• Auto Skywalker Og Feminised
Genetics Indica/Sativa
THC 23%
Plant height 100-120 cм
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 500 gr m2

Auto Skywalker Og Feminised

In the world of cannabis cultivation, Auto Skywalker Og Feminised cannabis seeds are making impressive strides, delivering high caliber products that are revolutionising the industry. Infused with robust genetics and extraordinary adaptability, this strain of cannabis seeds has become increasingly popular among growers and users alike.

Skywalker Og is a result of incredible cross-genetics, originating from a blend of OG Kush and Skywalker. This combination has resulted in one of the most potent and resilient strains available in the market. Today, it continues to assert its dominance in cannabis cultivation circles thanks to its robust genetic heritage.

Understanding the Genetics of Auto Skywalker Og Feminised Cannabis Seeds

The genetics behind the strong, acclaimed reputation of Skywalker Og derives from its parent strains. The initial OG Kush, notorious for its potent, euphoric high, is famed for its stress-relieving properties among consumers. Still, its primary value to growers is the high yield of sticky, resiny buds it provides. On the other hand, Skywalker significantly contributes to Skywalker Og's unique fruity profile, while also enhancing the overall yield.

The cross-breeding of these two strains led to a genetically superior, highly productive offspring - Skywalker Og. However, to take this strain to the next level, breeders took the initiative to incorporate ruderalis genetics, a decision that would lead to the creation of Auto Skywalker Og Feminised strain that we know today.

Making the Skywalker Og auto feminised involved back-crossing the strain with ruderalis several times. This particular species of cannabis is known for its hardy, sturdy nature, making it able to withstand harsh weather conditions and poor soil quality. By adding ruderalis genetics into the mix, growers ensured the impressive yield of Skywalker Og while maintaining its adaptability and resilience.

Such excellent genetic engineering assures cultivation ease and convenience, making Auto Skywalker Og Feminised cannabis seeds a favourite among both novice and experienced cannabis growers. The consistent yielding of quality, superior buds with minimal care, as a result, becomes a powerful incentive for any enthusiast in the cultivation community.

Auto Feminised: The Highlight of the Strain

Auto Skywalker Og Feminised cannabis seeds boast several advantages, one of which is the ‘auto feminised’ feature. This term refers to two distinct but integral characteristics of the seeds—‘auto’ refers to the strain’s automatic flowering characteristic, while ‘feminised’ signifies the seeds’ ability to develop exclusively into female plants.

The auto-flowering characteristic is bred into the strain to make the growing process simpler and easier. Normally, cannabis plants require a change in the light cycle, from an 18/6 light-darkness ratio to a 12/12 ratio, to initiate the flowering stage. However, an auto-flowering cannabis plant will begin this phase without any alteration to its environment, a characteristic it inherits from the ruderalis species.

As for being feminised, this entails that every seed planted promises a spectacular yield since only female plants produce the coveted, THC-rich buds. Traditional, non-feminised cannabis seeds will lead to a roughly 50/50 ratio of male-to-female plants, but Auto Skywalker Og Feminised seeds produce female plants almost exclusively.

Growing Auto Skywalker Og Feminised Cannabis

The hardy genetics of the Auto Skywalker OG strain allows it to grow successfully in a multitude of environments. Whether flourishing outdoors in the open air or secured in a greenhouse, this strain can adapt, ensuring optimal growth amid any conditions. Furthermore, these cannabis seeds can grow in a myriad of mediums, including soil, hydroponics, and coco coir.

This specific strain is ideally suited for training techniques. For example, the Screen of Green method can optimise overall yield, as it capitalises on a greater surface area exposed to light. Skywalker Og is resilient enough to withstand high-stress training techniques such as topping and super cropping, which bend and manipulate the plant to encourage broader growth.

Flowering Stage of Auto Skywalker Og Feminised Cannabis

Auto Skywalker Og Feminised seeds boast a swift life cycle, transitioning seamlessly from a seedling to a fully flowered plant in just 9-10 weeks. The particular strain flowers automatically, unfazed by changes in light or dark hours. As a result, growers can expect to harvest the fruits of their labour speedily while achieving high levels of production.

The plant's buds are gradually coated with milky, crystal-like trichomes during the flowering stage, signifying its potency and richness in THC. The final yield is highly rewarding, with indoor growers harvesting approximately 500-600g/m², while outdoor outcomes averaging a hefty 60-150g/plant, contingent on the growing conditions.

In conclusion, Auto Skywalker Og Feminised cannabis seeds have cemented their position in the constellation of cannabis cultivation due to their unique genes, superior yields, and simplicity of cultivation. Their impressive traits make them a favourite among growers, delivering high-quality, potent crops in a significantly reduced timeframe, evidence of the strain's exceptional genetic profile, adaptability, and steadfastness. Regardless of growing expertise or experience, cultivating Auto Skywalker Og ensures a rewarding venture for any enthusiasts in the world of cannabis cultivation.

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