• Auto Nyc Diesel
Genetics Sativa\Indica
THC 12%
Plant height up to 100 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 500-600 gr

Auto Nyc Diesel seeds

Auto NYC Diesel cannabis seeds carry an astounding legacy that captivates cultivators and consumers alike. The story that these seeds encapsulate is one of diversity and international homogenization. Offering a ceaseless inspiration to cultivators with an eye for quality and consumers with an appreciation for a remarkable cannabis experience, Auto NYC Diesel stands tall among contemporary cannabis strains.

There’s a cornucopia of information to unravel about this remarkable cannabis strain. From its origins and genetic lineage to cultivation techniques and unique features, Auto NYC Diesel cannabis seeds certainly merit a thorough discussion.

Origins of Auto NYC Diesel Cannabis Seeds

The origins of the strain can be traced back to the streets of New York City. NYC Diesel emerged as a potent Sativa-dominant strain in the late '90s, an era well-renowned as the Golden Age of Cannabis. This period saw considerable medical research as the cannabis industry started unraveling the psychedelic potential of its innumerable strains.

NYC Diesel cannabis seeds turned heads and won numerous Cannabis Cup awards for its potent effects, delectable flavor profile, and fantastic yields. However, it was not until the integration of auto-flowering genetics that Auto NYC Diesel was born, taking the best characteristics of its parent and adding the advantages of a compact, quick-growing variety.

Auto-flowering cannabis seeds have several advantages over traditional photoperiod strains. Depending on the photoperiod to initiate flowering, traditional strains often require careful light management, generally demanding more time from seed to harvest. In contrast, auto-flowering strains take much of the guesswork out of the equation, producing buds automatically after a certain period, regardless of the light-dark cycle. This factor is significant in Auto NYC Diesel’s appeal among novice and seasoned growers alike.

Genetics of Auto NYC Diesel

Auto NYC Diesel is a testament to its robust genetics. The strain boasts an interesting genealogy, born of native Mexican and Afghani landraces, coupled with a Hawaiian Sativa. This unique genetic amalgam is then cross-bred with a carefully selected Ruderalis plant, a breed indigenous to Russia, renowned for its auto-flowering traits.

This meticulous crossbreeding results in a strain that harbours the best of both worlds. From its Sativa parents, Auto NYC Diesel inherits a cerebral, uplifting effect and the iconic fuel-like aroma. From the Ruderalis lineage, it obtains the coveted auto-flowering capability that facilitates easier and faster cultivation.

Resultingly, Auto NYC Diesel features a balanced spectrum of effects and easy cultivation, a rare combination in today's diverse cannabis market.

Cultivating Auto NYC Diesel Cannabis Seeds

Auto NYC Diesel cannabis seeds are an excellent choice for those intending to grow their cannabis. The adaptive genetics of this strain allow it to thrive both indoors and outdoors, presenting versatility to growers based on their specific requirements and environmental conditions.

Indoor cultivation provides the opportunity to regulate factors like temperature, humidity, and light exposure more meticulously, thus optimizing the growing conditions. Auto NYC Diesel plants grown indoors usually reach a height of 60-120cm, ensuring they don't require a massive space for growth.

In outdoor cultivation, Auto NYC Diesel seeds can grow into slightly taller plants, flourishing in temperate to warm climates. The Ruderalis genetics contribute to a shorter life cycle, with the flowering phase typically commencing within a few weeks of planting. These genetics also make the strain resistant to diseases, pests, and mild weather fluctuations, considerably simplifying the overall cultivation process.

Irrespective of the growth environment, cultivators can anticipate a relatively fast harvest of 9-10 weeks post-germination. The yields are quite generous too, providing around 450–500g/m² indoors and up to 600g/plant outdoors. This impressive yield coupled with a faster growth cycle makes Auto NYC Diesel an alluring option for cultivators eyeing high returns on their investment.

The Flowering Stage

Upon cultivation, Auto NYC Diesel seeds transition through several growth stages before coming to the flowering phase. This changeover, commonly known as 'flipping,' is a critical period in the lifecycle of the cannabis plant, marking the onset of bud production.

Owing to its auto-flowering genetics, Auto NYC Diesel does not rely on specific light conditions to initiate flowering. Instead, it internally regulates the switch based on its age. This independent trait saves growers from meticulous light scheduling, affording a no-fuss cultivation experience.

During the flowering phase, cultivators can expect Auto NYC Diesel to sport beautiful buds, blanketed with glistening trichomes. This trichome rush enriches the potent THC levels of the strain while giving each bud an attractive frosty appearance.


Auto NYC Diesel cannabis seeds unveil an extraordinary strain born out of diverse and robust genetics. Representing a well-rounded blend of Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis strains, this hybrid strain features balanced effects, simple cultivation, and generous yields.

Its genetic makeup creates a whirlpool of exciting characteristics — the cerebral effects from Sativa, the fuel-like aroma from its Diesel lineage, and the remarkable auto-flowering trait from Ruderalis. It's a strain that masterfully caters to the needs of both cultivators and consumers, delivering a holistic cannabis experience.

Whether you are a novice venturing into cannabis cultivation or an experienced cultivator constantly seeking new strains to explore, Auto NYC Diesel cannabis seeds could be an enticing choice. They offer unparalleled cultivation ease, splendid yields, and result in a strain that gifts an exceptional spectrum of effects. Cultivating Auto NYC Diesel is much more than just growing a cannabis plant; it's an experience of nurturing a remarkable lineage of diverse genetics.

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