• Auto Orange Sherbet Feminised
Genetics Sativa
THC 24%
Plant height 110-150 cm
Bloom 9-10 weeks
Harvest 500-650 gr m2

Auto Orange Sherbet Feminised

Cannabis cultivation, in recent years, has delved into the realm of exquisiteness with the creation of unique strains that capture the heart of growers globally. One variety that has particularly captivated both expert and novice cultivators is the Auto Orange Sherbet Feminised cannabis seeds. Unlike ordinary cannabis seeds, the Auto Orange Sherbet seeds are a testament to the progression of cannabis cultivation, as they are not only a marriage of fascinating genetics but also a reflection of the artistry in the creation of distinct cannabis strains.

The leap in cannabis breeding technology has shifted from just generating remedies and consuming them to engineering astoundingly aromatic flavours and effective cannabis strains for a worldwide audience. Auto Orange Sherbet Feminised seeds are nothing short of a testament to this transition. Their aura is a journey into an exotic experience, engaging the senses with an alluring citrusy aroma and a unique taste that provides a one-of-a-kind experience.

Understanding the Genetics of Auto Orange Sherbet Feminised Seeds:

Scientists painstakingly crossbred multiple cannabis strains to derive the remarkably distinctive Auto Orange Sherbet Feminised seeds. The genetics of this strain predominantly include Orange Cream, Purple Urkle and Cherry Pie. The blending of these three strains results in the exceptional Auto Orange Sherbet variety that boasts a broad spectrum of remarkable features related to growth, flowering, strength, and flavour.

The genetic makeup of the Auto Orange Sherbet strain provides a notable percentage of sativa and indica components, which results in a perfect blend of relaxing and invigorating effects. Its auto feminised attributes make it an excellent choice for cannabis cultivators as it inevitably produces only female plants, eliminating the need for gender identification and male plant removal.

The Unmatched Growth of Auto Orange Sherbet Feminised Seeds:

The harmonious blend of genetics in the Auto Orange Sherbet strain allows for exceptional growth characteristics. Cultivating these cannabis seeds is an exhilarating adventure due to the unconventional growth pattern they exhibit. They are bred specifically to simplify the cultivation process, making it possible for both experts and novice growers to plant and reap rewarding benefits successfully.

The unique genetics of the Auto Orange Sherbet seeds contribute to its vigorous growth and resistance to environmental factors, making it adaptable and easy to grow even in less than desirable conditions. The robust growth makes this strain very forgiving and can withstand minor cultivation errors, which proves advantageous for novice growers. Additionally, another striking advantage of growing these auto feminised cannabis seeds is that their growth cycle is not reliant on light changes, allowing for consistent cultivation throughout the year.

Flowering – A Charismatic Undertaking:

An intriguing phase in the growth of the Auto Orange Sherbet feminised seeds is the flowering stage. The onset of flowering is usually observed approximately two to three weeks into the growth stage. Typically, the complete transformation from seed to a fully flowering plant takes about 70-75 days.

This strain features a compact structure with a short inter-nodal distance and dense clusters of flowers. The buds produced are frosty and trichome-rich, creating an almost ‘iced’ look, further enhancing its qualities. Nearing the flowering stage, you can expect a tantalizing aroma of spicy citrus fruits to permeate the air, alerting you to the nearing harvest time.

An Innovative Leap – Auto Feminised Seeds:

The journey of the Auto Orange Sherbet Feminised seeds undoubtedly reflects an innovative leap in the cannabis industry. The ‘auto feminised’ attribute of these cannabis seeds refers to their automatic transition from vegetative growth to the flowering stage, while constantly remaining feminised. The feminisation process ensures that the seeds develop into female plants, which are more desirable as they produce the cannabinoid-rich flowers sought after by growers and users.

In the world of cannabis cultivation, auto feminised seeds are a breakthrough, signifying the sophistication of cannabis breeding techniques. The advantage of cultivating these types of seeds is multi-faceted. They lead to high yield, reducing cultivation space, and eradicating the issue of male plants, ensuring a high-quality, uninterrupted harvest.


In the expansive world of cannabis, the essence of originality is undeniable. Auto Orange Sherbet Feminised cannabis seeds are a quintessential example of this. They are not only a symbol of sophisticated cannabis breeding techniques and intricate genetics but also a strain that compiles extraordinary resistance, growth, and flowering characteristics.

Cultivating these distinctive cannabis seeds is a fascinating undertaking, which offers an immersive learning experience and the opportunity to delight in the captivating aroma and taste that these seeds deliver upon flowering. The auto feminised qualities lead to effortless cultivation and a rewarding harvest, making them a preferred choice among cannabis growers worldwide.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned grower seeking intriguing strains or a beginner aiming to step into the world of cannabis cultivation, Auto Orange Sherbet Feminised seeds open the gates to unmatched experiences. The blend of idealistic genetics, extraordinary growth and flowering traits, and auto feminised attributes generate an enticing attribute to the strain, making them a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast.

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