• Amnesia Feminised
Genetics Sativa\Indica
THC 21%
Plant height up to 150 cm
Bloom 77 days
Harvest 250-450 gr

Amnesia Feminised seeds

Cannabis cultivation at both commercial and personal scales significantly benefits from high-quality cannabis seeds. The success of cannabis cultivation hinges largely on the quality of seeds planted and the genetics locked within these seeds. One indispensable strain in the vast family of cannabis seeds is the Amnesia feminised cannabis seeds. This article exhaustively reviews the genetics, cultivation process, flowering characteristics, and other noteworthy aspects linked with Amnesia feminised cannabis seeds.

The Amnesia Feminised Cannabis Seeds Overview

Amnesia feminised cannabis seeds came to the limelight due to their distinct properties, significantly boosting their popularity among both cannabis breeders and consumers. The seeds' superior genetics originating from well-selected sires are responsible for their distinguished traits. The strain that results from these seeds is notably potent, with a high THC content and a potent cerebral impact. Furthermore, growers admire Amnesia seeds for their characteristic high yield and disease resistance.

Understanding the Genetics of Amnesia Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Unraveling the intricate genetics of cannabis seeds is no easy feat, as the plant's heredity involves thousands of genes interacting in complex ways. However, a general understanding of the cannabis genetics is extremely beneficial for breeders, cultivators, and even casual users.

Amnesia feminised cannabis seeds take up the genetics from two major cannabis types; Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. These seeds primarily adopt the characteristics of a sativa-dominant strain but also carry hints of Indica qualities. The unique blend of these genetics results in a strain that successfully strikes a balance between a pleasant high and a calming relaxation effect.

The seeds' genetic background involves crossing between a Haze hybrid and an Afghani Hawaiian strain, conferring upon the Amnesia strain distinct characteristics. The resulting Amnesia strain presents a vibrant blend of flavors, fragrances, and effects, remaining a firm favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

Feminised Cannabis Seeds: An Essential Definition

Before delving further into the specifics of Amnesia feminised cannabis seeds, the term 'feminised' needs illumination. Put simply, feminised seeds are cannabis seeds that only grow into female plants. These seeds are the product of genetic manipulation, skilled cultivation methods, and controlled pollination, ensuring the absence of male chromosomes. Thus, when planted, feminised seeds yield only female cannabis plants, which are significantly valuable because of their ability to produce buds, the part of the cannabis plant that is rich in cannabinoids, including THC and CBD.

The feminisation process, therefore, eradicates the need for tedious identifying and removing male cannabis plants, simplifying the cultivation process for individuals growing their cannabis. Notably, feminised cannabis seeds grant growers better control over their plants' growth, thereby optimising their yield potential.

Amnesia Feminised Cannabis Seeds and Their Cultivation Process

The process of cultivating Amnesia feminised cannabis seeds is not very intricate if followed strictly. However, the cannabis plant's care can vary depending upon its growing conditions and the grower's expertise. The feminised Amnesia strain is said to thrive both indoors and outdoors, given the necessary tender loving care.

Indoor cultivation of the feminised Amnesia plants requires a controlled environment to mimic the natural growth conditions of Cannabis sativa. Common indoor cannabis farming methods include hydroponics and soil-less mediums. In these controlled conditions, the optimal temperature ranges between 20-27°C, and relative humidity lies between 40-70%.

Outdoor growing of the Amnesia fem strain, on the other hand, calls for a warm Mediterranean-like climate. The plant blossoms in plenty of sunlight, reasonable humidity, well-draining soil, and good air circulation.

This strain's plant exhibits vigorous growth, reaching an impressive height of up to 3.5m in optimal conditions. The plants also demonstrate strong resistance to common pests and mold, which reflects the robust genetic inheritance from their hardy sativa and Indica parents.

The Flowering Time and Productivity of Amnesia Feminised Cannabis

The flowering time of any cannabis plant refers to the period when the plant starts producing buds or flowers. Flowering is the point in a cannabis plant's lifecycle where it switches from vegetative growth to focusing on producing flowers or buds. The flowering phase is crucial for growers, as the quality and quantity of the flowers have a significant impact on the final yield.

Amnesia feminised cannabis seeds deliver a remarkable flowering period that lies approximately between 9-11 weeks. While it may seem a bit longer compared to other strains, the wait is worthwhile, given the extraordinary yield the Amnesia strain presents.

At harvest, indoor growers can anticipate yields of up to 600-650g/m², while outdoor growers can expect whopping yields of up to 700-750g per plant, under optimal conditions. These yields showcase the significant growth potential stashed in these tiny cannabis seeds.

Amnesia feminised cannabis buds are dense, coated with resin, and exude a delightful citrusy aroma. The potency of their THC content typically ranges between 18-25%, promising consumers a powerful, long-lasting cerebral high.


Amnesia feminised cannabis seeds? undoubtedly deliver up to the expectations of cultivation ease, yield potential, and consumer satisfaction. More than just a staple of the cannabis world, these seeds are revolutionary in their vast genetic potential and the equally extensive gamut of psychoactive effects they render.

Whether you are a seasoned cultivator seeking to diversify your grow, a beginner keen on growing a powerful yet manageable strain, or a consumer chasing unique flavor profiles and effects, Amnesia feminised seeds are an excellent choice. The seeds promise a rewarding grow and an unforgettable cannabis experience – a testament to the unparalleled beauty of well-preserved cannabis genetics.

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