• Auto Xtreme
Genetics Sativa dominant
THC 22%
Plant height up to 150 cm
Bloom 70-80 days
Harvest 300-500 gr

Auto Xtreme seeds

In the dynamic and ever-expanding world of cannabis cultivation, certain variations of cannabis seeds have made a considerable impact due to their unique features, adaptability, and excellent yield. One such variety that has grabbed the attention of experienced breeders and cultivators across the world is the Auto Xtreme cannabis seeds. With their hardy genetics and ability to grow into a potent strain under less-than-optimum conditions, these seeds are indeed an epitome of superior adaptability and potency.

Auto Xtreme cannabis seeds are a sought-after choice for those growers seeking to bring a new level of sophistication, efficiency, and resilience to their cannabis gardens. These seeds enjoy a well-deserved reputation for their robust nature, high adaptability, and the potent strain they produce. They fit perfectly into both the commercial and recreational spheres of the cannabis cultivation world, providing an ideal marijuana strain for various purposes.

Understanding the Genetics

Effective breeding, and refining of the cannabis seeds, have resulted in the creation of the Xtreme strain. In the instance of Auto Xtreme seeds, the genetics are, by and large, based on sativa dominant parent strains. However, to ‘auto-flower’ the plant, the 'Ruderalis' genetics are added. These plants, originally found in colder climates with shorter summers, have the unique characteristic of flowering based on age rather than the light cycle.

Xtreme cannabis seeds are the result of a collaboration between Dutch Passion and Dinafem cannabis seeds. The resulting genetics are a carefully refined blend of the renowned Amnesia and a Ruderalis strain. The plant retains a high percentage of its revered sativa-dominant lineage but enhanced with the automatic flowering characteristic of the Ruderalis parent.

Delving into the Strain

The strain grown from the Auto Xtreme seeds yields tall and sturdy plants that can deliver an impressively high yield. The strain is known for its long side branches which, in turn, give numerous big sticky buds. One of the most distinguishing and intriguing aspects of the auto Xtreme strain is the fact that it grows at a much faster pace than traditional cannabis stadia strains, sometimes even completing its full-flat cycle in as less as 70-85 days.

Furthermore, the strain is pleasantly dense with a distinct citrus-like aroma that most cannabis enthusiasts find highly appealing. Such characteristic aromatic richness of the strain further enhances its popularity in the cannabis marketplace.

Auto Xtreme promises a stimulating sativa-like high. It creates a happy and uplifting effect that doesn't leave one couch-locked. Its potency is impressive yet manageable- perfect for both daytime and nighttime consumption.

Understanding the Plant's Growth Patterns

Growing Auto Xtreme cannabis seeds requires a fair bit of expertise, mainly due to the height that they can attain. The plants grown from these seeds exhibit a unique growth pattern that defies the perception traditionally associated with auto cannabis plants. Instead of remaining relatively short and experiencing a brief growth period, Auto Xtreme plants can grow quite tall, nearly as high as some of the tallest standard cannabis plants.

Another noteworthy feature of Auto Xtreme seeds is that they aren't influenced by the commonly encountered limitation of strict light regimes, primarily due to their ancestors' resilient genetics. Light schedules do not dramatically affect the plant's growth or flowering pattern, which sets Auto Xtreme apart from the other photoperiod-dependent varieties of cannabis seeds.

Many growers take advantage of this resilience, pushing the plants to a 24-hour light schedule to try to maximize growth speed and final yields. However, many experienced growers suggest an 18/6 schedule (18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of darkness) as the most balanced approach for Auto Xtreme plants, helping them realize their growth potential effectively.

Flowering Phase

Auto Xtreme seeds, like any other auto strain, transition to the flowering stage depending on their age and not on the photoperiod. Most growers will notice their plants transitioning to the flowering stage 4-5 weeks after the germination of seeds.

By the 6th to 7th week, the plants generally stop growing and focus more on developing flowers and packing on weight. The combination of resin coverage, strong branching, and potent buds results in an impressive yield. The enticing citrus and spice smell that the plants emit during the flowering phase can be a clear indication that the flowers are reaching their maturity. Harvesting can generally begin about 10-12 weeks from germination.

Auto Xtreme seeds have taken cannabis cultivation to new heights due to their robust nature and capability to grow into a potent strain despite less-than-optimum situations. Embodying the culmination of selective breeding, refinement, and enhancement, these seeds have proven to be a real game-changer in cannabis cultivation. They have enabled growers to harness the best of nature's offerings, combined with cutting-edge breeding techniques, to produce a strain that strikes the right balance between potency, yield, flavor, and resilience.

The stellar cannabis strain that is derived from Auto Xtreme seeds can provide an unparalleled experience to both novice and seasoned cannabis consumers, making it a much-esteemed addition in every cannabis gardener's growing journey. In the auto world, this strain's pleasant aroma, superior genetics, and excellent growth characteristics indeed make it stand out.

The introduction of Auto Xtreme cannabis seeds is a testament to the promising future of auto-flowering varieties in the world of cannabis cultivation. While each variety of cannabis seeds comes with its own set of unique attributes and properties, Auto Xtreme might just have hit the sweet spot blending ease of growth with a high-quality end product. With their prominence in the cannabis market, one can only anticipate what the breeders have in store for the future.

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