• Auto Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised
Genetics Indica/Sativa
THC 23%
Plant height 90-120 cm
Bloom 75 days
Harvest 425-475 gr m2

Auto Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised

Auto Gorilla Zkittlez feminised cannabis seeds represent the pinnacle of modern cannabis genetics and cultivation techniques. These cannabis seeds offer an expertly crafted combination of potency, unique flavour, impressive yields, and hardiness, which has earned them an esteemed place in the realm of high-quality cannabis strains. The diligent selection and fusion of prime genetics, as well as the integration of autoflowering and feminised traits, have resulted in a strain that is favoured by both cannabis connoisseurs and cultivators for personal and commercial purposes. This article delves into the specifics of Auto Gorilla Zkittlez feminised cannabis seeds, offering comprehensive insight into what these seeds are, their genetics, benefits, growth characteristics, and how best to cultivate them.

Understanding Auto Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised Cannabis Seeds

The strain Auto Gorilla Zkittlez originates from its parent strains—Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez, both of which are highly regarded in the cannabis community for their distinct qualities. Gorilla Glue is known for its potency and high resin production, with sedating effects that offer notable therapeutic properties. On the other hand, Zkittlez is famed for its kaleidoscopic flavour profile, likened to tasting the rainbow for its multifaceted sweet and fruity notes. The hybrid offspring of these elite strains, Gorilla Zkittlez, inherited the best traits from its parents, presenting a unique, potent, and flavourful strain that's rich in multi-dimensional properties.

Breeding from this standpoint, the highly regarded Gorilla Zkittlez was fused further with Ruderalis genetics to develop the autoflowering, feminised variant—Auto Gorilla Zkittlez feminised. The inclusion of these traits presents a strain that's easier to grow, as it automatically begins flowering after a specific growth period, regardless of the lighting schedule it's subjected to. Moreover, these cannabis seeds being feminised ensures that practically every seed grown will result in a productive female plant, void of males that could potentially fertilize and lower the quality of the harvest.

Tracing the Genetics of Auto Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised Cannabis Seeds

In the world of cannabis genetics, each strain has a story to tell, and the lineage of Gorilla Zkittlez is nothing short of compelling. This strain gets its resilience, ease of growth, and potential for high yields through the genetic contribution of its Rudyralis parent.

Ruderalis is a wild variety of cannabis that developed in harsh climates, requiring it to grow and flower in a short span of time to ensure its survival and propagation. By including this ‘autoflowering’ trait through selective breeding in the Gorilla Zkittlez strain, the resultant Auto Gorilla Zkittlez feminised seeds can flower under almost any light condition, usually within just 70-75 days from germination.

Gorilla Glue, one of the other parent strains, contributes to this genetic mix its potency and resin production traits, which have made it a popular strain worldwide. It's revered for its strong, soothing cerebral effects and a relaxing body high, making it valuable for both recreational and medicinal use.

Zkittlez, on the other hand, is cherished for its sumptuously fruity aroma and taste. As the name suggests, this strain delivers a truly mouthwatering combination of tropical fruit flavours. The effects are balanced, combining a cerebral buzz with a serene, relaxing physical high.

From this fusion of genetic titans comes the Auto Gorilla Zkittlez feminised strain, combining unique aromas, a potent high, quick growth, and high yields all into one exceptional package.

Growing Auto Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised Cannabis Seeds

To optimise the potential of Auto Gorilla Zkittlez feminised cannabis seeds, understanding its growth characteristics is crucial. These autoflowering seeds are relatively easy to grow, as they naturally transition from vegetative to flowering stages without the need for a change in light cycle. This characteristic makes them an excellent option for growers with limited space or those growing in climates with irregular daylight hours.

The typical growth period for these seeds, from germination to harvest, usually spans between 70-75 days. In this period, the plant develops a compact and bush-like structure, favouring breadth rather than height, which typically ranges from 80-100cm. This makes it an ideal strain for methods like the 'Sea of Green', where multiple small plants can be grown in close confines to maximise output.

Even though the Auto Gorilla Zkittlez feminised variant grows relatively short, it produces a high output, offering yields potentially reaching up to 400-550g/m² indoors and 500-600g/plant outdoors. These impressive yields are largely accrued to the dense formation of bud sites scattered down the side branches, known as colas, and the main central stem, also referred to as the apical bud.

Additionally, growers can expect an abundance of resinous trichomes that contribute to the potency of this strain, making it highly suitable for making extracts like hashish or concentrates. The strain also shows solid resistance to pests, diseases, and temperature fluctuations, another attribute passed down from its Rudyralis parentage, making them a reliable choice for novice growers and professionals alike.

The Plethora of Benefits from Auto Gorilla Zkittlez Feminised Strain

Besides its appealing growth traits and yields, Auto Gorilla Zkittlez feminised also boasts a range of qualities that make it a versatile strain for varying user preferences. The strain inherited a harmonious 60% Indica, 40% Sativa split, contributing to a rich and balanced high that satisfies both the body and mind.

Its effects kick off with an invigorating cerebral uplift, fostering a clear-headed euphoria bolstered by the Sativa genetics. This slowly transitions into the soothing Indica properties, where the body succumbs into a deep-seated tranquility and relaxation. With THC levels hovering around 20%, the potency of this strain is palpable, providing a well-rounded psychoactive experience.

Perhaps one of the standout traits of Auto Gorilla Zkittlez feminised is its beguiling mix of flavours and aromas. Users are likely to be greeted by the sweet sensation of ripe berries and exotic fruits, an ode to its Zkittlez forebear. Underneath lies subtle earthy undertones, providing a pleasant contrast and depth to its flavour profile.

We hope this comprehensive guide towards understanding and cultivating Auto Gorilla Zkittlez feminised cannabis seeds is helpful. With the right nurturing and care, these seeds ensure an impressive yield and a high-quality cannabis experience, making them a well desired addition to any grower's collection. The lionised lineage of these cannabis seeds, coupled with their resilience, high yields, and striking effects, indeed validate the popularity and reverence of this strain among cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

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