• Auto Xtreme Feminised
Genetics Sativa
THC 22%
Plant height up to 150 cm
Bloom 70-80 days
Harvest 300-500 gr

Auto Xtreme Feminised seeds

Auto Xtreme Feminised cannabis seeds represent an apex of autoflowering cannabis genetics. This revolutionary strain of cannabis combines an impressive growth profile with key features that are moulded into an Xtreme statement in cannabis production. Let's delve deeper into this exceptional cultivar, chronicling its unique characteristics, fundamental genetics and inherent benefits to home growers across the cannabis spectrum.

Understanding Auto Xtreme Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are the magical originators of all cannabis plants. It is the seed that both supports and initiates the growth of this widely dispensed plant. Auto Xtreme Feminised seeds, however, are not your usual strain of cannabis seeds. They represent an innovative breed within the cannabis world, ranking high in sought-after cannabis strain lists revered by growers globally.

Auto Xtreme is an Indica-dominant strain with a significant amount of Sativa effect and a minimal CBD content. This completes a wholesome profile suitable for a varied spectrum of users seeking distinct cannabis effects. This ‘Xtreme’ seed demonstrates its superiority from the off, growing with robust vitality that climaxes in bountiful yields worth any cultivator’s efforts.

The Rise of Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Auto feminised cannabis seeds have been a growing trend in the cannabis industry. A cross between feminised and autoflowering genetics, auto feminised seeds are revered for their inherent characteristic to flower automatically, without a need for light cycle manipulation.

Unlike regular cannabis seeds, auto feminised seeds are predominantly female. This is a monumental innovation, allowing growers to bypass undesirable difficulties such as identifying and eradicating male plants that can pollinate females, leading to a crop teeming with seed-filled buds. Auto Xtreme Feminised seeds conveniently fall into this preferred genre of seeds, offering unprecedented efficiency and ease to growers.

The Genetic Profile of Auto Xtreme Feminised Seeds

The Auto Xtreme phenotype is born from a cross of OutLaw (Amnesia x Super Haze) and an autoflowering strain from the ruderalis family. It owes its auto feminised trait to this latter genetic component. The OutLaw strain, alternatively, bequeaths Auto Xtreme with its high THC content, vigorous growth, and elongated, sizeable buds.

Fundamentally, the mission behind the creation of Auto Xtreme was to combine the potency and yield capabilities of traditional strains with the convenience of autoflowering genetics. Nearly a decade later, the success of this mission is evident in the popularity and steady demand for Auto Xtreme Feminised seeds.

Growing Auto Xtreme Feminised Seeds

Growing Auto Xtreme Feminised seeds is an easy, practical method of cannabis cultivation preferred by amateurs and experts alike. The most advantageous feature is the elimination of the sexing process, thus discarding the possibility of male plants ruining your yield.

Auto Xtreme Feminised plants showcase an essential trait unique to auto-flowering strains – they mature through a change in life cycle as opposed to a change in light cycle. This mitigates the need for stringent light regulations, simplifying the grow process and opening it up to novice cultivators.

The plants are generally tall and slim, encouraging a hefty yield and strong, stimulating effects. This strain has a brief flowering period of around 85 days, after which cultivators can reap bountiful rewards. It’s well compatible with indoor or outdoor cultivation, although each setting poses its unique advantages and challenges.

Indoor cultivation with the use of hydroponics and LED grow lamps presents advantages in terms of yield size and control, especially over the growing conditions. This control can be employed to manipulate light, temperature and nutrient supply, curating the ideal environment for the plant's flowering phase.

Alternatively, outdoor cultivation comes with the advantage that nature provides all the necessary elements ensuring impressive growth. It’s a simplistic, low-cost method with minimal requirements for supplemental equipment, best suited for areas with consistent favourable weather conditions during the plants' growth and flowering stages.

Final Thoughts on Auto Xtreme Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Auto Xtreme Feminised cannabis seeds embody an excellent alternative for growers seeking to balance ease and efficiency in their cultivation activities. Its genetic profile ticks all the boxes, presenting a potent, high-yielding strain that is surprisingly user-friendly and satisfying to grow.

Over the years, the developments in cannabis seed genetics have drastically rejuvenated the cannabis cultivation scene. The birth of auto feminised seeds reflects one of the most significant milestones in this journey. And within this category, Auto Xtreme seeds make a conspicuously bold statement that's hard to ignore.

This Xtreme strain offers the best of both worlds: the yield and potency of traditional strains, twinned with the hassle-free cultivation process presented by autoflowering genetics. Its overall growth characteristics and versatile strain profile attract a diverse pool of cannabis growers, broadening its appeal across the cannabis cultivation spectrum.

Professional growers, hobbyists, or first-timers keen on experiencing the thrill of home cannabis cultivation can confidently take on Auto Xtreme Feminised seeds. The strain's rewarding yield at harvest, coupled with its undemanding growth requirements, undoubtedly results in a gratifying cultivation journey that matches the Xtreme tone of its name. Indeed, Auto Xtreme Feminised cannabis seeds embody an irresistible gem in the collection of advanced cannabis genetics available to today's growers.

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