• Beyond The Brain Feminised
Genetics Sativa
THC 25%
Plant height up to 95 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 150-650 gr

Beyond The Brain Feminised seeds

One of the exhaustive terrains that has not failed to deliver marvels for enthusiasts is the adventurous world of cannabis seeds. The creation and cultivation of new strains capture the imagination for grow specialists, both novice and expert, alike. One such wonder that has surfaced in this diverse turf is the feminised strain of Beyond the Brain (BTB), which is ruled by Sativa dutifully doing justice to its lineage. Herein, we embark on a comprehensive exploration of this unique cannabis strain famed for its potent capabilities.

Creating a Strain: Beyond the Brain Genetics

Cannabis seeds result from intricate procedures of selective breeding, soil and habitat management, and natural selection. They are testaments to the rich ancestry and versatile adaptation journey cannabis plants undergo. Most importantly, these seeds are powerful capsules of genetic material, ready to burst into a cannabis plant under suitable growing conditions. Thus, the creation of a cannabis strain is akin to structuring a genetic story, each chapter unfolding a distinct feature of the architectural structure.

The Beyond the Brain cannabis strain results from a beautiful marriage between renowned parent strains. The mother strain is a highly refined predominantly Sativa F3-Generation strain, known for its incomparable potency and significant yield under appropriate environmental growth conditions. In contrast, the father strain is the landrace-derived Ganesh, an Indica variety admired for its remarkably condensed resin-dripping buds. The outcome of this intelligent selection is the revered cannabis powerhouse – Beyond the Brain.

The Features: Beyond the Brain Strain

The Beyond the Brain strain stands as a testament to the unparalleled sophistication and genius emerging from the world of feminised cannabis seeds. The feminised component of Beyond the Brain is an essential feature that ensures growers of strictly female plants. Feminised seeds represent a breakthrough in cannabis breeding as they are engineered to eliminate male chromosomes, ensuring every plant turns out female. This feature is highly coveted amongst growers as female cannabis plants guarantee bumper harvests laden with resinous buds.

In the Beyond the Brain strain, the feminised Sativa laden seeds are coupled with an Indica touch, resulting in a genetic setup that leads to a greater yield with a shorter flowering period. Additionally, this strain is Sativa-dominant, meaning the influence of the variety in the strain heavily leans toward Sativa over the Indica parentage. This indicates that the potential effects and growth patterns of this strain will predominantly reflect Sativa's energetic and uplifting attributes.

Growing Beyond The Brain: Embracing Favorable Conditions

Cultivating Beyond the Brain seeds allows the grower to adapt to various conditions for maximum yield. Facilitating the growth of this strain, whether for commercial or medicinal purposes, demands a detailed understanding of the plant's behaviour under different cultivation methods and environmental settings.

Indoor cultivation of these seeds proffers the possibility of manipulating the grow environment to achieve optimal results. With indoor growth, one can accurately control lighting, irrigation, and ventilation to their advantage. The Beyond the Brain strain has a flowering cycle that spans between 10-12 weeks, which is relatively longer compared to many other strains owing to its Sativa dominance. However, the wait is worth it as the resulting buds are replete with stunning potency and aromatic notes.

Outdoor cultivation, on the other hand, calls for a more hands-on approach and interaction with the surrounding ecosystem. Cultivating Beyond the Brain outdoors could extend the flowering period a bit further, potentially up to 13 weeks. Notwithstanding this, a well-taken-care-of outdoor grown Beyond the Brain plant can yield extremely rewarding harvests.

Intriguingly, Beyond the Brain's growth behaviour is one of its most distinctive features. The strain demonstrates uniform growth, with the simultaneous development of buds at each internode. This uniform trend of growth is linked to the strain's particular genetics, which allow it to grow into a medium-sized plant with a thick stem and healthy green foliage.

Beyond the Brain Fluorescence: A Striking Characteristic

Another impressive trait of Beyond the Brain is the exquisite display of fluorescence during its flowering stage. This characteristic glow is owed to the strain's genetics. The 'glow' observed is due to instances of bio luminescence, i.e., the emission of light by living organisms, giving a radiant sublime glow to the plants during the peak of the flowering stage. The uniqueness of this strain blossoming with divine fluorescence amidst dim lighting has made it a favoured choice for growers interested in an aesthetic display.

Beyond the Brain: Yield, Potency and Aroma

Yield, potency, and aroma are distinctive aspects that most cannabis enthusiasts and growers tend to focus on while considering a particular cannabis strain to grow. Beyond the Brain, owing to its remarkable genetics, offer superior yield, extraordinary potency, and an enchanting aroma, escalating its popularity quotient in the world of cannabis seeds.

In terms of yield, Beyond the Brain tends to reward the growers graciously, especially when cultivated outdoors under optimal conditions. With an average yield falling between the ranges of 350-450 grams per square meter, it is undoubtedly preferential in terms of productivity.

When it comes to potency, the Beyond the Brain strain further radiates its supremacy. Its Sativa-rich properties ensure that the buds are generously coated with a glossy layer of resin, signifying their high THC content. Thus, comprising a THC level ranging between 15% - 20%.

Last, step into an intriguing aroma of sweet and fruity hints with a slight touch of minty coolness when you are near Beyond the Brain buds.

In conclusion, the Beyond the Brain feminised cannabis seeds stand as impressive examples of the intricacies involved in the marriage of genetics to create a strain possessing superior attributes. As cannabis breeding continues to evolve and push boundaries, strains like Beyond the Brain serve as a testament to the potential held within these tiny seeds. For growers seeking a strain that promises high yield and robust potency with a uniquely enchanting aroma, venturing beyond the ordinary with Beyond the Brain is an incredibly rewarding journey.

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