• Auto White Widow
Genetics Indica
THC 21%
Plant height up to 120 cm
Bloom 70-80 days
Harvest 200-300 gr

Auto White Widow seeds

Cannabis has a varied history marked by widespread exploration and utilization from different parts of the world. Currently, with the progressive legalization of recreational and medicinal cannabis use, the booming cannabis industry is continuously unveiling diverse strains to satisfy every consumer's taste. Among the numerous revered cannabis strains in the market today, the Auto White Widow strain incredibly stands out.

The Auto White Widow strain has its roots in the global cannabis market and has consistently maintained its popularity, all thanks to its intriguing genetics and the variations of cannabis seeds available. White Widow is recognized as a potent strain with solid genetic backbone, an exemplary representation of cannabis seeds meticulously developed over the years. This hybrid strain's auto-flowering variant, commonly referred to as Auto White Widow, is an intriguing peek into the splendid and enticing world of cannabis growth and cultivation.

Strong genetic background lies at the heart of this fascinating strain. Unraveling this invigorating strain's genetics involves delving into the rich history and consideration of the inherited traits from both parent strains. The award-winning White Widow strain, from which Auto White Widow acquires its predominant genetics, is itself a product of a powerful lineage—a blend of Brazilian Sativa and Resin-heavy South Indian Indica strains.

The Original White Widow was first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds in the 1990s. It's a 60% Indica-dominant strain that attained worldwide recognition due to its high resin content and potent effects. On the other hand, the term 'auto' refers to the ruderalis cannabis variety integrated into the genetics of the typical White Widow, thus offering it an 'auto-flowering' attribute. Autoflowering cannabis strains are a relatively new development in the world of cannabis cultivation, and their rapid growth and resilience are highly prized.

The term 'auto-flowering' is used to depict a specific strain's ability to shift from the vegetative growth phase to the flowering phase automatically without the need for a light cycle change. This is a desirable characteristic for many growers due to the independence these strains display from the light to transition from one phase to another. This feature results from a painstaking breeding process with Cannabis Ruderalis, a cannabis strain known for its auto-flowering abilities but with significantly lower THC levels compared to Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

Auto White Widow is a potent and reliable strain that offers the vigorous stability of White Widow with the benefits of auto-flowering traits. The result is an incredible cannabis strain that maintains the heritage and charisma of the original while growing faster and demanding less maintenance, making it an ideal choice for both novice and veteran growers.

White Widow's charm resonates from her refreshing, tangy profile, offering a potent blend of flavors that ensures a multisensory smoking experience. Auto White Widow inherits this rich flavor pattern, defined by earthy hints, woodsy pine tones, and an underlying peppery kick. This flavorful mixture offers a delicious concoction that lingers on the taste buds.

Beyond the flavours, the strain's potency and effects are equally compelling. Being a 60% Indica-dominant strain, you can expect a combination of cerebral euphoria offered by Sativas and the body relaxation that Indicas are loved for. The budding process further accentuates these tendencies, delivering remarkable yields suitable for both medicinal and recreational use.

The Auto White Widow strain allows cannabis enthusiasts to cultivate cannabis seeds quickly and reap staggering yields. Given their auto-flowering capabilities, these seeds convert to budding plants faster than many other strains in the market, a trait much desired by commercial cannabis cultivators and homegrown cannabis enthusiasts. Moreover, they grow comparably smaller, making them a perfect choice for discrete and space-limited cultivation. The resilience of these strains also allows them to withstand harsh conditions and ward off pests, augmenting their appeal to growers.

Cannabis cultivation can be a meticulous endeavor, but the Auto White Widow strain provides an easier and more rewarding growth journey. It has a relatively short flowering time of 8-9 weeks due to its auto-flowering characteristic. Given the optimal conditions, growers can expect substantial yields both indoors and outdoors. Indoor cultivation usually yields up to 450g/m², while outdoor cultivation could bring in an impressive 150-250g per plant.

As with any other cannabis plant, slight environmental adjustments can significantly impact the Auto White Widow yields. Tracking conditions such as temperature, humidity, light provision, nutrient availability, and watering practices can help maximize yield and plant health. The ease of growth, potent effects, hard-hitting genetics, high resin production— characterized by the frosted white appearance on the buds from which its 'White Widow' name is derived— and generous yields make Auto White Widow a strain worth considering in the expansive world of cannabis.

In conclusion, the Auto White Widow strain is indeed a seamless blend of stellar genetics, hardy resilience, and rewarding yields. Whether you prefer cultivating your cannabis or procuring it pre-grown, having a strain that delivers an awe-inspiring profile, potent effects, and consistent yields is an absolute treasure. The Auto White Widow ticks all these boxes with vigor, making it a preferred choice among diverse cannabis enthusiasts and cultivators worldwide. This strain is an emblem of a passionately refined cannabis evolution process that seamlessly intertwines potency, growth, flavor, and pleasure. Attempting to grow Auto White Widow cannabis seeds can open the grower to a new horizon of cannabis cultivation knowledge and expertise while enjoying a rewarding process.

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