• Afghan Kush Feminised
Genetics Indica
THC 23%
Plant height up to 150 cm
Bloom 75 days
Harvest 250-450 gr

Afghan Kush Feminised seeds

Every cannabis cultivator, from professional growers to hobbyists, values the importance of superior quality cannabis seeds in the cultivation process. These tiny embryos are the life starters of cannabis plants, and their quality profoundly impacts the growth, health, and productivity of cannabis. One pinnacle of this rich cannabis biodiversity is the Afghan Kush Feminised cannabis seeds. These strains are celebrated for their consistent high yields, pure indica genetics, and exotic powerful scents. Afghan Kush Feminised seeds have transcended the borders of Afghanistan to quickly secure a special place within the global cannabis cultivation sphere.

What are Afghan Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds?

Afghan Kush Feminised seeds are the progeny of the prolific landrace Afghan Kush strain, which originates from the rocky northern regions of Afghanistan. As a pure infusion of 100% indica genetics, Afghan Kush Feminised is distinguished for its fervent growth pattern, its enviable resistance to pests and diseases, and its infamous high THC content of nearly 21.6%.

The term 'feminised' refers to a type of cannabis seeds that only grow into female plants. Thanks to advances in feminisation techniques, growers can now effortlessly have a garden teeming with resinous, bud-bearing female cannabis plants without the worry of male plants interfering with their crop.

Genetics Make-Up of Afghan Kush Feminised Seeds

An understanding of the genetic make-up of Afghan Kush Feminised cannabis seeds is essential to fully appreciate the uniqueness of this strain. These seeds are a progeny of the Afghan Kush, a pure indica landrace strain that is renowned globally for its tremendous potency and high resin production. The strain has adapted to harsh climate conditions over thousands of years, giving it a robust resilience to unfavorable growth conditions and a unique set of growth characteristics.

The strain is feminised, ensuring a conducive environment for the growth of female plants exclusively. This is carried out using the modern 'Rodelization Method,' where female plants are stressed to produce seeds naturally. As such, nearly 99.9% of Afghan Kush Feminised seeds grow into female cannabis plants, making the harvesting process all the more convenient.

It’s important to note that Afghan Kush Feminised seeds retain the original genetic code of the Afghan Kush, therefore, they inherit the photo-periodic characteristics of their predecessor. This means that the strain's flowering phase is prompted by changes in the light cycle.

Characteristics of the Afghan Kush Feminised Strain

As for the characteristics of the Afghan Kush Feminised strain, the appearance, aroma, taste, and effects are essential facets that define its unique profile.

Appearance: The Afghan Kush Feminised cannabis plant is a classic aesthetic representation of indica plants. It is characterized by its relatively short stature, stocky build, and bushy foliage of broad dark-green leaves. During the flowering phase, the plant produces dense, thick buds that are coated with white, shiny trichomes.

Aroma: The strain exudes a rich, aromatic profile defined by its pungent hash-like scent blended with sweet, earthy flavors. This enticing and heady aroma is indicative of its high THC content.

Taste: Much like its scent, the taste of Afghan Kush Feminised strain is equally gratifying. It offers a sweet, earthy flavor that resembles the finest Afghani hashish, rounded off by subtle hints of spices.

Effects: Consuming the Afghan Kush Feminised strain gives an intensive, full-bodied high that is typical of pure indica strains. It ushers in feelings of relaxation, happiness, and aids in alleviating bodily discomforts. It is a strain much sought-after for its potential therapeutic benefits for conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, and stress.

Cultivating Afghan Kush Feminised Seeds

Growing Afghan Kush Feminised seeds is a gratifying experience, even for novice growers. The plant’s hardy nature ensures that it thrives well in both indoors and outdoors settings.

Given its origin in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, Afghan Kush Feminised is exceptionally resistant to molds, pests, and diseases. It thrives in warm, sunny climates and requires a generous watering regime to keep it thriving.

The plant is characterized by its short flowering period, which ranges from about 6 to 8 weeks. With a height of about 50-75cm for indoor growth and up to 2 meters for outdoor plants, it's relatively easy to manage.

Irrespective of your cultivation preference, Afghan Kush Feminised assures impressive yields. Indoors, the plant may produce up to 400g/m2, while outdoor cultivation can yield around 500-600g per plant.

The plant exhibits a conspicuous resin production that coats the dense buds. Grow interludes are marked by an intoxicating scent of hashish, flowering into beautifully resinous buds that are a nod to its deep hash plant heritage.


Afghan Kush Feminised cannabis seeds are revered as the golden gems of cannabis cultivation. They combine the best of pure indica genetics, the advantages of feminised seeds, with an impressive resilience, making them ideal for anyone looking to grow a pure indica strain. With its ease in cultivation, strong therapeutic potential, and unmatched yields, Afghan Kush Feminised is indeed a superb strain that doesn’t fail to impress. Curators globally have embraced their cultivation, decorated for its power, aroma, and easy growing conditions. Truly, these seeds are a testament that superior genetics and feminised qualities make a formidable combination for a rewarding cannabis growing experience.

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