• Auto Ak 47
Genetics Sativa dominant
THC 20%
Plant height up to 120 cm
Bloom 70 days
Harvest 250-500 gr

Auto Ak 47 seeds

Cannabis cultivation is an exciting venture for both new and seasoned growers, owing to the increasingly diverse array of strains available in the market today. One such strain that continues to gain significant traction among cannabis enthusiasts is Auto AK 47. Known for its potent psychotropic effects and exceptional growing characteristics, Auto AK 47 emerges as a definite choice for many. This article provides an extensive review of Auto AK 47 cannabis seeds, delving into the strain’s genetics, growth patterns, and unique characteristics.

Auto AK 47, as its name implies, is an automatic variety of the famous AK 47 cannabis strain. The "auto" in Auto AK 47 refers to the strain's autoflowering trait - a genetic adaptation that allows the plant to switch from the vegetative growth stage to the flowering stage without requiring changes in the light cycle. Auto AK 47 seeds are known for their robust genetics, offering a delicate blend of Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani roots infused with Ruderalis genes responsible for the autoflowering characteristic.

One of the most distinct traits of the Auto AK 47 cannabis strain is its genetic makeup. Unlike traditional cannabis seeds, Auto AK 47 boasts a sophisticated genetic architecture imbued with the robustness of indica genes, the cerebral effects of sativa, and the rapid and independent flowering of ruderalis. Initially, AK 47 was predominantly a sativa-dominant strain, characterized by long flowering periods and tall growth patterns.

However, the inclusion of ruderalis genetics transformed the typical AK 47 into the Auto variant, drastically reducing the flowering time and plant size. Roughly, the genetic makeup of Auto AK 47 combines 65% sativa, 20% indica, and 15% ruderalis. The result is a balanced hybrid offering the best of both worlds – a sturdy plant with a shorter growing period and the unique, potent effects that AK 47 is known for.

One of the factors that make Auto AK 47 cannabis seeds popular among cultivators is their ease of growth. The seeds promise higher resilience to climatic variations, pests, and diseases, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Notably, the autoflowering trait implies that growers do not need to alter the light schedule to instigate flowering, simplifying the growing process.

Unlike their non-auto counterparts, Auto AK 47 plants bypass the vegetative phase and automatically start flowering a few weeks after germination. This means that the overall growing period of Auto AK 47, from seed to harvest, is significantly reduced. Growers can anticipate a turn-around time of about 10-12 weeks, a time-efficient solution for those keen on quick yields.

Another crucial attribute of the Auto Ak 47 cannabis strain is its manageable size. When grown indoors under optimal conditions, the plant rarely exceeds 60-70 centimeters in height. This conveniently compact size, coupled with the bushy nature of the plant, brings added advantages for indoor cultivators with limited space. On the flip side, when subjected to an unrestricted outdoor environment, the Auto AK 47 can stretch up to 110 centimeters tall.

Though Auto AK 47 may not be the highest yielding autoflower cannabis strain, it nonetheless produces decent yields, particularly when given proper care. Indoors, growers can reasonably expect returns of about 400 g/m². On the other hand, if the conditions are favorable outdoors, each Auto AK 47 plant has the potential to produce up to 150 g/plant.

One cannot discuss Auto AK 47 without focusing on its exquisite bud and undeniable potency. Auto AK 47 seeds mature into resinous, crystal-covered flowers with a reasonably high THC content of roughly 20%. For perspective, this THC level matches and often surpasses some of the most potent traditional cannabis strains in the industry.

The rich genetics of the Auto AK 47 strain bequeaths it with a unique blend of fragrances and flavors. This strain is lauded for its complex bouquet that weaves together sweet, sour, and earthy notes. The initial impact is a sweet, candy-like aroma complemented by a bitter undertone that resembles the scent of fresh soil. Upon consumption, Auto Ak 47 tantalizes the palate with a subtly sweet yet spicy flavor reminiscent of citrus fruits.

In terms of psychoactive effects, Auto AK 47 lives up to its iconic lineage. It delivers a punchy cerebral high that sativa enthusiasts are sure to appreciate. This mind-altering high is followed by a progressive body relaxation facilitated by the indica genes. Best suited for daytime or evening use, Auto AK 47 is perfect for anyone seeking an invigorating mental uplift coupled with a calming physical effect.

In conclusion, the popularity and growing demand for Auto AK 47 cannabis seeds are unquestionably deserved. Its prestigious heritage, coupled with its autoflowering trait, offers a cannabis strain that hits the sweet spot between ease of growth, potency, and compact size. The unique combination of genetic traits from its Columbian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani roots, coupled with ruderalis genes, make it a robust strain with a shorter growing period and exquisite psychoactive effects. Whether you're a novice grower looking for an easy-to-grow strain or an experienced cultivator looking for a potent and versatile hybrid, Auto AK 47 is worth considering.

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