• Auto Blueberry Feminised
Genetics Indica
THC 21%
Plant height up to 60 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 350-500 gr

Auto Blueberry Feminised seeds

The contemporary landscape for cannabis seeds has become increasingly dynamic and captivating. With numerous strains emerging, one of the most noteworthy is the Auto Blueberry Feminised strain. This strain is the product of a selective and meticulous breeding process, resulting in a cannabis variant that offers visually delightful plants, intoxicating flavours, and potent effects. It has everything that lovers of this psychedelic plant desire, from unique genetics to an accessible growing process. So, let's delve deeper into the captivating world of Auto Blueberry Feminised cannabis seeds.

Auto Blueberry Feminised cannabis seeds have steadily gained popularity in the cannabis world, thanks to their unique properties and countless benefits. Defaulted by design to germinate into female plants, these seeds offer a streamlined cultivation experience, particularly for novice growers. Since the associated strain is auto flowering, cultivators no longer need to worry about controlling the light and dark exposure to trigger the flowering phase. Instead, the plant effortlessly transitions following its natural lifecycle.

Genesis of Auto Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Before deciphering the fascination with Auto Blueberry Feminised cannabis seeds, it is essential to understand their origin and unique genetics. This blue-tinted strain is a triumphant product of innovative breeding techniques combining various cannabis strains, resulting in the formation of a widely loved cannabis variant: the Blueberry.

Blueberry's lineage traces back to the 1970s when the legendary cannabis breeder DJ Short was designing its genetic sequence. The strain is a blend of authentic strains found in various regions like Mexico, Thailand, and Afghanistan. Its unique genetics gave birth to an intriguing strain with high THC content and strong Indica effects. The strain was then crossbred with ruderalis genetics – primitive cannabis species native to Russia – to give birth to Auto Blueberry Feminised seeds.

The Beauty of Blueberry – Phenotype and Chemotype

Auto Blueberry Feminised cannabis seeds are loved widely for their ability to sprout robust plants with striking purple foliage - a trait derived from its Blueberry parentage. During the flowering phase, the green leaves transition to various hues of blue and purple, while the buds adopt a dense structure with a delicate coating of resin glands.

The strain's chemotype is as fascinating as its phenotype. Auto Blueberry Feminised inherits a medium to high THC content from its parent strains, which oscillates between 16% and 20%. This moderate THC level, coupled with the trace amounts of CBD, makes for a remarkable interplay of effects. Upon consumption, users can expect a pronounced cerebral euphoria, swiftly followed by a deeply sedating physical effect.

Sensory Experience – Aromas and Flavours

Another attraction that Auto Blueberry Feminised cannabis seeds propose is the incredible sensory experience they offer. The strain lives up to its name by giving off a distinct fruity aroma that reminisces of fresh and ripe blueberries. This blueberry aroma is interspersed with undercurrents of earthiness and sweetness, creating an exquisitely well-rounded odor profile.

The flavour profile of Auto Blueberry Feminised is, too, something to write home about. Much like its parent strain, it enchants the taste buds with a distinctive blueberry taste, one that is both sweet and slightly tart. Akin to its aroma, the flavour carries undertones of earthy richness, making the entire tasting experience truly comforting.

Growing Auto Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Auto Blueberry Feminised cannabis seeds are an absolute joy to grow, regardless of the grower's experience level. The seeds offer the advantage of growing into female plans, eliminating the need for tedious sexing during the early vegetative stage.

Moreover, these cannabis seeds belong to the auto flowering category. This means that the flowering phase in these plants isn't triggered by light cycles, unlike photoperiod strains. Instead, they automatically begin flowering after a few weeks of growth, which is typically 8-10 weeks in case of Auto Blueberry Feminised. This feature reduces the total grow time significantly and makes this strain a fantastic choice for cultivators seeking swift yields.

Their compact size allows growers to cultivate them both indoors and outdoors, presenting a massive advantage over larger strains. Additionally, the Auto Blueberry Feminised strain maintains a good resistance to common plant diseases and pests, providing it an edge over many other cannabis seeds in terms of ease of growth.

Harvesting and Yield

When mature, Auto Blueberry Feminised plants can reach a height of 70-100cm indoors, while outdoor plants can grow slightly taller. Despite their compact size, these cannabis plants yield fairly generous harvests.

Indoor growers can expect yields up to 450-500g/m², making them an excellent choice for space-efficient cultivation systems. Outdoor growers, on the other hand, usually harvest around 70-250g/plant. However, fluctuations in the weather, sunlight exposure, and other cultivation conditions can affect the yield.

Therapeutic Applications

Apart from recreational purposes, Auto Blueberry Feminised cannabis seeds also hold potential for therapeutic use. The strain’s high THC content combined with the trace amounts of CBD can potentially relieve symptoms associated with various ailments, including chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

In conclusion, Auto Blueberry Feminised cannabis seeds offer a combination of an easy growing process and potent effects, making them a popular choice amongst both beginners and experienced growers. With promising genetics, a captivating outlook, delectable taste, and a superior sensory experience, these seeds create a strain that stands out in the cannabis world. Their distinctive mix of traits leaves little room for doubt that they will continue to retain, if not increase, their current appeal. Whether you are a cultivator stepping into the world of cannabis or an experienced one looking to diversify your grow, Auto Blueberry Feminised cannabis seeds are undoubtedly a remarkable choice.

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