• Auto Mexican Airlines Feminised
Genetics Sativa/Indica
THC 19%
Plant height 60-120 cm
Bloom 9 weeks
Harvest 450-500 gr m2

Auto Mexican Airlines Feminised

In the professional world of cannabis cultivation, variety is the spice of life. Among the thousands of fascinating strains, one that stands out significantly is the Mexican Airlines. Particularly, its auto feminised variant is highly esteemed by cannabis enthusiasts. This Auto Mexican Airlines Feminised strain blends superior genetics, all the while ensuring a rewarding growing experience. Its distinctive features promote it from being merely cannabis seeds to a product of botanical advancement, reflecting years of careful cultivation and crossbreeding.

Origin and Genetics

Auto Mexican Airlines Feminised is an auto-flowering strain designed for easy growth and substantial yields. It's a product of Fast Buds seed bank, an internationally recognised corporation that's no stranger to the professional cultivation of cannabis seeds. They aimed, and aptly succeeded, to create a sturdy, fast-flowering cannabis strain that makes the gardening process a rewarding experience, even for the less experienced growers.

The strain integrates the best of Colombian, Mexican and ruderalis genetics. Ruderalis, often unsung, is renowned in the cultivation world for its auto-flowering characteristics, i.e., it transitions from the vegetative growth stage to flowering automatically without depending on a particular light cycle. This trait transforms the process of cultivation remarkably, as the cannabis strain grows and flowers autonomously, thus minimising the level of grower intervention needed.

Mexican Airlines, The Cannabis Strain

Mexican Airlines is a cannabis strain revered for its energising and creative effects. Produced by combining genetics from the strains Acapulco and Colombian Gold, Mexican Airlines carries an average THC concentration of around 19%, and an elevated 1% CBD level.

The remarkable power locked within these auto feminised cannabis seeds produces plants that translate into an exceptional recreational and medicinal smoking experience.

A smooth intake combined with a burst of spicy, citrusy flavours immediately sets the tone right for the cannabis journey users embark upon. Mexican Airlines quickly catalyses a soaring cerebral high, stimulating creativity and inducing a cheerful mood.

Cultivating Auto Mexican Airlines Feminised Seeds

Cultivating Mexican Airlines cannabis seeds involves a straightforward process due to their auto feminised nature. The feminised seeds guarantee that almost 100% of them will grow into female plants, thereby excluding the need for gender identification and weeding out male plants. Thus, growers can look forward to a fruitful harvest, maximising the growing potential of their cannabis cultivation venture.

Auto flowering trait adds another layer of convenience to the growing process. Unaffected by light cycles, these plants can switch from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on their age, providing the flexibility to grow this strain year-round, be it indoors or outdoors. Perfect for beginners or those operating on a tight schedule, the genetics of the Auto Mexican Airlines Feminised allow for a high degree of predictability and less worry about male plants or light cycle management.

The growth cycle of Auto Mexican Airlines Feminised is surprisingly swift and typically falls between 9-10 weeks. Another attractive feature is the plant’s potential for vertical and horizontal growth both, making it adaptable to any setup’s spatial requirements. Given favourable conditions, growers can expect rewarding yields ranging from around 450 to 500 grams per square meter when grown indoors, and 50 - 200 grams per plant when grown outdoors.

An interesting aspect of this strain’s growth is its stunning visual allure during flowering. The colas are packed tightly with buds that exhibit deep green hues brushed with sparkling white trichomes. A combination of fiery-red and orange pistils provides a striking contrast to the foliage.

Final Thoughts

The Auto Mexican Airlines Feminised strain, with its potent Sativa effects and easy-to-grow genetics, sets the bar high in contemporary cannabis cultivation. These cannabis seeds are recognised for their adaptability, swift flowering period, and superior yields. The strain harmonises several desirable characteristics, making it appealing to both growers and consumers.

Auto Mexican Airlines Feminised cannabis seeds pay homage to their Mexican roots but are a modern wonder in their own right. Cultivators, in pursuit of a fuss-free yet fruitful cannabis cultivation experience, will find this strain especially promising. Meanwhile, consumers can anticipate an exhilarating cerebral high that functions as a catalyst for creativity and good humour.

To summarise, this strain masterfully balances convenience, aesthetics, and the overall cannabis experience. Whether you are a novice grower investigating your first strain, or a cannabis connoisseur seeking to expand your cannabis repertoire, Auto Mexican Airlines Feminised is a delightful foray into the world of cannabis cultivation and consumption.

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