• Auto Dos Si Dos Feminised
Genetics Indica/Sativa
THC 24%
Plant height 90-100 cm
Bloom 70-75 days
Harvest 600 gr m2

Auto Dos Si Dos Feminised

One of the most recent and notable additions to the global cannabis seeds market has emerged as the Auto Dos Si Dos Feminised cannabis seeds. These unique seeds, born from the fusion of high-end genetics, have integrated themselves into the elite gallery of the cannabis world. Finding their roots in the robust lineage of the original Dos Si Dos strain, coupled with ruderalis genetics, they burst onto the scene, offering cannabis enthusiasts an enthralling journey of stellar highs and delectable flavours. Herein, we explore the enchanting world of Auto Dos Si Dos Feminised cannabis seeds, dissecting the genetic framework, the cultivation process, and the final flowering – a holistic approach to comprehend the true distinction within the dimensions of this exceptional strain.

The Dos Si Dos Lineage: From Classic Strains to World-Class Seeds

The power-packed lineage of the Dos Si Dos boasts exceptional strength and high-yielding potentials. This parent strain is a majestic offspring of the globally acclaimed OG Kush Breath and the legendary Face Off strain, two names that are almost synonymous with high-quality cannabis. It has inherited the best of both worlds - the spiciness of Kush and the reviving earthy notes from Face Off, alluding to the incredible flavour profile of the Dos Si Dos. The intense Indica-genetics undoubtedly pave the way for a deeply soothing body high, establishing it as the perfect strain for relaxation and tranquillity.

The Introduction of Auto Feminised Genetics: A Revolutionised Era of Cannabis Cultivation

The concept of auto feminised cannabis seeds marks one of the most revolutionary aspects in the entire sphere of cannabis cultivation. The unique genetics theoretically guarantee that plants grown from these seeds are females, thereby hugely improving the productivity of the grow operation. Introduced into the current nomenclature as Auto Dos Si Dos, this strain benefits from the auto-flowering trait. The term 'auto-flowering' refers to the strain's ability to transition from the vegetative growth phase to the flowering phase, independent of the light schedule. The spontaneous transitioning process importantly reduces the total flowering time, allowing growers to yield more harvests throughout the year.

The Genesis of Auto Dos Si Dos Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Combining the strength of Indica-dominant Dos Si Dos with the efficiency of ruderalis, breeders have crafted the Auto Dos Si Dos feminised seeds. This novel creation beautifully encapsulates the potency of Indica-strength, the ease of auto-flowering capabilities, and the assurance of feminised growth. The seeds breed plants that stand out for their strength, robustness, and resistance to external factors – an excellent choice for both novice and experienced growers alike.

A Comprehensive Guide to Growing Auto Dos Si Dos Feminised Cannabis

Auto Dos Si Dos feminised cannabis seeds are relatively straightforward to grow, making them fantastic for individuals who are venturing into the cultivation scene. They have a short growing period, generally maturing within about eight to nine weeks. One can expect a substantial yield at harvest time, with potential outputs reaching up to 500 grams per square meter indoors, and up to one kilogram per plant in outdoor settings.

Unlike their photoperiod counterparts that require fluctuating light cycles to induce flowering, auto-flowering strains will flower under most conditions. They are genetically programmed to transition into the flowering stage after a certain number of days, irrespective of whether grown indoors or outdoors. This attribute goes a long way in reducing the complexity of the grow operation, making it possible for the grower to maintain a perpetual harvest cycle, all year round.

The auto feminised seeds also display impressive resistance to pests, diseases, and mould, making them a robust and fuss-free choice for an easy cultivation experience. The compact stature of the plants, rarely exceeding one meter in height, makes them ideal for restricted or stealthy grow spaces. This small size does not compromise the yield potential, as these plants are known to produce an abundance of thick and tightly-packed resinous buds.

The plant's Indica-dominant nature dictates a bushy growth structure, often featuring wide and dark green leaves. Proper ventilation is critical for these plants, given their dense foliage that can create a perfect environment for mould and pests. Timely pruning of the bottom leaves will ensure sufficient airflow around the plant, reducing the likeliness of any potential problems.


From exploring the intricate genetic framework of the Auto Dos Si Dos feminised strain to discussing how to grow these autoflower feminised cannabis seeds to their full potential - it’s clear that the addition of these seeds into the global cannabis seed market has redefined the expectations of cannabis enthusiasts and growers worldwide. These seeds not only guarantee high yields of robust, component plants but also invoke the assurance of a strain that has been meticulously selected and bred for genetic superiority.

The world of cannabis seeds continues to evolve, thanks to the global shift in attitude towards cannabis resulting from increased cannabis research and progressive legalisation efforts. Auto Dos Si Dos Feminised cannabis seeds are indeed a testament to this evolution, proving to be a vital addition to any seed collection- offering both amateur and experienced cultivators the opportunity to experience the magic of high-grade cannabis cultivation. Witnessing the unique genetics of the Dos Si Dos strain combined with the benefits of auto-flowering and feminised traits, guarantees a strain that might just be the next big thing on the cannabis horizon.

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