• Auto Nl Feminised
Genetics Indica dominant
THC 18%
Plant height up to 100 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 400-500 gr

Auto Nl Feminised seeds

Cannabis plants have been cultivated and appreciated for centuries across the globe, evolving into a diverse spectrum of strains and variants. Among these, a particular type that has greatly piqued the interest of cultivators and enthusiasts alike is the Auto NL Feminised cannabis seeds. This strain exhibits an intricately balanced blend of robust genetics, fast flowering, and a high yield potential that makes it a highly sought-after variant within the cannabis community.

Understanding Auto NL Feminised Cannabis Seeds

NL, short for Northern Lights, is a name that resonates within the cannabis cultivation world. Famous for its potency, high yield, and resilience, this strain has won multiple Cannabis Cups and is a favourite among cultivators, both novice and experienced. The Auto NL Feminised strain is a variant of this celebrated cannabis strain, created by incorporating ruderalis genetics to produce a fast flowering, auto-flowering variant. This strain maintains the robust attributes of the parent strain, NL, while offering the added convenience of being feminised.

Feminised seeds refer to a type of cannabis seed that is specifically bred to remove male chromosomes to ensure virtually all plants produced from such seeds are female. The Auto NL Feminised cannabis seeds are no different. They have been genetically modified to produce female plants in at least 95% of cases.

Why Choose Auto NL Feminised Cannabis Seeds?

One of the main reasons that cultivators prefer feminized cannabis seeds is to eliminate the guesswork from growing cannabis. With regular seeds, there's a 50-50 chance of the plant turning out to be male or female. This requires the growers to be vigilant during the flowering stage to segregate and eliminate male plants that do not produce buds and could pollinate females, leading to seedy buds. However, with feminised seeds like Auto NL, the risk of pollination is brought down to a minimum inhibiting seed production and promoting substantial resin-rich bud formation.

The attribute of being 'auto' means that Auto NL Feminised seeds possess the adaptive auto-flowering trait. This strain can switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage with age, regardless of the light hours received. This character typically comes from cannabis ruderalis genetics, which have been crossbred with Northern Lights to develop the Auto NL Feminised strain. This modification acts as a gamechanger as it negates the need to alter light cycles or remove males, making the grow process simpler, faster, and more approachable.

The Genetic Makeup of Auto NL Feminised Cannabis Seeds

This strain is a genetic mix of Northern Lights and ruderalis. Northern Lights, originally known as CI #5 F1, is an immensely popular strain known for its resilient growth and significant resin production. This strain has Afghani Indica and Thai Sativa ancestry, which together contribute to a potent psychoactive experience and abundant yields.

When combined with the hardy ruderalis genetics, you get an auto-flowering, robust, high-yielding strain that retains the desirable characteristics of its parent strains. The Auto NL Feminised cannabis seed is an example of selective breeding at its finest. It takes the best of both its parent plants, combines them, and introduces an easy to grow and a reliable variant for cultivators to enjoy.

Growth Attributes and Yield

The Auto NL Feminised strain, like its parent plant, is remarkably easy to grow, showcasing vigorous growth and a high level of resilience. It can flourish indoors and outdoors, displaying a certain degree of adaptability to fluctuating conditions. It possesses a strong resistance to pests, diseases, and moulds. Another notable characteristic is that it emits a relatively mild aroma; this makes it an excellent choice for stealth or discreet growing.

Considering the flowering phase, the Auto NL Feminised cannabis plant demands a short flowering period of 7-9 weeks on average. The quick flowering period combined with the automatic flowering characteristic can potentially allow for multiple harvests within a single growing season, given the ideal conditions.

As for the yield, when grown in optimal conditions, the Auto NL Feminised strain can produce a bountiful harvest, approximately 550-600g/m² indoors and up to 200g per plant outdoors. The flower buds are resinous and packed with potent cannabinoids, reflecting the high quality and quantity of yield.

Cannabinoid Profile and Effect

The Auto NL Feminised plants typically boast a high THC content ranging between 15-20%. The high THC level and the balanced blend of Indica and Sativa genetics contribute to the strain's potency and the kind of high it produces. Users can expect a soothing body high owing to the Indica dominance which could be beneficial for pain relief, sleep disorders and stress relief. The presence of Sativa genetics simultaneously delivers a cerebral buzz that could potentially stimulate creative thought and uplift mood.

Wrapping Up

The Auto NL Feminised cannabis seeds are an amalgamation of resilient genetics, fast and automatic flowering, high yields, and potent effects. Suitable for all types of growers, from novices to experienced, this strain promises a rewarding and uncomplicated growing experience. Furthermore, the feminised feature ensures an almost all-female crop, consequently leading to a generous production of potent, resin-rich buds. Whether you're looking to grow cannabis for recreational purposes or therapeutic reasons, the Auto NL Feminised is one strain that is worth considering.

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