• Auto Power Plant
Genetics Sativa\Indica
THC 18 %
Plant height up to 150 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 500-600 gr

Auto Power Plant seeds

Cannabis cultivation is an art that has been perfected over centuries, with growers constantly seeking the most effective strains for optimum yield. Auto Power Plant cannabis seeds are among the most sought after in modern cultivation circles for their impressive attributes. This article will examine the ins and outs of this high-yield cannabis strain, focusing on its genetics, cultivation process, and flowering characteristics.

Power Plant is a popular cannabis strain that has been modified and bred to become what growers know today as Auto Power Plant, named ‘auto’ as a short form of ‘automatic’. This modification, in essence, refers to the cannabis plant's ability to flower automatically under almost any light cycle, a trait that is cherished by cannabis cultivators worldwide.

Genetics of Auto Power Plant Cannabis Seeds

Auto Power Plant cannabis seeds owe their superior genetics to their parent strains, hailing from South Africa. The original Power Plant strain is a mainly Sativa landrace, known for its potent cerebral effects and high yield. Breeders further refined these seeds by crossing them with a ruderalis variant to create the auto-flowering variant, Auto Power Plant.

Auto-flowering genetics are a game-changer in the realm of cannabis cultivation. Built upon the tough and resilient Cannabis ruderalis species that originated from harsh environments, auto-flowering strains inherit the ability to transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage without any alteration in the lighting schedule. The introduction of this ruderalis gene makes the Auto Power Plant a more robust and less light-dependent version of the original Power Plant strain.

Cultivation of Auto Power Plant Cannabis Seeds

Beyond their unique genetics, Auto Power Plant cannabis seeds present effortless growth behavior, making them an optimal choice for both novice and expert growers. These seeds can adapt to various cultivation environments, thriving in indoor setups, outdoor gardens, and greenhouses alike.

When cultivated indoors under controlled conditions, the Auto Power Plant strain is relatively easy to maintain due to its compact size, which can be a tremendous advantage in indoor grow spaces where height might be an issue. Despite its compact size, this strain does not compromise on yield; under optimal conditions, indoor growers can expect up to 400-450g/m² in yield.

Outdoor growers will find the Auto Power Plant strain equally rewarding. These cannabis seeds boast strong resilience to mold, pests, and harsh weather conditions, taking on their ruderalis parent's robustness. Outdoor growers can reap around 50-250 grams per plant, with the yield largely dependent on grow conditions and growers' expertise.

Auto Power Plant cannabis seeds exhibit an incredibly short growth cycle, a favorable trait for cultivators looking for a quick turnover. From the germination stage, the plant takes about 8-10 weeks to reach full maturity. This fast growth cycle enables cultivators to perform multiple grows within the same year, significantly increasing their annual yield.

Flowering Characteristics of the Auto Power Plant Strain

One of the most notable traits of the Auto Power Plant strain is its automatic flowering capability, a primary contributing factor to its widespread popularity among growers worldwide. Unlike photoperiod strains, auto-flowering plants like the Auto Power Plant do not require a change in light cycle to initiate flowering. After a few weeks in the vegetative stage, this plant switches to the flowering phase on its own accord, disregarding light hours completely.

The efficiency of this auto-flowering mechanism is two-fold. Firstly, growers do not have to worry about manipulating light schedules as they do with photoperiod strains. Secondly, this feature considerably shortens the plant's life cycle from germination to harvest.

During the flowering stage, the Auto Power Plant exhibits a visual spectacle, characterized by hefty cola formations dressed in abundant frosty trichomes. Buds are tightly packed and emit a potent, earthy aroma that hints at the strain's intense cerebral euphoria and sensory provocation.

The potency of the Auto Power Plant is typically in the average range for cannabis strains, generally around 15-20% THC. As such, it proves suitable for a wide range of cannabis enthusiasts, whether medicinal or recreational users. This strain is also highly prized for its steady and reliable psychoactive effects, making it a favored choice for many.

In conclusion, the Auto Power Plant cannabis seeds carry an extraordinary blend of superior genetics, simple cultivation, and a unique flowering process. This results in a robust and productive strain that stands out in the commercial and private cultivation sectors alike. For growers seeking to maximize their upcoming grows, the Auto Power Plant strain offers an impressive combination of yield, potency, and growth efficiency. This winning combination, coupled with a distinct sensory appeal, ensures the Auto Power Plant's ever-growing popularity among cannabis growers and enthusiasts globally.

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