• Auto G14
Genetics Indica dominant
THC 18%
Plant height up to 110 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 300-550 gr

Auto G14 seeds

The quantum growth in cannabis cultivation across the globe has been accompanied by a corresponding increase in the availability and diversity of cannabis seeds. Among this broad spectrum of choices, the auto G14 cannabis seeds remain one of the most sought-after variants in the mainstream cannabis industry. This high-interest level enjoys its basis in the strain’s enviable rank as a highly robust and productive variant. The focus of our discourse revolves around auto G14 cannabis seeds , exploring its peculiarities, auto genetics, growing processes, and overall status as a remarkable strain with a relatively short flowering cycle among the diverse universe of cannabis seeds.

What are Auto G14 Cannabis Seeds?

Auto G14 cannabis seeds are the progenies of the cannabis G14 strain, a highly potent and productive cross-breed variety of cannabis. Remarkably, this strain derives its name, G14, from terming used by the American government to classify highly classified or top-secret documents and activities. It is perhaps due to the strain’s unique and somewhat secretive genetic pedigree that bears an ultimate expression of perfection.

The G14 strain is a hybrid of Lowryder and HP Auto, both of which are famous for their auto-flowering properties. The auto-flowering trait of the G14 ensures that the plant blossoms based on age and not light cycle alterations, making it a favorite among growers. The cannabis seeds of the G14 strain embody all of these characteristics, making them highly sought after by cannabis cultivators.

Understanding Auto-flowering Genetics of G14

The auto G14, as an auto-flowering cannabis species, owes this unique auto-flowering characteristic to its genetic composition. This essential trait is conferred by a wild variety of cannabis known as Cannabis ruderalis. This ruderalis species, although not as potent in THC as Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica, is famed for its auto-flower genes.

By combining the ruderalis genes via a complex breeding process with other potent species like Sativa and Indica, breeders achieve strains such as auto G14 that maintain the high THC content of the parent species while imbibing the auto-flowering trait of ruderalis. If we delve deeper into the genetic makeup of G14, it comprises Indica-dominant genetics (70% Indica, 20% Sativa, and 10% Ruderalis), thereby expressing unique Indica properties while retaining the auto-flower trait.

Why Choose Auto G14 Cannabis Seeds?

Selecting the auto G14 cannabis seeds for cultivation comes with a plethora of benefits. For starters, its auto-flowering characteristic makes it a boon for cultivators, especially those in regions with short, less predictable summers. This is because, unlike the typical cannabis strains that depend heavily on light cycles, auto G14 can flower based on the plant's age, independent of the light conditions, thus significantly minimizing the cultivation's hiccups.

Again, auto G14 strain, though relatively small in stature, is a high-yielding breed. This property offers growers more value for their efforts with a considerably generous harvest. It’s worth noting that this strain proudly parades a high production capacity, which further accentuates its appeal to growers.

Specifically, the indoor yields per plant can reach approximately 400 grams per square meter, while outdoor yields can reap plentiful results reaching up to 70-250 grams per plant. Needless to say, such considerable yield, despite a relatively small vegetation cycle, ranks the G14 strain way higher in the choice list of cannabis seeds for growers.

The G14 strain is equally an impressive display of resilience and robustness, considering its excellent resistance against pests, diseases, and fungi. This strength makes it a preferred choice for many novice growers that may find battling pests and diseases somewhat challenging.

Cultivation of Auto G14 Cannabis Seeds: Opting for the Best Growth

Given its array of dominant traits, growers must uniquely tend to auto G14 cannabis seeds to achieve the desired results. First, these seeds must be germinated correctly. A common method is the paper towel method, where the seeds are placed in-between wet paper towels to initiate the germination process.

Post germination, planting of the germinated seeds should be done in an appropriate medium – soil, coco coir, or hydro. Also, cultivators should be cautious about the amount of light the plants need. Although auto G14 cannabis plants are versatile and independent of light schedule, they thrive when exposed to enough light.

Regarding feeding and nutrient requirements, the G14 strain does not require heavy feeding. A light feeding balanced in nutrients during the vegetation state will suffice. Typically, progressively increase the nutrient flow as the plant reaches its flowering phase, but avoid overfeeding.

The auto G14 cannabis strain has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, remarkably short compared to other cannabis strains. After reaching the harvesting point, the buds should be properly dried and cured to preserve potency, aroma, and flavor.


The unique appeal of the auto G14 cannabis seeds lies inherently in their auto genetics, productivity, high resistance, and the strain’s potency. Its unique genetic makeup and flowering ability, independent of light conditions, make it a preferred choice, offering growers remarkable flexibility in deciding their cultivation plan.

The potency of the G14 strain, reinforced by the exceptional resilience, high yielding nature, and the commensurate benefits rendered to growers, cements its place as a premium and desired strain in the vast cosmos of cannabis seeds. The cultivation of these seeds, with due attention to their specific growth requirements, sets the stage for a prosperous harvesting experience.

In totality, the auto G14 cannabis seeds provide a fulfilling cultivation and usage experience - a testament to the masterpiece achieved through thoughtful genetic cross-breeding in cannabis cultivation. Thus, it’s not surprising that this variant continues to hold an enviable stance in the world of cannabis cultivation, offering an enriched return on investment for each grow – beginner or seasoned.

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