• Auto Bubblegum Feminised
Genetics Indica dominant
THC 16%
Plant height up to 125 cm
Bloom 70-77 days
Harvest 250-450 gr

Auto Bubblegum Feminised seeds

As the global recognition and acceptance of cannabis continue to rise, the demand for top-quality cannabis seeds perpetually increases. Among the numerous types and strains of cannabis seeds available in the market today, Auto Bubblegum Feminised cannabis seeds seem to have carved a niche for themselves, gaining considerable reputability among professional cultivators and hobbyists alike. This article provides a wholesome and detailed insight into the world of Auto Bubblegum Feminised cannabis seeds, exploring its genetics, growth patterns, flowering stage, and the unique attributes that make it a popular choice within the cannabis community.

Auto Bubblegum Feminised seeds were birthed from the commingling of two dynamic cannabis strains, the Bubblegum and the Ruderalis strains. This beautiful hybrid possesses the best attributes of its parent strains, thereby escalating its demand among cannabis connoisseurs. The Bubblegum strain holds its origins in Indiana, USA, and possesses an incredibly sweet taste that's reminiscent of childhood bubblegum, hence the name.

The Bubblegum strain, renowned for its tantalising taste and potent effects, was crossbred with the Ruderalis strain, known for its autoflowering characteristics. This blend between Bubblegum and Ruderalis strains resulted in a highly appealing hybrid strain – the Auto Bubblegum Feminised cannabis. Being an auto feminised strain means these seeds produce plants that are gender stable, eliminating the risk of developing male or hermaphrodite plants in the growing process.

Genetics of Auto Bubblegum Feminised Cannabis Seeds:

Tracing the genetic lineage of the Auto Bubblegum Feminised seeds reveal a diverse array of cannabis genetics drawn from across the world. The Indica-dominant Bubblegum strain was initially developed by cultivators from Indiana and further perfected by Dutch breeders. Its celebrity genetics is marked by sweet flavours and robust plant characteristics.

On the other hand, the Ruderalis strain represents a naturally occurring variety of cannabis discovered in regions with harsh climates. This unique strain is known for its autoflowering capabilities, meaning it switches from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage with time instead of the photoperiod cycle.

Thus, the genetic makeup of Auto Bubblegum Feminised seeds is a complex combination of both Indica-dominant Bubblegum and Ruderalis strains. It inherits the strength and resilience from Ruderalis, the delightful taste and potent effects from Bubblegum, and the stable gender from its feminised nature. Overall, the excellent combination of these genetic traits makes Auto Bubblegum Feminised seeds a smart choice for both amateur and professional cannabis growers.

Growing Auto Bubblegum Feminised:

As a beginner, one of the crucial factors to consider before choosing a cannabis seed to grow is the ease of cultivation. Fortunately, Auto Bubblegum Feminised cannabis seeds stand as an excellent choice, with the ease of growth among its defining features.

Due to the hardy genetics acquired from their Ruderalis parent, these plants manifest exceptional resistance to pests, mould, and varying climatic conditions, making them easy to grow even for beginners. For indoor cultivation, the plants tend to stay quite compact, usually reaching the height of 70-90 cm. Such height range makes them an ideal choice for growers with space constraints.

For outdoor cultivation, Auto Bubblegum Feminised seeds are equally impressive. The plants can comfortably adapt and thrive in varying environmental conditions, owing to their resilient Ruderalis genetics. Also, they are capable of delivering multiple harvests within a year due to their fast growth rate and automatic flowering nature.

The Flowering Stage of Auto Bubblegum Feminised:

The flowering stage is a critical stage in a cannabis plant’s lifecycle. This is when buds begin to form, and the plant’s unique characteristics start to reveal. The Auto Bubblegum Feminised strain, thanks to its autoflowering nature, transitions from the vegetative state to the flowering stage automatically, independent of the photoperiod cycle.

This autoflowering attribute typically results in a flowering time of 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest for the Auto Bubblegum Feminised cannabis. Despite its speedy growing and flowering stage, this strain does not necessarily sacrifice its yield potential. Indoors, you can expect up to 350-400 g/m², and outdoors, depending on the cultivation methods and conditions, yield can be up to 40-200 grams per plant.


Auto Bubblegum Feminised cannabis seeds are indeed a remarkable product of cannabis breeding. The seeds possess a stunning combination of extraordinary genetics, offering an immense range of benefits from easy cultivation processes to a short flowering time, sweet flavours, and potent effects. They stand as an idyllic illustration of what proper selection, breeding, and genetic mixture can accomplish in the realm of cannabis cultivation.

For commercial growers, hobbyists, or those merely interested in the cannabis cultivation experience, Auto Bubblegum Feminised seeds present a choice that is hard to compete with. The remarkable combination of delightful Bubblegum taste, the hardy resilience of Ruderalis, and the stable gender from the feminisation process make them a stellar addition to any cannabis garden. With their fast growth rate and abundant yield potential, these seeds offer both an enjoyable cultivation journey and satisfying results.

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