• Auto Ak 47 Feminised
Genetics Indica\Sativa
THC 21%
Plant height up to 70 cm
Bloom 75 days
Harvest 300-500 gr

Auto Ak 47 Feminised seeds

The cultivation of cannabis seeds, particularly the Auto Ak-47 Feminised variant, has risen to prominence in recent years, owing to its distinctive characteristics and incredible attributes. This strain, descending from the acclaimed lineage of cannabis genetics, was crafted meticulously to respond to growers’ demands for high yield, resilience, and superior quality product.

Understanding the Genetics

The Auto Ak-47 Feminised strain, known colloquially as Ak-47, stands as the culmination of decades of research and genetic manipulation. The genetics of this variety of cannabis seeds are revered for their robustness, yielding a potent strain that boasts an impressive THC level and an abundant harvest.

This strain, a blend of the illustrious AK47 and Lowryder, nurtures a potent genetic lineage. The AK47 is renowned for its robust Sativa dominance, while Lowryder, noted for its firm ruderalis genetics, imparts the autoflowering genetics to create the Auto Ak-47 feminised strain.

The Seed: Auto Ak-47 Feminised

The most distinctive aspect of Auto Ak-47 Feminised cannabis seeds is the "auto feminised" attribute. Largely automated, these feminised seeds are bred to ensure virtually all plants will be female, thereby eliminating the chance of male plants that are non-productive for those growing for cannabinoid purposes. This makes it an alluring proposition for growers aiming for an efficient, high-yielding crop with little room for error.

Furthermore, combining these auto feminised cannabis seeds with AK-47’s consistent genetics offers growers uncompromising resilience, thus guaranteeing a healthy, productive crop. With its rapid flowering cycle, the Auto Ak-47 tops the list for commercial and novice growers alike who seek short turnarounds and rich yields.

Auto Ak-47 is likewise celebrated for its medium-to-high THC levels – an impressive 20-22%. This makes it not only a lucrative prospect for growers but also a sought-after product for recreational and medicinal users aiming for potent effects and high-quality product.

Cultivation: Growth and Flowering

Growing Auto Ak-47 feminised cannabis seeds can engage growers in an intriguing journey, unveiling the splendour of cannabis cultivation. These seeds demonstrate an extremely resilient nature, making the strain resistant to both pests and diseases. This stress-free growing experience is further amplified with the inclusion of ruderalis genetics, which infuse into the strain its autoflowering feature.

When it comes to the growth environment, Auto Ak-47 seeds are versatile, thriving both indoors and outdoors. Indoors, these cannabis seeds can reach an average height of 50-60 cm, making them perfect for limited spaces. Outdoors, the plant typically grows taller, up to 60-70 cm, adding slightly more volume to the yield.

Despite the small stature of the Auto Ak-47 strain, its productivity demystifies the notion that larger plants guarantee'more substantial yields. This strain can produce indoor yields of 250-350 g/m2 and outdoor harvests of 25-75 g per plant. Such surprising fruitfulness and small-scale cultivation requirement have earned this strain immense popularity among cannabis cultivators and enthusiasts.

Flowering is another intriguing part of this plant's life cycle. The strain follows a short and speedy flowering time of approximately eight weeks from seed to harvest. Perhaps the most significant advantage of the Auto Ak-47 strain is the autoflowering characteristic derived from its Lowryder parent. It allows the plant to move into the flowering stage without a change in the light cycle, bestowing it with a distinct advantage when it comes to swift, continuous cultivation. With this feature, growers can yield multiple harvests, especially under optimal indoor conditions, where light, temperature, and humidity are controlled and manipulated to the plant's requirements.

Conclusion: The Unwavering Appeal of Auto Ak-47 Feminised Cannabis Seeds

The Auto Ak-47 Feminised cannabis seeds represent the epitome of ceaseless genetic advancements in the realm of cannabis growth. It showcases the harmonious convergence of potency and efficiency, embedded in the ease of its cultivation process.

Seasoned breeders and novices at growing cannabis seeds will appreciate the Auto Ak-47 strain for its dependable genetics, productive yield, and the speed of its growth cycle. Its superior characteristics allow for successful cultivation even in unpredictable conditions, making it an ideal strain for growers across the spectrum.

Add this to the plant’s relatively high THC content and associated potent effects and you have a variety of cannabis seeds that satisfies both cultivator and consumer demands. The Auto Ak-47 feminised cannabis seeds embody a blend of quality and quantity, making the cultivation journey a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

In an era where cannabis cultivation is increasingly favoured and its medicinal effects are continually explored and valued, strains like the Auto Ak-47 feminised cannabis seeds stand out as thoroughbreds. They promise a profuse yield and potent effects, thus holding an irresistible allure for breeders, cultivators, and aficionados. As such, with every Auto Ak-47 plant grown, the fascinating world of cannabis genetics unfurls a little more, revealing green vistas of exploration and cultivation that pave the way for the future of cannabis cultivation.

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