity typically occurring by mid-October when grown outdoors.

Experiencing Bubble Gum Feminised Cannabis

The final product of Bubble Gum Feminised cannabis seeds presents a multi-faceted profile, from its unique flavor and odor to its brilliantly complex effects. True to its name, Bubble Gum Feminised cannabis seeds produce rich, sugary, and distinctly fruity bubblegum aroma and taste that is adored by many cannabis enthusiasts.

The strain provides a balanced high, integrating both cerebral upliftment from its Sativa genetics and body relaxation from its Indica attributes. These harmonious effects virtually suit any situation, acting as your ideal companion whether you seek focused attention, creativity during wakeful hours, or soothing relaxation during downtime. This cannabis can present therapeutic benefit as an analgesic, and some people find it helpful for managing stress and increasing appetite.


Bubble Gum Feminised is a perfect confluence of exceptional genetics, enjoyable cultivation experience, and pleasurable final output. The strain provides a unique experience to the enthusiasts and cultivators of cannabis due to its balanced high, incredible growth patterns, and fantastic yields.

For cannabis cultivators, venturing into the cultivation of Bubble Gum Feminised seeds is a rewarding journey. With their robust genetics, simple growing needs, and the promise of abundant yields, these seeds prove to be a valuable addition to any cannabis garden. A successful cultivation cycle will be rewarded with a stash filled with quality buds, contributing towards a fulfilling cultivation journey.

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