• Auto Gorilla Cookies Feminised
Genetics Indica/Sativa
THC 28%
Plant height 100-150 cm
Bloom 10 weeks
Harvest 50-350 gr

Auto Gorilla Cookies Feminised

In the seemingly endless realm of cannabis strains that beckon to potential cultivators and connoisseurs alike, one variant stands out from this crowded field with its unique offering: The Auto Gorilla Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds. This article is poised to take you on an in-depth journey into the domain of this distinct cannabis strain, exploring its unmatched characteristics, peculiar genetics, optimal growth conditions, and requisite cultivation techniques to achieve superior results and maximise its potential.

The cannabis plant has undergone remarkable evolution in the past few years, with a burgeoning global cannabis seed market supporting this trajectory. A critical player in this vista of glamorous and potent marijuana seeds is the Auto Gorilla Cookies Feminised Seeds.

The Naming Significance

Upon reflection, the Gorilla Cookies name might raise eyebrows, leaving some perplexed over its unusual denomination and others curious over what sets this cannabis variety apart. The traces of the strain’s lineage mark an imminent clue to its nomenclature. A tastefully executed hybrid between Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookies, Auto Gorilla Cookies is an apt moniker reflecting the strain's parentage and its production method.

Genetics: The Strain's Best Kept Secret

At the heart of every cannabis strain lies its genetics - a preset configuration that significantly dictates its growth behaviour, resistance, yield and potency. It is these seed genetics that make the Gorilla Cookies stand out in the crowded market of cannabis seeds. Primarily, it inherits the best of its parent strains, allowing it to command a substantive yield while offering an impressive THC content, thereby making it a highly desirable strain.

The Gorilla Cookies feminised seeds are a unique 60/40 hybrid cannabis strain that inherits its Sativa dominance from its parent strain Girl Scout Cookies, and its potency from the Gorilla Glue. With such a potent genetic makeup, it's important to understand what makes them so special.

The Parentage: Gorilla Glue & Girl Scout Cookies

Gorilla Glue obtained its reputation as an uncompromising heavyweight cannabis strain with its high yielding nature and extreme THC profile hovering at about 26%. The Girl Scout Cookies strain brings a more balanced touch to the equation, endearing itself to growers with its resistance to mildew and pests, in addition to an impressive THC level and the introduction of Sativa dominance in the strain.

The Cross-Breeding: Towards Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds

The process to convert this strain to an auto feminised offering involves a rigorous selection and cross-breeding process with ruderalis species. The key objective is to ensure the development of a stable seed line that propagates female-only plants, thus adhering to the ‘feminised’ aspect of the mixture. The introduction of the term 'auto' signifies the strain's ability to transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage, irrespective of the light cycle changes, embodying traits propagated primarily by the ruderalis lineage.

Growth: Unfurling the Optimal Conditions

The growth of any cannabis strain is precipitated upon several crucial factors like light cycle, nutrition, water, and humidity. Given its unique and enduring genetics, the Gorilla Cookies strain displays robust resistance to pests, moulds, and diseases. Even though it can flourish under both indoors and outdoors conditions, indoor cultivation often yields superior results, given a controlled environment.

It is a short to a medium-sized plant that caters to those growers who have enclosed spaces. The plant typically takes around 70 days to transition from seed to harvest under optimal conditions, showcasing strong lateral branching with excellent flower development.

Flowering: The Breakthrough Stage

Flowering is the most sensitive stage of any cannabis plant, marking the start of the production of buds. The Auto Gorilla Cookies Feminised Strain, due to its auto-feminised nature, eliminates the worries of identifying sexes and removing males, making it an incredibly enticing choice for newbie growers.

The strain yields heavily frosted buds rich in THC content that can easily surpass 20%. The resultant buds combine the taste and aroma of its parent plants, providing a tantalising sensation to the taste buds, ranging from the earthy, piney notes of Gorilla Glue to the sweet, doughy essence of Girl Scout Cookies.

To sum it up, Auto Gorilla Cookies Feminised cannabis seeds present an exceptional offering for both growers and consumers. With its distinct set of genetics, sturdy growth pattern, quick flowering, and high yields, this strain undoubtedly paves its path amidst the vast cannabis field. All these fascinating traits distil down to the final product – genuinely luscious buds brimming with robust flavours and a potent psychoactive capacity for a profound cannabis experience, making it worth a try for every cannabis enthusiast.

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