• Auto Blueberry
Genetics Indica
THC 21%
Plant height up to 60 cm
Bloom 75 days
Harvest 350-500 gr

Auto Blueberry seeds

From the earliest days of cannabis cultivation, breeders have been on a quest to engineer superior cannabis plants that meet specific user preferences and solve distinct cultivation challenges. One of the breakthroughs in this quest is the development of Auto Blueberry Cannabis seeds, a strain renowned for its potency, flavor, and easy-to-grow nature. This article provides an in-depth evaluation of these sought-after cannabis seeds, delving into their genetics, cultivation requirements, and unique features that set them apart from other cannabis strains.

Auto Blueberry Cannabis Seeds: A Look at their Genetics

The development of Auto Blueberry Cannabis seeds illustrates a meticulous process aimed at potency maximization, quick-growing time, and the tropical exotic scent reminiscent of fresh blueberries. This particular strain stems from carefully-selected parent strains — specifically, a lowryder #2 male and the original Blueberry strain, a true canvas of superior Cannabaceae genetics combining genetics from strains originating from Afghanistan, Mexico, and Thailand. The infusion of these genetics gives Auto Blueberry the legendary status it enjoys in the cannabis world.

The lowryder #2 male donates its autoflowering trait to the mixture, a genotype that results in cannabis plants unaffected by light cycles — a remarkable departure from photoperiod strains that need meticulous light regulation for bud production. The autoflowering genetics make the growth of the Auto Blueberry strain significantly manageable, especially for new cultivators looking to break into cannabis cultivation.

On the other hand, the original Blueberry strain donates its fruity, exotic essence that gives this strain its name. The Blueberry parent strain, developed by the legendary DJ Short through selective breeding involving Thai and Afghani landraces, is highly regarded for its therapeutic potency and flavorful smoke. Its genetics endow the Auto Blueberry strain with a high THC level and a heavy stone effect that has endeared the strain to users across the globe.

Growing Auto Blueberry Cannabis Seeds

Growing Auto Blueberry cannabis seeds is a straightforward process. If you have ever cultivated autoflowers, you will find this strain refreshingly easy and rewarding to grow. Whether you choose to grow your cannabis seeds indoors, in a greenhouse, or outdoors, Auto Blueberry strains offer you the convenience of robust growth coupled with a relatively short flowering time.

Indoor growing is an optimal choice for cultivators in regions where the climate may not favor this strain. Within a controlled environment, it's easier to manage relative humidity, temperature, and light, all critical for a thriving grow. When opting for indoor grow, make sure you provide sufficient lighting, as this directly affects the yield.

Outdoor cultivation is also feasible, especially in regions with a sunny and Mediterranean-like climate. Here, the plant can bask in the rich solar spectrum that imparts a phenomenal growth potential to this cannabis strain. Remember that these seeds are auto; they exhibit a degree of independence ideal for growers who cannot afford the time and resources to monitor light cycles constantly.

Regardless of your cultivation location, Auto Blueberry cannabis seeds demonstrate a fairly consistent and short flowering time of 8-9 weeks. Breeders fused these cannabis seeds with genetics that ensure the strain transitions to flowering rapidly, a feature that substantially shortens the grow cycle. This short grow cycle doesn't imply a sacrifice on yield; cultivators can expect substantial returns on average in the right conditions.

The advancement in cannabis cultivation technologies brings good news to Auto Blueberry growers too. Techniques such as the Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) growing methods can be employed to increase yields. In maintained conditions, Auto Blueberry can yield up to 450-500g/m² indoors and 60-300g per plant outdoors.

Auto Blueberry: A Sought-After Strain

The Auto Blueberry strain is a darling in the cannabis world for several reasons. Its popularity goes beyond growers, extending to the enthusiast users as well. Several features make this particular cannabis strain highly sought-after.

First, the strain is an auto flower. This independence from light cycle manipulation means less hassle and work for growers. It also means that the strain can be harvested multiple times in a year, unlike the photoperiod strains.

Secondly, the strain possesses a unique mixture of bodied, complex flavors. The smoke from the Auto Blueberry strain is reminiscent of the original Blueberry, with a potent, sweet berry flavor coupled with earthy undertones that enrich the smoking experience. This trait is endearing to cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy an array of flavors in their strains.

Thirdly, the THC level tips on the higher end, usually around 20%, thanks to the strain's exotic genetic pool. High THC content translates to heightened psychoactive effects making Auto Blueberry a preferred choice for users seeking for intense cerebral and body effects.

Lastly, the short flowering time introduces an element of convenience, particularly for commercial growers. The prospect of harvesting potent, flavorful buds within 8-9 weeks is appealing and translates to higher turnover rates for commercial growers.


Auto Blueberry cannabis seeds indeed represent a pinnacle of cannabis breeding — a perfect combination of sophisticated genetics, a flavorful and potent strain, and a convenient growth profile. For prospective growers, whether newbies or experienced, this strain's resilient nature matched with manageable cultivation requits makes it an optimal choice. For users, the mix of exotic flavors, smoothened by earthy undertones and complimented by a potent THC level, encapsulates a wholesome and rich cannabis experience. It is no wonder the Auto Blueberry Cannabis seeds continue to create ripples in the cannabis world.

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