• Auto Nl
Genetics Indica
THC 18%
Plant height up to 80 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 200-300 gr

Auto Nl seeds

One of the fascinating aspects of the cannabis industry is the diversity and fascinating variety of cannabis seeds available. These seeds offer a broad spectrum of qualities, characteristics, and effects, eliciting a vast range of experiences for users and growers alike. One particular kind of cannabis seed that has emerged as a unique and preferred strain for most cultivators is the Auto NL cannabis seeds. This strain captures the essence of the Northern Lights genetics, which are among the globe’s most famous strains. These incredibly potent and resilient seeds are a captivating combination of quality, convenience, and productivity, offering an excellent return on your cultivation time and effort. This article further delves into the specifics of Auto NL cannabis seeds, providing an insightful guide into their genetics, growth, and flowering patterns, among other noteworthy attributes.

Auto NL Cannabis Seeds: Breaking Down the Genetics

Understanding the genetic background of the Auto NL cannabis seeds offers a remarkable perspective into the strain’s quality, potency, and resilience. This autoflowering strain exhibits dominantly Indica genetics, offering a relaxing and soothing effect to consumers. The 'auto' aspect of the name points to the Ruderalis genetics embedded in Auto NL.

Ruderalis is a unique type of cannabis that naturally grows in Russia and areas with short summers. It has developed the ability to automatically switch from the vegetative to flowering stage without demanding a change in light schedule, hence the term 'autoflowering.' This trait, alongside its short flowering period and sturdy genetics, makes it a preferred choice for breeding autoflowering cannabis strains including Auto NL.

NL in Auto NL stands for Northern Lights, one of the most famous pure Indica strains originally bred in the 1980s in Seattle, Washington. This strain was later developed in the Netherlands, earning itself a commendable reputation in the global cannabis industry. Northern Lights is a unique strain that expresses genetics sought after by breeders and growers worldwide due to its relaxing body-effects, swift flowering times, high resin production, and grow-friendliness. Its distinct genetics have been infused into the Auto NL seeds, providing them with notable characteristics.

Benefits and Grow Characteristics of Auto NL Cannabis Seeds

Auto NL cannabis seeds are distinctively known for their unique blend of simplicity and top-tier quality, making them one of the most sought-after seeds in modern cannabis cultivation. They are infused with an array of desirable growing traits that cultivators; both novice and experienced, find convenient and productive.

One of these traits is that Auto NL cannabis strain is an autoflowering variety. This means it will automatically shift its growth cycle from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage in a certain period, regardless of the light schedule. This feature is incredibly handy for growers as it eliminates the need to manually adjust light schedules, reducing the level of upkeep often required with regular photoperiod cannabis strains.

Auto NL cannabis seeds demonstrate a rapid growth rate, with the timeframe from germination to harvest averaging between 8 to 10 weeks. The swift lifecycle allows cultivators to manage multiple harvests within a single growing season, amplifying productivity and returns.

Despite their rapid growth, Auto NL cannabis plants usually remain relatively small and compact, reaching an average height of 1-meter indoors. This compact size makes them an ideal choice for those with limited growing space or cultivators aiming for stealth. Moreover, their small size doesn’t compromise the yield. The plant generates a robust harvest, offering cultivators a rewarding return.

Growing Auto NL Cannabis Seeds: Key Considerations

The process of growing cannabis from Auto NL seeds is relatively straightforward, making it suitable for individuals without an extensive gardening background. A few key factors need to be considered in the cultivation process to ensure a healthy growth cycle and a bountiful harvest.

First is the selection of the appropriate medium for growth. Auto NL cannabis seeds can thrive in various environments, ranging from soil to hydroponic systems. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks unique to each growing medium is vital to navigate the best fit for your growing needs.

Second, even though Auto NL plants are relatively small, they need ample spacing. Overcrowding may affect the plant's access to light, affecting growth and flower production. Also, providing adequate nutrients and water is crucial in ensuring your plant’s health all through its lifecycle.

Lastly, considering the plant’s autoflowering nature, understanding the growth cycles is key. The Auto NL features a faster growth cycle, with transition into the flowering stage happening a lot quicker than traditional strains. Adequate care and attention during these stages will optimize plant health and improve the overall yield.

The Flowering Stage and Yield of Auto NL Cannabis Seeds

The flowering stage of any cannabis strain, including Auto NL, is one of the most awaited stages in the cultivation process. It is the period when the plant starts to exhibit its unique features and begins to produce buds, the valuable part of the cannabis plant.

The flowering time for Auto NL is remarkably short, with plants usually maturing within 5-7 weeks of flowering. This expedited flowering pattern caters to the needs of growers looking for a quick return on their cultivation efforts. During this period, the unmistakable fragrant smell of cannabis fills the area, indicating that the plant is nearing its harvest time.

Despite the Auto NL’s compact size, it offers a competitive yield when given the right growing conditions. Indoor growth can generate an average of 500 grams per square meter, while outdoor growth can yield approximately 200 grams per plant. Keep in mind that these yields can vary due to external factors, including the environment, plant maintenance, and nutrient supply.


In sum, Auto NL cannabis seeds offer a unique and desirable package for cannabis cultivators. The strain tempts with the promise of a short growth cycle, easy cultivation, and satisfying returns, making it a highly recommended choice for both novices and experienced growers. The indica-dominant autoflowering strain boasts a remarkable genetic profile, encompassing quality traits owing to its Northern Lights and Ruderalis heritage. Whether looking for a hearty yield in a brief timeframe, or are enticed by the thrill of cultivating your cannabis, Auto NL cannabis seeds are a wonderful investment. Thanks to their versatility, resilience, and high-grade genetics, they stand strong among the plethora of cannabis seeds in the industry.

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