• Auto Critical
Genetics Indica
THC 20%
Plant height up to 120 cm
Bloom 75 days
Harvest 300-400 gr

Auto Critical seeds

In the immensely diverse world of cannabis, Auto Critical cannabis seeds have carved out their unique prestige over the years. Critical, one of the crown jewels of the Spanish cannabis sector, has earned tremendous admiration among marijuana lovers across the world for its sound genetics, rich terpene profile and remarkable potency. On the other hand, auto-flowering properties endorsed by auto genetics have revolutionized the way we cultivate cannabis, simplifying the technique and rendering it less labor-intensive. Combining these distinctive traits of Critical and auto-flowering strains, Auto Critical cannabis seeds embody a blend of robustness, convenience, and high productivity that is truly unrivaled.

Overview of Auto Critical Cannabis Seeds

Auto Critical cannabis seeds hail from a powerful lineage that marries the outstanding genetics of Big Bud and Skunk with the commendable auto-flowering capabilities of cannabis ruderalis. The offspring, Auto Critical, is a prodigious strain packed with a host of promising qualities that could leave both seasoned cultivators and novice growers, equally contented with its easy-growing nature and generous yield.

As an auto-flowering strain, Auto Critical completes its life cycle, from germination to harvest, in a remarkably short period of about 70 days. The auto genetics exempts the grower from worrying about shortening light cycles, as the plant automatically switches from its vegetative stage to the flowering stage without any human intervention. Cultivators relish this feature as they do not have to continuously adjust light schedules to spur flowering. Instead, the plant does it on its own, thanks to its built-in biological clock.

The Genetics of Auto Critical Cannabis Seeds

Auto Critical cannabis seeds bear a two-way genetic split, with 50% being indica, 40% sativa, and the rest 10% auto genetics from cannabis ruderalis. The indica dominance expresses itself through the plant's robust structure with thick stems and broad leaves, owing to Big Bud's genetics. But the sativa significance from its Skunk ancestry is also robust, evident in the plant's uplifting and euphoric high.

The auto part of its genetic makeup, a contribution from ruderalis genes, bestows upon this strain its characteristically rapid and automated flowering trait. What is impressive is the correct balance between all these genetic facets that came into play when breeding Auto Critical, a feat truly admirable.

Growth Characteristics: From Seed to Bountiful Yield

Auto Critical seeds are a pleasure to grow, requiring very little attention compared to other cannabis varieties. The plants sprout from seeds rapidly and develop into mature plants after a few weeks. Typically, auto strains stay compact, and Auto Critical is no different, with plants reaching a moderate height of 70-90 cm when grown indoors. This characteristic renders Auto Critical an ideal candidate for sleek, urban indoor cultivation setups, making discrete growing easier.

The strain is resilient and can endure a variety of climates, attributing to its auto genetics. But for optimum growth and yield, it prefers moderately warm settings, close to a Mediterranean atmosphere. Cultivating Auto Critical outdoors is also feasible and can bring a rewarding outcome in terms of ample yield if done right.

One salient characteristic that these seeds reveal during their growth phase is the plant's remarkable yield potency. A feature inherited from its Big Bud ancestry, Auto Critical strains are known to produce enormous buds dripping with exquisite resin, a trait often reflected in their bountiful yield.

Auto Critical Cannabis: The Flowering Phase

Among the most note-worthy features of Auto Critical cannabis seeds is the rapid flowering phase, initiated automatically by the plant at a certain age. This auto-flowering trait is universally appreciated, essentially for the convenience it offers. During the flowering stage, the plant's branches start to develop grand, resinous buds with a thick, citrusy aroma that binds you in its charm.

Typically, the flowering period for Auto Critical plants spans around 7-9 weeks. Like all auto strains, Auto Critical plants do not rely on changing seasons or a specific photoperiod for the initiation of flowering. This trait allows growers to harvest multiple crops in the same time-frame that a traditional cannabis strain would take to produce just one.

The Yield

When it comes to yield, Auto Critical cannabis seeds outshine many of their counterparts. Owing to the Big Bud genes' inherent heavy-yielding quality, these plants produce an impressive yield that can reach up to 400 grams per square meter indoors. Outdoor growers who can master the art of meticulously timed consecutive growth cycles could acquire even larger yields.

Wrapping up

Auto Critical cannabis seeds stand tall within the cannabis community, thanks to their unique blend of Critical strain's potency and auto genetics' convenience. These seeds introduce a strain that is easy to grow, highly resilient, and extremely productive. Its swift life cycle and automatic flowering propensity make it a favorite among cultivators desirous of high yields in a brief cultivation period. With its remarkable lineage and impressive characteristics, Auto Critical cannabis seeds are unquestionably a worthy investment for every cannabis enthusiast.

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