• Auto Maria #2 Feminised
Genetics Sativa
THC 18%
Plant height up to 100 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 250-450 gr

Auto Maria #2 Feminised seeds

The cannabis seed market continues to grow worldwide, with different strains being developed constantly to meet the ever-evolving needs and interests of cannabis enthusiasts. As a discerning cannabis user, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, you probably already know that the quality of the strain you choose can largely influence your overall experience. That’s where Auto Maria 2 Feminised cannabis seeds come in. They offer a unique combination of characteristics perfect for those looking for a superior cannabis strain.

The Background of Auto Maria 2 Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Auto Maria 2 Feminised cannabis seeds (frequently referred to just as Maria 2) are the game-changer in the auto feminised seeds family. Coming from a lineage of powerhouses in the cannabis world, Maria 2 was birthed from the crossing of Santa Maria genetics with another automatic strain, resulting in a fascinating blend of plants in both auto-flowering and feminised format.

One striking feature about this cannabis strain is its ability to grow nearly everywhere, provided the environmental conditions are favourable. In fact, Maria 2 has proven to be one of the most versatile cannabis strains available on the market today.

Maria 2 manages to synthesize some remarkable qualities of her genetic forebears, resulting in a strain that is impressive in and of itself, and not merely a derivative of other strains. Its parent strains have instilled in Maria 2 a unique character that sets it apart from other cannabis strains. As such, its adoption is quickly spreading globally, with many viewing it as an ideal choice for creating new strains because of its stable and superior genetics.

Auto Feminised Feature

Auto Maria 2's auto feminised feature mainly means that the cannabis seeds are guaranteed to grow into female-only plants. Having female plants is crucial for cannabis growers since only the females produce buds or flowers necessary for the manufacturing end products like concentrates or edible products. An auto feminised plant also offers a number of benefits such as being a time saver, more resistant to disease and pests, and delivering a sizeable yield.

In fact, auto feminised seeds like Maria 2 command a high value for breeders as they eliminate the gruelling work associated with identifying male plants and separating them from the females. With Maria 2 seeds, you’re getting pure, guaranteed feminised plants, and that is a huge plus for home growers and commercial breeders alike.

Genetic Composition of Maria 2 Cannabis Seeds

The makeup of any cannabis strain is predominantly determined by its genetics. For instance, the famous relaxing effect associated with cannabis largely depends on its genetic composition. Maria 2, under lab conditions, has been found to contain up to 60% Indica, 30% Ruderalis and 10% Sativa. This unique blend of genes gives rise to a rare combination of characteristics not found in most cannabis plants.

Growth and Cultivation

The compatibility of Auto Maria 2 Feminised cannabis seeds with different growing environments is another trait that has endeared this strain to breeders worldwide. These seeds thrive both indoors and outdoors. However, like any other plant, certain factors need to be considered to ensure the maximum yield from your cannabis seeds.

In an indoor setup, Auto Maria 2 Feminised cannabis seeds are quite straightforward to grow because the environmental factors can be controlled. Lighting, watering, and temperature can be customised to optimise growth. A typical Maria 2 plant in an indoor setup may need around 60-70 days of flowering time and is capable of yielding up to 450-550 gram per square meter.

On the other hand, outdoor cultivation of Maria 2 depends heavily on the prevailing natural conditions. In warm climates, it is possible to harvest up to 60-100 grams per plant, and up to three successive harvests can be collected in a single year.

Essentially, like all cannabis seeds, Auto Maria 2 Feminised cannabis seeds require some dedication and patience to grow. But given the right conditions, these seeds can thrive remarkably.

Flowering and Yield

Auto Maria 2 strain is an auto-flowering variety, meaning that it shifts from vegetative growth to the flowering stage automatically. This trait makes it ideal for novice growers as it requires fewer interventions compared to other strains. Within 60-70 days of planting, you should notice your Maria 2 plant transitioning into the flowering stage if all goes well.

In terms of yield, Maria 2 is quite a high performer. While the exact yield can be influenced by various factors such as temperature, lighting, and cultivation methods, on average, Maria 2 yields about 450-550 gram per square meter under indoor cultivation. For outdoor cultivation, you can expect about 60-100 grams per plant.

In Conclusion

Without a doubt, Auto Maria 2 Feminised cannabis seeds stand out in the realm of auto feminised cannabis seeds. They offer a unique blend of durability, versatility, and high yield that is not commonly found in many strains. Plus, their ease of growth makes them an ideal option for both novice and experienced growers.

Remember, the cultivation process requires patience, attention, and care, but once the plants mature and start flowering, you'll soon realize the worth of dealing with a strain of superior genetics. The high yield and quality of product from Maria 2 cannabis seeds will more than satisfy any cannabis enthusiast.

With their growing popularity, these seeds are becoming increasingly accessible to mainstream growers, so seize the opportunity to explore the world of auto feminised cannabis strains with Maria 2. Whether you are a seasoned cultivator, a medical cannabis patient, or a leisure user, Auto Maria 2 Feminised cannabis seeds hold the potential to revolutionise your cannabis experience.

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