• Auto Lowryder #2 Feminised
Genetics Indica\Sativa
THC 20%
Plant height up to 90 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 250-300 gr

Auto Lowryder #2 Feminised seeds

Cannabis seeds have long been a staple in the cannabis cultivation industry, but what is it about Auto Lowryder 2 Feminised seeds that makes them stand out? This popular strain of cannabis seeds is distinguished by its unique genetic code and its ease of growth. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve into the much-acclaimed Auto Lowryder 2 Feminised cannabis seeds, revealing everything you need to know about this fascinating strain.

Origins and Genetics

The process of creating the most potent and desirable cannabis strains is primarily driven by unique genetics. Geneticists and botanists meticulously combine the traits from various parent strains, seeking the perfect plant that is both potent and easy to grow. In the case of Lowryder 2, the genetics are almost as fascinating as the plant itself.

The Auto Lowryder 2 is a successor to the original Lowryder strain. Its genetics are the result of meticulous crossbreeding of the Lowryder strain with a Santa Maria and Ruderalis hybrid to deliver notable improvements from the first iteration. The resulting plant possesses genetics that give Lowryder 2 its auto-flowering capabilities and its feminised features.

Lowryder 2 has a predominantly Indica lineage, comprising about 80% Indica, 10% Sativa and 10% Ruderalis genetics. These genetics contribute to the plant's overall maturity, appearance, yield, and cannabinoid content, making it an excellent option for both veteran cannabis cultivators and newcomers eager to experiment with growing cannabis seeds.

The strain offers all the features of regular seeds but without the risk of growing into a male plant. Notably, being feminised makes these seeds genius by eliminating the time, space, and resources spent determining and nurturing the desirable sex. Essentially, if you are planning to cultivate this strain, you'll have the assurance that nearly 100% of the seeds will grow into bud-producing female plants.

The Lowryder 2 Strain

Lowryder 2 is a compact and discreet strain, making it perfect for growers limited by space constraints or stealth requirements. Despite its small size, approximately 16 inches tall at full maturity, the strain exhibits extraordinary resilience and a quick growth rate.

The ruderalis genetics in this strain allow for auto-flowering, meaning that it flowers based on age rather than light cycle changes like most cannabis strains. This strain transitions from the vegetative to the flowering stage without being prompted by a light cycle change. As a result, the total growing time of Lowryder 2 is significantly reduced, taking only 9 weeks from seed to harvest.

The buds produced are reasonably dense and offer an impressive resin production. The trichomes that cover the buds deliver a pleasant frosty appearance, underlying the strain's outstanding potency. Notably, the strain's appearance isn’t the only thing to look out for, as the Lowryder 2 offers a robust and versatile taste and aroma profile.

Lowryder 2 exhibits a strong, skunky smell that is reminiscent of quality cannabis. When properly dried and cured, the buds emit a pleasant mix of earthy, fruity, and slightly spicy aromas, which further enhances its appeal. Thanks to its unique genetic heritage, the taste of Lowryder 2 is equally intriguing. On inhaling, you can expect a smooth and subtly sweet experience, followed by a citrus aftertaste.

Effects and Potency

Lowryder 2's high Indica content results in a predominately body-focused effect. Upon consumption, users often report an initial uplift in mood, followed by a deep relaxation that takes over the body. With a THC content of up to 20%, this strain is potent and can provide long-lasting effects that are potent enough to please veterans yet balanced enough to appeal to beginners.

How to Grow Lowryder 2 Feminised Seeds

Despite its complexity, the Auto Lowryder 2 feminised strain is surprisingly straightforward to grow. The auto-flowering trait coupled with the feminised nature makes these cannabis seeds fool-proof for most growers, whether experienced or beginners.

Given that Lowryder 2 is an auto-flowering strain, it conveniently eliminates the need to adjust the light cycle to trigger flowering. This takes a significant part of the guesswork out of growing cannabis seeds and allows cultivators more time and resources to focus on other growth aspects, such as nutrient supply and pest management.

Lowryder 2 thrives both indoors and outdoors. Although, due to its small stature, it can comfortably grow in limited spaces, making it ideal for growers with limited growing space. Another advantage of Lowryder 2’s size is that multiple plants can be grown in a small area, thereby maximising the potential yield.

While Lowryder 2 has a relatively short growth period, it doesn't lag when it comes to yields. The plants are capable of yielding approximately 45 to 60 grams per plant when grown in optimised conditions. This makes Lowryder 2 an excellent return on investment for growers.


Auto Lowryder 2 Feminised cannabis seeds are a fine blend of power, ease of growth, and impressive yields. The fact that it is low maintenance and space-saving makes these seeds an attractive choice for both commercial cannabis cultivators and home growers.

The fascinating blend of indica and ruderalis genetics makes this strain potent with a unique terpene profile and a beautiful appearance. Its fast flowering period and high yield make it a valuable addition to any growing operation. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis grower or a beginner venturing into cannabis cultivation for the first time, Lowryder 2 feminised seeds could be a viable option.

Indeed, the Lowryder 2 strain’s hardy nature, dwarfed stature, and auto-flowering trait make it an exemplary innovation in cannabis cultivation. It embodies the scientific progress being made in cannabis breeding, offering a practical and efficient approach to cultivating cannabis seeds. As such, the Auto Lowryder 2 strain deserves the recognition and popularity it has garnered in the cannabis world.

So, whether you want to enjoy its stress-relieving effects or grow your cannabis crops, Lowryder 2 feminised seeds may just be the perfect choice for you.

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